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8 most popular esports games

The Most Popular Esports Games in 2021

Call of Duty – (Modern Warfare/ Black Ops)

Call of Duty is an iconic first-person shooter franchise that is primarily focused around the Second World War. In COD, players can experience the perspectives of infantry soldiers, in an incredibly raw, gritty and provocative narrative.

Call of Duty games often include a dramatic single-player story campaign, but it’s the cross-platform multiplayer mode that brings the best players together in one place.

Here, you are able to squad-up and simulate tactical gameplay in close quarters combat; with a focus on map exploration, elite operations and weapon mastery.

COD: Modern Warfare is the latest game to be released in the franchise. The game is set to include its own professional city-based franchised league this year (2020), sponsored by publisher Activision. The league will launch with 12 teams from 4 different western regions, and will include roosters of 7, to play in 5v5 matches.

Going forward, Activision aim to create a path into esports for amateur and semi-pro players by administering extensive amateur competitions – which is great news for anyone who has recently bought the game and is looking to get into esports.

The tournaments will include both online and offline open bracket tournaments, in many cities around the world. You can find out more here.

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Full Match | Atlanta Faze vs Dallas Empire | Launch Weekend Day 2

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is the latest release of the popular fighting franchise, becoming the 7th instalment of the game. The plot follows the final fight between martial artist ‘Heihachi’ and his son, that represents the final chapter of the 20-year-long Mishima feud.

Similar to previous versions, the game is primarily focused around it’s multiplayer modes, which allows players to fight against one another in 1v1 combat. However, Tekken 7 stands out from its predecessors due to its new features such as Rage, extended combos, and slow-mo finishing moves.

The game continues to appeal to many veteran players by featuring the best old school characters, while polishing up upon the game mechanics, and further developing the story line.

The series is largely developed with the competitive esports scene in mind and is a regular addition to a number of major competitions each year, most notably including EVO.

There is even an international “TEKKEN World Tour” sponsored by developers BANDAI NAMCO’s, which features multiple prize pools of over $185,000! If you’re looking for a fighting esports game which is here to stay, then look no further than Tekken!

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EVO Japan 2020 Grand Finals | Book vs. Mikio | TEKKEN 7


FIFA 21 brings two sides of the world’s game to life for an all new authentic street-soccer experience. The game was released in September 2019, and is the latest title of the ever popular football simulation game.

Like many of the games predecessors, FIFA 21 focuses on a series of different challenges and modes based around the real-life football match. This ranges from traditional 11v11 matches to small-sided street, and futsal games.

The game re-introduces other widely praised features including a career mode, and the ability to build your dream squad with FIFA ultimate team.

Due to its universal appeal, and competitive one vs one nature; Fifa 21 is widely recognised as an esport game and is included in thousands of global tournaments each year. The largest competition is the FIFA eWorld cup, which has a prize pool of $500,000!

FIFA is an excellent choice for those that have mastered the art of the game and are looking to get involved with esports. The game has a real dedicated player base, so there are always tons of open online qualifying tournaments that can be found on different esports platforms here.

FIFA eWorld Cup Finals 2019 | Grand Final | Msdossary vs MoAuba 🎮


PUBG is a battle royal shooter that was launched in March 2017. The concept is similar to Fortnite, where you have to gather supplies and outwit 100 other players in a fight for survival.

You can either play in solo mode, duo-mode or as a part of a 4 person team. Each match starts with players parachuting from a plane onto one of the four maps. The map slowly shrinks over time, aimed at directing survivors into tighter areas. The last person or team alive successfully wins the match!

PUBG is well known for its competitive esports scene both on consoles and mobile devices. It has plans to expand all competitions going into 2020.

The PUBG Global Series (PGS) is now regarded as one of the most the most prestigious events in battle royal esports. It was built upon the momentum of last year’s PUBG Nations Cup and PUBG Global Championship. Separate to the PGS, there is also a PUBG Mobile World Championship.

PUBG is one of the fastest-growing online shooting games that it is only going to attract more players. It certainly warrants a check if you’re looking for an exciting esports game to get involved with.

PUBG is free to download.

[ENG] PUBG Global Championship - Finals Day 1

Mortal Kombat 11:

Mortal Kombat 11 is the latest instalment in the critically acclaimed fighting franchise. It was first launched in April 2019 and offers eye popping ‘2.5D’ graphics in a bid to bring you as close to the fight as possible.

Unlike many other fighting games, Mortal Kombat has custom character variations, giving you unprecedented control of your fighters. It features a roster of new and returning classic fighters to continue the epic 27 year saga.

Expect an unprecedented amount of gore, and over the top fatality finishing moves, from possibly one of the most fully featured fighting games you can buy.

Similar to Tekken, the game has its own annual esports tournament, the ‘Mortal Kombat Pro Series‘, which sees participation from people all over the world. The tournament itself is quite popular, and can be easily registered from the official Mortal Kombat esports page of their website here.

If you value unpredictability in your esports tournament fighting, then this one game that you have to consider playing.

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Mortal Kombat 11: Final Kombat 2020 - Full Tournament! [TOP8 + Finals] (ft SonicFox, NinjaKilla etc)


Smite has been around since March 2014, and is another MOBA game that’s played between 2 teams of five. This fast-paced multiplayer game has many (PVP) modes, and up to 107 different characters from 14 different pantheons.

In each game, players are able to take control of a mythological figure (such as a God or Goddess), and use their abilities to compete in competitive team-based combat. Every character has their own special class being either an: Assassin, Guardian, Hunter, Mage, or Warrior.

The game originates at the ‘home’ fountain of each team. This is where players spawn to start building or buying items that are able to enhance the player’s god. Phoenixes and guard towers make up each teams defences.

The aim of the game is to destroy the phoenixes and defeat the Titan of the opposite team, to be crowned with the win!

Smite has a successful esports scene with multiple global tournaments. The Smite World Championship is the largest annual competition that includes a prize pool of just under 1 million dollars!

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Street Fighter V

Street Fighter is another legendary fighting franchise giving players the experience of high intensity head-to-head battles. The original version of the game was launched in 1987, where it has become one of the highest-grossing video game franchises of all time.

The latest release; Street fighter was launched in 2016. It has since then received a major update in 2018 to become Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, and is planned to receive a further update in 2020 titled: Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.

Street Fighter has a dedicated fan following, being one of the oldest fighting game franchises around. The game also has its own Tournament circuit – the “Capcom Pro Tour” and is regularly included in various esports events globally.

The popularity of the game certainly makes it a respectable choice for anyone looking to get involved with possibly one of the most nostalgic esports fighting games.

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EVO Japan 2019: Street Fighter V TOP 8 HIGHLIGHTS


Hearthstone is a collectible turn-based game card game which is set in the Warcraft universe. It was first released by Blizzard Entertainment in March 2014 and has become increasing popular throughout the years.

The game-play offers a unique premise that differs to many other conventional esports games. Players must collect an assortment of digital cards that can be used to attack opponents. Each card will provide powerful spells and can also include the ability to summon minions.

Hearthstone is primarily focused around online 1 vs 1 matches giving players the chance to climb the ranks and win items for their performances.

Hearthstone has an assortment of tournaments hosted by Blizzard and other organizers each year. The major competitions include the “Hearthstone Masters Tour” and “Hearthstone Grandmasters”.

If you’re looking for a competitive card game, packed with hundreds obscure moments and scenarios, then this one will fit your requirements. The game is now reported to have over 100 million players, but it’s fair to say it’s prime in esports was long ago.

Hearthstone can be downloaded for free from here.

Hunterace vs Viper – Finals – 2019 HCT World Championship

StarCraft II:

StarCraft II is a real-time strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment. It has been around since 2010 and is considered to be one of the first esport games.

StarCraft is based around three species: the Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss, who clash against each other in a fight for survival. In the multiplayer game, you can take the role of any the species, and use them in a meaningful way to mine resources, and create structures/ army units.

The main objective of this game is pretty simple. A game can be won by destroying all of your opponents structures, and defeating the opponent’s units.

Although the game is slowly starting to decline with Its age, it’s still fairly popular due to the awesome storyline and large fan following behind it. You won’t find any problems getting paired up with 1v1 player matches if you still want to join in on the fun now, but the larger matches have fallen out of favour.

StarCraft II has its own legendary world championship with a prize pool of over $400,000. It’s just another esports option out there, if you’re looking for a unique multiplayer game.

You can download the game for free from here.

Playoffs Pre-Show - BlizzCon - 2019 WCS Global Finals - StarCraft II

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm was developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2015. It takes a simplified approach to the MOBA genre, making it perfect for beginners.

The game features 88 playable characters, including your favourite heroes and villains from Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo. Likewise to other games of the genre, it consist of two teams that control either side of the map.

On each side, there is a vast building called “the core” that teams have to destroy and protect. This involves using your characters abilities to battle through the defences of your enemy.

A teams defences can be made up of towers, cannons, walls, and other structures to halt you in your way. The enemy’s team will also try to stop you at the same time. If you do not like complex MOBA games, then this one will appeal to you as it has much more simple gameplay.

Unfortunately Blizzard announced that it is dramatically scaling down development on Heroes of the Storm since the budget and team were cut, so if you are looking for a shot on one of the most popular esports games, then it might be better to go with one of the other options in the genre.

Find Heroes of the Storm free here.

GenG vs. Dignitas | HGC 2018 Grand Finals | BlizzCon 2018

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a team-based MMO action game featuring tank-armoured warfare. It was first released in 2010 but has continued to receive regular updates over the years, and has even expanded onto mobile platforms.

The game boasts over 200 pre-World War II era tanks, from: America, Germany, France and the USSR. Each tank has its own unique class, such as: light tanks, medium tanks, and heavy tanks. Players can customize any of their chosen tanks to fit each style of play.

The standard battle focuses on 15 vs. 15 tank on tank matches. The game encourages teammates to communicate with each other over their mic’s in a bid to come up with strategies and tactics that they can use to destroy the competition.

World of tanks has hosted a number of large tournaments in the past such as the WOT grand finals. Unfortunately the popularity of game has somewhat declined in the esports scene, but if your searching for competitive matches they can still be found hosted on the official website.

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Clan Rivals #1: Finals

We hope you enjoyed this list on the most popular esports games!

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