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49 inch monitor
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10 Best 49-Inch Monitors – [Jan 2022]

If you’re in search of a 49-inch, super ultrawide monitor then you’ve come to the right place. Equivalent of two 16:9 panels sitting side by side, the 49” monitor is a dream come true for gamers seeking the ultimate viewing experience. Gone are the days of center bevels, dual cables, KVM hardware, and switching between […]

cheap 240hz monitor
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10 Best Cheap 240Hz Monitors in 2022

If you’re in search of a cheap, 240Hz monitor then you’ve come to the right place. Unlike other inferior refresh rate monitors, 240Hz monitors render fast-moving objects far more clearly to produce smoother gameplay during the heat of the action. This gives gamers a competitive edge, as tracking/ reacting to enemies becomes that much easier. […]

Facebook gaming streaming home page
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How to Stream Games to Facebook Live

Facebook’s dedicated game streaming hub was launched last summer, as the platform continues to make a flurry of upgrades, targeting the lucrative live audience from some of its major competitors. Although it’s certainly not quite the finished product yet, having received its fair share of critics doubting the functionality compared to e-sports ‘goliath’ Twitch, or […]

monitor for streaming
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The 12 Best Monitors for Streaming – [Jan 2022]

A dual-monitor setup (or more) is often required for an effective streaming battlestation. This will consist of a primary monitor, used solely for gameplay. As well as a second monitor for managing background tasks e.g. the chat, alerts, and other apps/ software, etc. Therefore, to cover the best monitors for streaming, we will take a […]