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flight stick for xbox series x

5 Best Flight Sticks for the Xbox Series X – 2024

If you’re in search of a new flight stick for the Xbox Series X then you’ve come to the right place.

A flight stick (or yoke + throttle quadrant) allows you to experience your flight simulation games in the way they were supposed to be played.

They provide a level of control and immersion that you simply can’t get with a standard gamepad, or even a keyboard and mouse.

In this post, we will cover the best Xbox flight sticks for building your own “at-home” cockpit.

What is the best flight stick for the Xbox Series X?

5. Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas One

The Hotas One is an official Windows and Xbox Series X flight stick. Designed to provide a high level of realism; it features five axes, fourteen buttons, a rapid-fire trigger, and a multidirectional hat switch. Additionally, it combines with a full-size throttle quadrant for easy maneuverability.

Unlike most other flight sticks, the T-Flight Hotas has the standard Xbox controller buttons. This includes the “Home” button (with the Xbox logo) and the various other Xbox buttons. As a result, any actions that appear on your screen are easy to find on the controller.

Besides this, it gives the flight stick a lot of cross-compatibility, particularly with other Xbox and Windows devices. That’s good to know if one day you decide to play the Cloud version of games through your PC’s browser using Microsoft’s Gaming.

In your hand, you can tell that the quality is high. The joystick stick responds to whatever is happening on the screen with no delay. Moreover, the sensitivity is just about right. During the game, we found it easy to orient the stick with both brash and subtle movements.

The throttle is nice too, with an ergonomic design. It feels comfortable to grip life and the buttons are easy to reach. We also like that the throttle is detachable from the flight stick. This is ideal for playing VR games, or if you require just want a bit more space between the two controls.

Overall, the Hotas One is a great entry-level flight stick for anybody new to Flight Simulator and other flying-focused games.

  • Motion is smooth and precise on all axis
  • Adjustable resistance on the joystick
  • Study construction
  • Can work as one unit (for limited space)
  • Entry-level price
  • Y button feels oddly positioned
  • Remapping buttons can be tricky
  • Cable is a little short

4. Thrustmaster Flight SIM Kit

The Thrustmaster Flight SIM Kit offers the same flight stick and throttle as the previous kit, however, it includes the TFRP rudder pedals too. That should give you even more control over the flight simulation games you play!

Normally, rudder pedals aren’t compatible with the Xbox One or Series S/ X. They don’t give off the right signal, and thus the console isn’t able to recognize that the rudder pedals are connected. Fortunately, that isn’t going to be an issue here. After all, the entire kit is officially licensed.

At 4.88 lbs., the pedals have decent weight. This means you won’t have to worry about them sliding away when you get deep into an epic flight. We also like that the ergonomic design allows you to rest your entire foot on top, and that the heel rests are removable for alternative configurations.

Similarly, the buttons on the kit correspond to the Xbox buttons. As a result, it’s straightforward to play your flight sim games and navigate through the console’s menus. Although it is a bit trickier to set up, you can even use them for games that do not involve any flight simulation.

Finally, due to being “plug and play”, you won’t have to tinker with any of the settings, either. Just connect them up to your Xbox and you’ll be able to start flying right away!

Overall, those eyeing up the Hotas One should spend that little bit extra for the Thrustmaster T-Flight Full Kit instead. The extra rudder pedals are definitely worth it, and able to provide an even more realistic flying experience.

  • Wide-range of controls
  • Includes the rudder pedals
  • Comfortable to use
  • Great build quality
  • Good value
  • Short USB cable
  • Can’t alter tension of the pedals

3. Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight

The VelocityOne is a universal flight control system available for both PC and Xbox users. Developed by an expert team of aeronautical engineers, it comes with all the controls you could need in the cockpit. This includes a yoke and a throttle quadrant with a trim wheel (and veneers).

Tuned for precise aircraft adjustments, the push-to-pull yoke has a realistic design that can handle 180° of rotation. Out of the box, the shaft is a little sticky in spots but this starts to loosen over time. Moreover, while there is a slight centering dent in the yoke, it still provides smooth steering resistance.

On the top of each yoke joysticks are two POV and HAT switches as well as a button for toggling between cameras. Additionally, behind the sticks are your rudder controls and toe brake buttons. They make it possible to execute and coordinate turns in the sky before landing precisely.

In the center of the yoke is an LCD flight management display, and behind this is a real-time status indicator panel. We like that the LCD can bring up a chronometer so you can work to improve your times. Also that there are a few swappable panels/ actions for the status indicators behind the yoke.

The throttle quadrant is just as feature-rich as the yoke. Providing a realistic experience for all types of aircraft, it integrates a trim wheel, three vernier controls, and ten programmable buttons. The trim wheel and vernier controls feel great but the throttles do lack some resistance.

Finally, the intelligent mounting system makes the VelocityOne a breeze to mount. Simply pop off the top of the yoke and then fasten down the clamps using a hex tool. Fortunately, the clamps have enough throat depth to fit over the ends of 2.5-inch desks.

Overall, the VelocityOne is an amazing mid-level flight stick for the Xbox Series X. It crams a lot of welcome features into such a small package

  • Precise, responsive control
  • Realistic design
  • Customizable elements
  • Loads of programmable buttons
  • Onboard display
  • Affordable
  • Throttle system could have more resistance
  • Shaft needs time to wear in
  • Slight centering dent in the yoke
  • Yoke a bit wobbly

2. Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls

The Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls are not strictly flight sticks for the Xbox Series X. Instead, they are designed for PC. However, don’t worry. The bulk of the features that you find on this hardware is entirely compatible with games such as Flight Simulator. 

Much like the previous option, this particular flight stick uses a yoke rather than a joystick. That gives far greater control over the vast majority of aircraft that you are going to find. Moreover, multiple levers and buttons on the yoke control various aspects of the aircraft. Their functionality is dependent on the game you are playing.

This cockpit is the one closest you’ll come across to simulating the real flight experience on your Xbox. Not only do you get the yoke, but also a throttle quadrant, too. This has multiple components onboard including an annunciator panel, gear and flap levers, as well as a trim wheel.

Of course, the main feature is always going to be the yoke. Only a few yokes work with the Xbox Series X, therefore, this is a nice addition for flying any light aircraft. Out of the box, the movements feel fluid, and it reacts seamlessly as if you were flying the actual aircraft.

Finally, we like that it offers the same amount of configuration as you would get on a PC. That helps to ensure the flight stick is set up to perform all the actions you want.

Overall, the Honeycomb Alpha is an awesome bit of gear, but at this price point, we highly suggest going for our first-place option, which goes ones step further.

  • Realistic feel and layout
  • Smooth precise handling and feel.
  • Solid construction
  • Lots of customization options
  • Ease of use
  • Mapping the controls could be better
  • A little higher in price

1. Thrustmaster TCA Yoke PACK

The TCA Yoke PACK is an officially licensed Boeing yoke and throttle quadrant inspired by the iconic Boeing 787 airliner. Much like the original, it has a comparable 1:1 scale. Additionally, the yoke benefits from a pendular mechanism that replicates the real-life kinematics that Boeing pilots feel.

The yoke in this pack is an exceptional reproduction of a floor-based control column. With a 100% metal frame and a tough plastic shell, the build feels durable, expensive, and of high quality. Moreover, weighing 3.1 lbs. it has unprecedented stability for a yoke designed for flight simulation.

When operating the yoke, you can tell that Thrustmaster calibrated the Hall Effect sensors superbly. During use, we found that it handles aircraft gently with a very natural flow, both on difficult departure/ arrival routes and during the cruise. Although the pendular column is quite short, it does a great job of reproducing the arc motion of a larger column.

As for steering, the yoke has 150 degrees in total roll, with 536 individual points that allow it to pick up fine movements. A nice bonus is that Thrustmaster has included some extra springs that give you the option to adjust the resistance. The added tension in the springs massively helps to enhance the immersion.

In terms of the controls, the yoke has everything you would expect to see on a Boeing 787 replica. This includes eighteen buttons and sixteen axes on the sticks themselves. Additionally, there are three programmable buttons in the center and two sliding axes on the base of the yoke for spoilers. 

Finally, a throttle quadrant comes in the pack as well, though its quality is not nearly the same as the yoke. For instance, the buttons and levers feel a bit cheap, and you only get three-axis for the controls. Nevertheless, it still works well fine and can easily be paired up with another.

Overall, if you’re searching for the best flight stick for the Xbox Series X, the Thrustmaster TCA Yoke PACK excels above the rest. It almost make it feel like you’re flying a real plane at times, providing the closest flight simulator experience to the real thing. 

  • Smooth pendular mechanism
  • Ergonomic, sturdy, and professional
  • Swappable levers and extra bands
  • Not overcomplicated
  • Great build quality
  • Quadrant is a bit cheap
  • Only 3-axes on quadrant
  • Expensive

We hope you found a flight stick for the Xbox Series X on this list.

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