8 most popular esports games
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The Most Popular Esports Games in 2021

If you’re ready to get serious with your gaming, then you might be wondering what popular esports games are played at the highest competitive level. The global esports market is expected to surpass $1.084 in 2021 – a 14% growth from last year. Moreover, the global esports audience is also expected to surge to over […]

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13 Tragic Deaths Caused by Video Games

Getting killed on a video game is one thing, but being plunged into a real-life situation where you find your health bars deteriorating quickly can escalate into a much scarier and more serious issue. While the majority of gamers can find solitude in playing within the comfort of their own homes, for others, a rare […]

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The Top 10 Twitch Cosplay Streamers – 2021

Cosplay has grown to become an enormous part of Twitch streams in recent years. The platform allows passionate creators to show off their style on a daily basis and not just at video game centered conventions like previously before. For most people, the fascinating hobby involves dressing up and behaving as one of their favorite […]

Gaming community cover - four subreddits
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The Top 15 Gaming Communities + Forums

If you have a love of video games, then you’ve no doubt visited an online gaming community before.. A place of endless conversation, and authentic human connection that is able to help you out in more ways than one. But first.. What is a gaming community? A gaming community comprises of a group of like-minded […]

Three of the biggest esports tournament platforms - Gamersaloon, Toornament, Worldgaming
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Top 12 Platforms for Esports Tournaments Online

If you’re an amateur or a semi-pro player who’s ready to get serious with their gaming then you’ve come to the right place. There are currently thousands of daily esports tournaments being hosted on a multitude of new and exciting online platforms – with each one enabling you to battle it out for real cash […]