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7 Elgato Key Light Alternatives for Twitch Streamers

The best way to achieve a professional-looking atmosphere during your live streams is with a quality set of LED key-lights.

Good lighting allows your audience to see every smile, cheer, and freak-out moment you have during the game.

While most Twitch streamers dream of owning an Elgato key light – the reality is they are way too expensive for the majority of people.

Here are the 7 best Elgato key light alternatives, as well as some great stands and mounts to accompany them.


1. The 7 Best Key light Alternatives
2. The 3 Best Stands
3. The 3 Best Wall Mounts

What is the Best Elgato Key Light Alternative?

7. Neewer 2 Pack Dimmable LED Light

The Neewer 2 pack is by far the most affordable Elgato key light alternative on our list. Each light panel comes with a USB cable and they have four different colored filters. The lights are made from 66 energy-saving bulbs and the brightness adjustments can go upwards from 10-100%.

At 12.72 x 5.71 inches, the LED panels are nice and small and they don’t look too bulky when they’re not in use. They can fit neatly into any little space or corner and have a wide application. You will be surprised at how bright they get too, generally, you will only need to set them on half power.

Every Twitch streamer on a budget will adore this 2 Pack of Neewer dimmable LED lights. Maybe even more than the Elgato key lights after checking on their bank balance. Manually having to change the color filters out is one downside to the value, but apart from that, you won’t be disappointed with this product.

6. Emart LED Video Light

This 2 for 1 pack by Emart can get you the optimal lighting for your Twitch streams. These panel lighting sources can rotate to 180 degree angles and have 11 different lighting settings. The best part about this light is that it is made from 66 energy-saving bulbs.

Each Emart LED video panel has four different color filters so you can try out different lighting visuals for your Twitch streams. They also offer a wide light application for any room. Expand the height to whatever you need because the tripod adjusts from between 21-55 inches. 

Twitch streamers who don’t have the best natural lighting in the studio could really take advantage of having two high quality LED panels instead of one. It doesn’t cost extra for the second light either. Whether you’re in a small room or large, this is a great choice of light.

5. Raleno LED Video Soft Light Panel

This soft light provided from Raleno is perfect for smaller areas and is another similar product. Go from 0-100% with the adjustable brightness setting and always look flawless for your audience with a temperature range of 3200K-5600K. 

It has a built-in battery with a lifespan of 90-120 minutes for remote shooting locations, and the 2-foot long cord lets you power it for even longer periods. Using the tripod that’s including in the kit, it only takes a few minutes to set this light up without any complications.

Raleno is the next best Elgato key light alternative for Twitch streamers who want a semi-professional product at an even cheaper price. With an angle adjustment of 0-180 degrees, no matter where you place this light, you can easily get your lighting set up in no time.

Your audience will be impressed with just how bright this light gets.

4. Viltrox VL-200T Ultra-Thin Light Panel

The Viltrox VL-200T is another excellent option that’s ready to light up any shooting situation. It comes equipped with 96pc (3300K, yellow) /96pc (5600K, white) SMD lamp beads to get you the best light possible. Furthermore, the bi-color LED’s allow for a brightness adjustment of 20-100%.

The lightweight design makes it extremely portable. It lets you swap between using a power cord for wired use and battery power for locations without a plug. If you do want to move it to a different location, the wireless remote has an excellent range of up to 20m.

Just like the Dazzne D50, the Viltrox VL-200T can be bought in a 2 pack all-in-one kit. This includes all the extras you need at an even cheaper price than what you would pay for them separately. Unlike the previous model, the VL-200T also comes with an additional travel bag.

If you prefer to unpack your setup after streaming or like to switch up locations, this is the ideal key light for you.

3. GVM 2 Pack LED Lighting

The GVM 2 Pack is less expensive than the Elgato Key Light, and that’s for two full light towers instead of just the one. These LED lights offer variable 2300K to 6800K of lighting power as well as digital display brightness settings that can be set between 10% and 100% for better control.

Wireless app support on these lighting towers is fantastic. The mobile app (for Android and iOS devices) is easy to use and offers almost unlimited – and individual – control over the lights themselves. Build quality is exceptional, lighting is even and easy to direct, and the warranty on these lights is top-notch.

Best of all, these lights are ready to go right out-of-the-box. You get two LED video lights, two AC adapters, and two racket white diffusers. In addition to two power cables, and two light stands. That’s everything gamers need to get set up and running with streaming studio lighting.

2. Dazzne D50 Desk Mount LED Light

The Dazzne D50 LED panel is another fantastic alternative to the Elgato key light. It allows you to adjust your brightness from 0-100%, and thanks to the high-quality 45W bulb that ranges from 3000K warm to 8000K cool – it’s easy to get the most of your picture.

The wireless remote makes it effortless to configure the temperature settings. Due to having all the essential buttons, you can adjust the brightness right from your seat without interrupting your live game. To make things even more user-friendly, all of the settings are visible on the LED screen.

The 2 pack below includes an all-in-one kit and the setup is very similar to the Elgato. Included are the lights panels, remote, and C-clamp stand so can clip it to the back of your desk. Because of this, the Dazzne D50 performs practically the same job as the Elgato at a fraction of the cost.

It’s the perfect solution to a more visually appealing stream.

1. Elgato Key Light Mini

Elgato has built a legendary reputation with gamers that stream, providing them with hardware that dramatically increases their production values. The Key Light Mini is another homerun, offering a compact lighting system for streamers that can be set up almost anywhere.

Designed for content creators that need a compact and wireless light (which offers the performance of a much larger unit), this six-inch unit is a powerhouse. You can mount it to most tripod systems or magnetically attach it to metal mounting points; if that’s more convenient.

The 4000 mAh battery gives gamers about four hours of constant lighting just on battery power alone. However, those that need a longer run time can connect the light to the mains via USB Type-C. The only thing this really lacks out-of-the-box is its own tripod, but that’s not that big of a deal.

Elgato has produced a legitimate alternative to their “flagship” Elgato Key Light with the Mini. Admittedly, it’s not quite as bright, it’s not quite as powerful, and it’s not quite as large. Nonetheless, you still get about 80% (or more) of the performance with the Mini, as well as a whole host of benefits (like wireless operation and near universal mounting possibilities).

What are the best stands for your LED light panel?

3. Mountdog Tripod

The Mountdod Tripod is a long-lasting light stand that is made from aluminum alloy. It is corrosion resistant and ready to withstand any heavy-duty work. This stand looks professional with a sleek black satin finish and is currently one of the best value tripods on the market.

This tripod comes with a mounting plate that has a 1/4 inch screw so it can fit any LED light panel. You can easily add things such as softboxes, reflectors, or light umbrellas to really bring out the best lighting next time you live stream on Twitch. 

When setting up the lighting for your Twitch stream, you don’t want to waste any time messing around with a flimsy tripod. Always get a Mountdog tripod to ensure your lighting stays in place and looks amazing for every stream. Your audience will love what they see.

2. Neewer Extendable Monopod

The Neewer Monopod is one of the most stable stands around for keeping your LED lights steady during a live stream. This particular model has a tripod base and is made out of aluminum alloy. The monopod can extend from 20.5 to 66 inches to offer you versatility in a wide range of situations.

The support base of this monopod has a 15-degree tilt so you can easily adjust its aim in the direction you want. Your best light could come from a different height or angle, so you can always play around and experiment until you get your ideal lighting. 

Every Twitch streamer should have a sturdy monopod to keep their LED light in place during their streams. Never worry about your light slipping out of place when it’s being held up by the Neewer extendable monopod. This one comes with a mounting plate to make attaching the light a breeze.

1. Elgato Master Mount

The Elgato Master Mount three-piece setup includes the Master Mount L, the Flex Arm L, and the Solid Arm. By mixing and mounting these core components together, you’ll be able to get your key lights perfectly mounted in any type of configuration.

Elgato never skimps on build quality. Each piece of steel tubing has durable ball joints that allow just the right amount of flexibility without sacrificing rigidity. This lets you reposition your key lights effortlessly before “locking them” into place when you have them where you want.

Besides mounting key lights, you can also use them for holding a mirrorless camera, a dynamic or condenser microphone, or positioning your lighting pods. With the Elgato Master Mount keeping your space uncluttered, your productivity and creativity will skyrocket.

What are the best wall mounts for your alternative Elgato key light?

3. Kiwi Design Wall Mount

This sleek little mount by Kiwi is completely rust-proof and oxidation resistant. It is made out of stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials which make it strong enough to hold up any light. The two-layer support rod ensures that it is extra durable.

The Kiwi design wall mount comes with two different methods in which you can put it up. You can either use screws to hold it up or if you don’t have any tools you can use the sticky pad. To ensure the sticky pad stays stuck, only use it indoors.

This little wall mount is perfect for any Twitch streamer who wants to put up a new light panel but doesn’t want anything bulky on their wall. It is the most simple design for this kind of wall mount. You can rest assured that it won’t let you down.

2. Smallrig Cool Ballhead Clamp

The Smallrig cool ball head clamp comes with a 15-19mm rod to hold your LED light in place while you stream your favorite game. The 360-degree rotation allows you to adjust your light as you need it. It also comes with a single locking knob to ensure maximum safety.

The Smallrig cool ball head clamp is made out of aluminum alloy, to guarantee solid support for your LED panel light. Never worry about your LED light slipping or falling off with this clamp. Furthermore, it takes up much less room that other devices, making it more attractive for smaller spaces.

No Twitch streamer should ever have to get frustrated because of the limited area they have to set up their lighting. The Smallrig cool ball head clamp will take your worries away as it securely holds your light up in difficult to reach locations. By unlocking the level you can easily rotate just as you like.

1. Utebit Super Mini Ball Head

The Utebit super mini ball head is one of the best mounts you can get when it comes to giving you a 360-degree adjustment. You can tilt your LED light from -90 to 90 degrees, so you can sit anywhere in the room and still host a great stream.

Each Utebit mount has a non-slip cushion so you don’t have to worry about scratching up your light. The easy to use knob makes it painless to adjust it to any light size. It also comes with an easy to adjust c-clamp jaw that can expand up to 2.36 inches and lets it fit almost anywhere.

Twitch streamers who have a designated room for streaming can take advantage of how straight forward it is to adjust this mount towards any position. The high-quality materials used for the assembly mean it will hold a tight grip and keep your light safe.

Is an Elgato Key Light Worth It?

If you have the money to invest in the Elgato Key Light, then most users would say it is worth its price. The Elgato Key Light has its reputation for a reason. It does a fantastic job of brightening your space and clearing up shadows without being too harsh.

The slim profile fits well behind most computer screens, and the included cable clam helps you run the single power cable wherever you need it.

Whether you need the light for a dark room or to help offset gloomy lighting, the OSRAM LEDs work well to create the appropriate conditions for streaming, recording, or video chatting.

The Control Center App that works with the Elgato key light connects over your Wi-Fi signal (not your network connection, so you can still use it if your internet is down). You can also use the Elgato Stream Deck to adjust lighting settings and create macros.

Is One Elgato Key Light Enough?

Your key light should be your main source of light, and in most situations, one Elgato Key Light is enough. This key light is small, but it illuminates well enough for most setups.

You can add other lighting options to your setup to help achieve a certain look. Fill lights help get rid of any shadows caused by your key light, and a rim light behind you helps create an outline and prevents your key light from washing your form into the background.

Lights at your sides can help with dramatic lighting, but they aren’t needed for illumination.

While one Elgato Key Light is enough for most setups, you can use two set at the sides if you have a more expansive computer setup. This covers more ground with better efficiency, and you can control brightness in both areas.

Another time you may need two key lights is if you have natural lighting coming in from one direction, such as a window at your side. You don’t need to use two Elgato Key Lights either; you can use a mix or look for an Elgato Key Light alternative.

How to Choose the Best Elgato Key Light Alternative

While the Elgato Key Light is a popular choice for lighting, it isn’t the only option you have. When considering key lights, pay attention to these features.

Lumen Count

Your key light should be the brightest light in your set up.

In most cases, look for a key light with a higher lumen count. Because most key lights are not adjustable, you can dim this as needed. A higher lumen count prevents you from purchasing an additional key light or needing to upgrade over time.

The Elgato Key Light has a 2800-lumen output, so your Elgato Key Light alternative should sit around this number.


Even cheap Elgato Key Light alternatives should offer some form of adjustability for brightness and color temperature. 

The color temperature for the Elgato Key Light adjusts from 2900 K to 7000 K, offering plenty of space between warm and cool lighting.

You should also look for a key light with easy to adjust angling and mounting. You want something that won’t topple over if you move it an inch.


Look for an easy way to control your key light without fumbling for knobs and buttons. Although manual controls are great in a pinch, they can cause you to readjust your setup accidentally.

Remote controls and applications are easier to handle without compromising your lighting setup, and they often offer more features than you find on the light itself.

Color Settings

The Elgato Key Light does not change color, and this isn’t usually an important feature for key lights. If it matters to you, make sure your Elgato Key Light alternative has that capability.

Pay attention to the lighting temperature. Cooler settings offer a bluish hue, while warmer lighting options lean to red or orange. 

We hope you found this post useful on the best Elgato key light alternative!

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