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How to Accept Twitch Donations in 2024

If your new to streaming on Twitch, then you might wondering how you can go about accepting your first lot of donations..

Donations, or “tips” (as established streamers like to call them), play an integral part in the platforms community.

They are especially important at the beginning of a streamers journey – as a way for viewers to show their upmost encouragement, and generously contribute towards the content creators hard-work.

You would think that setting up donations is a relatively easy task, but with so many changing alert systems and payment methods to choose from, the whole process can be a bit overwhelming.

In this helpful post we will cover some of the most important contents that are listed below:  


1. Registering an online service payment method.
2. Setting up an alert service.
3. Adding a donate button.
4. Accepting Cryptocurrencies on Twitch using 1upcoin.
5. What are Twitch “Cheer” Bits?
6. How to encourage your Twitch viewers to donate.
7. Frequently asked questions.

How do you accept donations on Twitch?

Step 1 – Register with an online service payment method

To begin, you will need to create an account with one of the selected payment methods to choose how you are going to be paid:

PayPal  – PayPal is the most common method for receiving payments on Twitch. The service provides a simple integration that allows viewers to pay how they want, using debit and credit cards.

Credit cards – Credit card donations are only available for verified accounts. If you are a new streamer, then it’s best to start by activating PayPal.

Unit pay – Unit pay is primarily for Russian users. Connecting with UnitPay allows you to collect tips/donations from: QIWI, WebMoney, Yandex, Credit cards, and more.

Skrill – Skrill allows you to make simple, secure and quick online global payments, with a focus on low-cost international money transfers.

Step 2 – Set up an alert service

An alert service e.g. Stream labs, Stream elements, Muxy, or Gaming for good will allow alerts to display up on OBS in your stream.

Alert services work by generating a unique URL for your stream, allowing it to pop up during a live broadcast.

For this example, we will use the alert system integrated into OBS stream labs, being one of the most popular OBS software’s.

  1. Go to and login to your Streamlabs OBS dashboard.
  2. Click account > Settings

You will then see this page:

Forms of donations streamlabs allows

3. Click on PayPal and sign in to integrate it with your Streamlabs account.

On the settings tab (next to methods). You will then be able to change your payment settings:

configure streamlabs donations settings

Change your minimum donation ($5.00 is a good start so you are not flooded with spam donations), then click on the save button at the bottom of the page.

The settings page will also display your own unique “Donation Page URL”.

How to get your own donation URL

Step 3 – Add a donate button

Now that you have your own unique “Donation Page URL”. The next step is to copy and paste this into your “Twitch panels” so viewers know where to find it.

  1. Go to your Twitch Dashboard Homepage:*yourname*
  2. Toggle the edit panels button.
  3. Click on the big plus sign to add a text or image panel.
  4. Enter the panel title, Upload an image and paste the “Donation Page URL” into the “Image links to” box.
  5. Submit and done!
How to add Twtich pannels to accept donations

If you are unsure how to create your own panels you can use this free resource to customize and generate your own without the assistance of Photoshop.

How to accept Crypto donations on Twitch using 1upCoin

Cryptocurrencies, such as: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum are another popular method for receiving donations.

Crypto is here to stay, and is well known for being fast, secure and for having comparatively lower transaction fees. Mobile wallets can also be found across all platforms, making it dead easy to send and receive payments.

The best way to accept ‘Crypto’ donations on Twitch is by using 1upCoin.

1upCoin is a free service that makes accepting cryptocurrencies on your stream easy. It requires no prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

1upcoin main dashboard
Main Dashboard

To set it up, you will need to follow these three steps:

1. Create a wallet

This is where you will store your currencies, we recommend Coinbase, as it’s easy to link with ‘1upcoin’.

Simply go to Coinbase and register an account.

2. Connect your Twitch account, wallet and alert system (streamlabs) to 1upcoin.

Go to: – Login with Twitch, connect your “Alert platform” and Coinbase account from the main dashboard.

3. Create a Twitch panel, linking your wallet to your ‘Twitch Dashboard Homepage’

Simply follow the same steps that we used for adding a donate button by using PayPal.

You can find your custom donation link by clicking on ‘Donation link’ on the “1upcoin Main Dashboard“, and copying the URL e.g.*yourname* into the twitch panel.

After you have completed steps 1 + 2, You can head back to the 1upCoin main dashboard to send a test donation to your Alert Platform, to ensure the alerts are working correctly.

1upcoin is incredibly versatile and functions with all major cryptocurrencies including: (BAT, BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC, USDC, REP, XLR, XRP, ZEC, and ZRX).

How to accept Twitch ‘Cheer’ Bits

Twitch bits is the native currency of Twitch. This is another easy way for followers to donate to you with the push of a button.  

“Cheering with Bits shows support for streamers and celebrates the moments you love with the community, all right in chat.

A Cheer is a chat message that uses Bits. Bits emotes can be used one by one, all at once, or anywhere in between. Using many at once shows more support and creates cooler animated emotes”  –

Twitch cheer bits - a way to accept donations

Twitch Bits” can be bought by viewers of your channel, using either Amazon or PayPal payment Methods.

Followers are incentivised to use Bits other than standard PayPal as Twitch will reward them with special “Cheer Chat Badges” next to their name in the chat.

Here are some more things you need to know:

  • Each cheer bit is equal to 1 US cent. One hundred bits is equal to $1.00 etc.
  • Followers can send bits by either selecting the cheer emote in the chat entry window, or by typing cheer(insert amount) into the chat. e.g. cheer1000
  • All cheer bits are sent to the channel that you are watching, and not the people on the channel, (in the case of co-hosting).
  • Once your channel has received the $100 threshold in “Cheer bits”. Amazon will issue an automatic pay-out.
  • Twitch automatically enables cheering for all new Affiliates and Partners. If you are not yet an affiliate you will be unable to receive bits.

How to Encourage Your Twitch Viewers to Donate

Now that you are able to accept Twitch donations, you might be wondering how to incentivise your viewers to actually make one. You are providing them with hours of free entertainment after all!

Viewers generally don’t like it when Twitch streamers keep reminding them to donate, or have stuff like ‘Please donate!’ on their overlay (which can be very off-putting). There are other ways you can go about encouraging people to donate to you..

Here are just a few:

Create a solid following

The best way to achieve this is by streaming consistently, and providing high quality content that your audience wants to watch. When you build up regular viewers, you are much more likely to have people appreciate your work, and in return be rewarded for your actions.

Show your passion

If people can see that you really enjoy doing what you love, and that you’re not just in it for the money, then naturally they will be more inclined to donate to you. The passion that is brought by a person in love with their work yields a better product and happier workers.

Be thankful

If you do receive a donation from a follower, be sure to show your gratitude, and acknowledge the person who sent it to you. Sometimes this can be difficult if you are in the middle of playing a game, but it’s especially important for a large amount. If you have to stop playing then stop.

Use custom emotes

These are animated images that will pop-up on your overlay whenever you receive an event such as a Sub/ Tip/ Cheer/ Follow. Again, this will help you to connect with your audience, and increase the channels entertainment value.

Use a recent donor widget

You’ve probably noticed on some channels that the top donator and the most recent donator is displayed on the stream. If you are using Stream labs OBS, this can be achieved by adding a Donor widget to your overlay. Your audience will love to see their names on the screen.

Recent donor widget

Create donation goals

Setting tangible goals, whether this is to yourself or charities, can help your audience members visualize where their contributions are going and encourage others to participate. You’re viewers will often be more accepting of a donation goal, when it comes to putting the ideal to donate their heads.

Donation goals to accept twitch donations

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Frequently asked questions:

Can you donate money on Twitch Mobile?

Yes, you can buy bits and donate them through the chat by typing “cheer****”, or you can head to the “dashboard” of the streamer that you are currently watching and click on their donate button.

Are Twitch donations taxable?

Yes despite their name; Twitch donations will count as part of your yearly income. Other “Donations” are only tax-free for non-profit organisations.

How much does Twitch take from donations?

Twitch does not take any income from third-party services such as PayPal, as this goes directly through the streamer. They do however take up to a 40% commission for donations made via Twitch bits.  

How long do donations take on Twitch?

This is dependent upon the donation method you receive. Donations through PayPal should be received instantly. Debit or credit card transactions can take a couple of days. All money from Twitch, e.g. bits and subs will be paid out 45 days after reaching the $100 threshold.

Are Twitch donations real money?

Yes, donations from third-party services such as PayPal, Unit Pay and Skrill are all paid with real money. Twitch bits can be bought with real money, and are then worth 1 cent for each bit.

What is the highest Twitch donation?

In January 2019, Twitch streamer “ExoticChaotic” received a whopping $75,000 from “@KingMascotTV” during his Fortnite Stream.

Can you get donations on Twitch without being a partner?

Anyone can receive standard donations on Twitch, however Twitch “cheer” bits are only made available for Twitch Affiliates and Partners.

How do I enable bits?

All Twitch Partners and Affiliates can enable Cheering on their channels. Cheer settings are located in the Dashboard > Affiliate / Partner Settings > Bits & Cheering. Cheering is now automatically enabled for all new Affiliates and Partners.

What percent of donations does twitch take?

Twitch does not take a percentage of income from third-party services, as this goes directly through the streamer. They do take up to a 40% commission on all donations made via Twitch bits. 

How much does a streamer make per bit?

A Twitch Streamer will make 1 cent per bit. This means 100 bits is equal to $1.00, and 10,000 bits is equal to $100.00, etc.

How much are Twitch “Cheer” Bits worth?


How much is 1000 Bits on twitch?

1000 Twitch “Cheer” Bits is $14.00.

How much does 10000 Bits cost on twitch?

10,000 Twitch “Cheer” Bits is $126.00, this includes a %10 discount.

How much is 25000 Bits in twitch?

25,000 Twitch “Cheer” Bits is $308.00, this includes a %12 discount.

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