rgb power supply
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10 Best RGB Power Supplies (PSUs) in 2024

If you’re in search of a new RGB power supply unit then you’ve come to the right place. RGB PSUs add the finishing touch to any RGB build. They offer remarkable aesthetics in all PC cases with one transparent side (and no enclosed PSU shroud), especially in Open Frame or Tower chassis. Position them on […]

monitor for streaming
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The 12 Best Monitors for Streaming – 2024

A dual-monitor setup (or more) is often required for an effective streaming battlestation. This will consist of a primary monitor, used solely for gameplay. As well as a second monitor for managing background tasks e.g. the chat, alerts, and other apps/ software, etc. Therefore, to cover the best monitors for streaming, we will take a […]

quiet cpu cooler
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12 Best Quiet CPU Coolers in 2024

The ideal CPU cooler makes no compromise on silence or performance. Nobody wants their processor operating at higher temps than it needs to be, however, the same can be said about loud, distracting fan noises running 24/7. Those with poorly designed components installed will know how just how annoying that can be! In this post, […]