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The Top 15 Gaming Communities + Forums

If you have a love of video games, then you’ve no doubt visited an online gaming community before.. A place of endless conversation, and authentic human connection that is able to help you out in more ways than one.

But first..

What is a gaming community?

A gaming community comprises of a group of like-minded individuals, who have been brought together to discuss one of the various topics on gaming. The community can exist both online and offline, and may have been organized to focus on a particular game, subject, or platform.

(To clarify In this post we’ll be focusing on online ones, which are not meta-groups of games).

There are thousands of such communities scattered all over the web, most noticeably in the form of Subreddits and Forums. The hard part however, is tracking them all down to decipher which ones can actually benefit you the most!

Whether you’re searching for the best ‘game deals’, have an interest in building PC’s, or just happen to be after an insightful and detailed discussion on gaming..

Then we hope this post can guide you in the right direction!

What are the best Gaming Communities?


Members: 674k
Active: 6.3k
Formed: Apr 19, 2009

There are tons of subreddits covering discounts on purchasing games, but the largest one we could find is at Gamedeals.

As the name suggests it’s a community solely for sharing and discussing the latest deals on games – so you won’t ever have to pay full price again!

As a consumer, the only thing that matters here is the price. Stores from all over the web can be found competing against each other in one confined space – to grab your undivided attention of course!

Whether this is by throwing discount deals with 20% off, 50%, or even up and beyond 70% in some cases! Most of the shops offer online keys for steam, so ultimately it doesn’t really matter which one you buy from.

There are some rules to make it less spammy, and unauthorized resellers have been disallowed. Some of the best flash sales in the group can be found on Greenman Gaming!

Gamedeals banner


Members: 663k
Active: 11.5k
Formed: Jun 7, 2015

LivestreamFail is the place for anything livestream related. This community accepts clips from Twitch, Streamable, Neatclips, and pretty much all other places that have live recordings.

You probably guessed it already, but if you didn’t catch on – this is a group full of members who love seeing people mess up in front of the camera.

Hours and hours of streaming content goes by each day, which is just far too much for anyone to watch on their own, so why not find all the best clips and post them into one group! Well, that’s exactly what they did.

Here you’re likely to find cam-girls forgetting how to talk, Twitch streamers clumsily smashing up their own equipment, or other cringe-worthy people generally making a complete fool of themselves. All with the hope that no-one is recording to spread it viral like wildfire!

It’s not all fails and face-palms though. You can also find some top quality videos of people using the latest VR technology, gaming delights, and a bunch of other astonishing things to keep you entertained for hours!

live steam fail gaming community


Members: 1.8m
Active: 5k
Formed: Apr 11, 2010

Have you ever wanted to build you own custom PC, but had no idea where to start? If yes then you’re in the right place, as the ‘buildapc’ gaming community is everything that you could possibly ask for.

Anyone seeking the input of the knowledgeable members on offer is encouraged to join.

Perhaps you need some advice on who would get the better deal in a trade? Or something more specialized being time to upgrade your PC? Then no problem, as you’re likely to find detailed answers to help inform your decisions.

Whatever the query, there’s bound to be someone who is willing to help. The community is extremely active so you won’t be sat around scratching your head for too long.

In case you’re wondering about costs and parts  – then there’s another subreddit set up for this at ‘buildapcforme’, as that’s a whole other topic!

Build a pc subreddit banner


Members: 1.3m
Active: 1k
Formed: Nov 25, 2009

Battlestations is a subreddit for users ‘battlestation’ pictures. If you feel you’re computer setup deserves to be admired by fellow gamers on the net, then why not post a photo to inspire and get feedback!

You’re setup can even include your whole room if you like (not just your PC), to portray the sleek environment where you spend most of your time, and the glowing atmosphere that you play best in!

Surprising there’s a large number of themes that you might wish to imitate. Whether this is going for some kind of minimalistic approach by keeping it clean and simple, a modernistic ‘studio’ look that’s packed with streaming equipment, or maybe a tech-savvy and futuristic display.

The group has them all, so it’s easy to decide which one looks best!

Battlestations even have their own sponsored competitions with real prizes from manufacturers like ‘NVIDIA’. This is just another reason to work your imagination and get involved with this stimulating group! 

Battlestations gaming community


Members: 584k
Active: 385
Formed: Jun 24, 2012

Have you ever been saving for a game on Steam but didn’t know if it was any good? Have you ever been interested in an indie game but didn’t know much about it? Have you ever asked the question, ‘Should I buy this game?’

If so, then heading over to this community of enlightened gamers is the best option that you could possibly take. They will be able help you answer everything that you might be confused about, and bring some much needed clarification to light.

The group is open to questions from all major consoles, including PC, PS4, Xbox one and Switch. Simply remember to include your chosen game-stations title after your question, for a response within a matter of minutes.

There’s nothing worse making an impulse purchase of a game, led by the lies of promotions and advertisements; to later find out that it’s c***! Which is why this group will finally help you to overcome any future regret.

Gamers love to dive deep into their honest opinions of games, so you’re going to find much better reviews in this tight-knit gaming community than anywhere else on the web!

Should i buy this game gaming community


Members: 464k
Active: 1.7k
Formed: Jul 8, 2012

We all know people who get an immense amount of self-satisfaction from building their own desktop rig, but what about unusual clanking keyboards? Well.. this is exactly what this gaming community is all about – for users to share and provide daily links to the maddest ‘Mechanical Keyboard’ content!

Customizable technology and peripherals has always been a popular part of do it yourself culture. Whether this is by modifying the look of your mobile phone, game-pad controllers, or even in this case your own personalized keyboard. The idea is to create something unique, so that it can be deeply cherished by the owner. 

It probably all started from pulling out keys and mixing/ matching broken devices, however some members have done a great job of taking it that one step further. On this page you will get to lay eyes upon miniature figurine keycaps, wooden hand-crafted bases, and preservation efforts to update a series of timely classics.

Regardless of their appearance, most of the keyboards have their own practical reasons too, aimed at offering an ergonomic short-key advantage, for you to swiftly deal out the damage!

Mechanical keyboards gaming community


Members: 307k
Active: 567
Formed: Nov 11, 2011

Are you aware of the Patient Gaming philosophy?

If you’re not – It advocates that gamers resist the hype of spending their hard-earned cash on new ‘full-priced’ video games. While it might seem like an annoying thing to do, the truth is that it can save you a lot of time and money further down the line.

The idea is simple – to just wait.. then once the 6 to 8 months have passed, the brand new games are likely to become much more affordable. If you’re prone to making a sudden impulse buy, then this is another thing that you no longer have to worry about!

The hardest part is just staying ‘patient’, in the event that all of your friends have caved in and continued to buy the pre-release anyway!

Once the time is up, community members will gladly remind you of all the games that have been dramatically slashed in price, and you will always find a discussion revolving around the topic of games that you’ve been waiting for all this time.

The six months or older rule also applies to hardware, as well as all other launches in the gaming industry.

Patient gamers gaming community


Members: 571k
Active: 226
Formed: May 1, 2011

The ‘True Gaming’ community is one for the older, more sophisticated kids on the block; who like to get a bit more insightful with their detailed discussions on gaming. The members here certainly like to cover topics more thoroughly, analysing everything from storytelling to soundtracks.

Have you ever wondered what was the point of that last cut scene you watched? Or want to dive deep into how the success of a game relates to its character building? Whatever the topic, every minute input into the development of the overall package can be found here, getting the undivided attention it finally deserves.

If you think you’ve noticed a trend in gaming appearing over the last few years, then this would be one of the best spaces to come and share your insights. The majority of posts have been centred around them, which call for a really intriguing debate.

As expected, you view will be wholeheartedly respected by others, being one of the most civil tight-knit communities on the web.

Turegaming subreddit banner


Members: 713k
Active: 747
Formed: Apr 12, 2009

The Steam gaming community comprises of all things Steam. If you ever happen to come across problems with licences, games randomly uninstalling from your library, or suspect that the software is under server maintenance, then a quick check in here is all that is needed.

It’s not just a help forum though, and it’s no surprise that one of the largest digital distribution services has all the latest updates on ‘discount games’ that are in the pipeline for their library. Even if the latest ‘discount game’ requires a VR headset, which nobody can possibly afford yet!

The community also does a great job of keeping you up to date with the next stream sale (with deals up to 80% Off!) – If you can actually manage to last that long before going on a spending spree!

Need to enquire to see if a classic game is on the platform? Head to r/Steam. Need to find out if you can use your Steam account in a different region? Head to r/Steam. Need a game suggestion..? Head to r/Steam!

Steam banner


Members: 585k
Active: 1.9k
Formed: Aug 9, 2010

The Twitch subreddit is the place to be for all discussions surrounding the official streaming website. In general its more focused around tech support, and other miscellaneous questions related to setting up a channel, than what some of the most popular streamers are actually doing on it themselves.

If you Stream on Twitch and find yourself having difficulties with: equipment, OBS software, or configuring bots; then you will be glad that you found this awesome gaming community. It’s sure to be the quickest place to get all your technical questions!

You may also find that it can help you out with improving your overall channel quality, by clarifying some things that you might not have previously thought about. e.g. How should you act when you lose a game? How to deal with toxic viewers? What makes a good streamer? These are all useful questions to spend some time reading, if your serious about making your channel grow.

You can check out our post here on ‘how to be a Twitch Streamer‘ where we go into this related topic in more detail!

Twitch Subreddit gaming community banner


Members: 1.5m – 2.4m
Active: 5k
Formed: 2010-16

If you’re a console gamer then you will definitely be wanting to join anyone of these active hubs for all the latest discussions on anyone of them. Pretty much everything related to: games, news, reviews, questions, videos, and screenshots can be found in each of the groups.

If you’re lucky, you might also find some a selection of promotions giving you access to free trials on games like I did, as well as bargain discount deals!

The groups are primarily focused on the newest releases of games, patches, and updates. There’s no better place to voice your opinion on the things that worked well, and the things that certainly didn’t! If you’re like the members in this group and think the dialogue in Pokémon games has gotten way to bland and boring, be sure to let them know!

Bugs and glitches are also regularly posted, so if you ever encounter a problem, these groups are probably the best place to turn too. Not only does posting them in here provide entertainment for all the other members to laugh at.. but it also provides useful feedback which is vital for the development of many games. It’s important to get yourself heard!

PS4 Subreddit banner


Members: 16.6k
Active: 100
Formed: Jan 4, 2016

On Reddit, you will find that the gaming community revolves around many popular genres. However, this one is a little bit different.

GameDetectives focuses on the creation, or solving of Alternate Reality games (ARG’s). To put it simply, this is where an individual (or company) would be creating a trail of clues that can be in the virtual world, the real world, or even in both!

Once you start picking up the clues, you become a part of the game, and the onus is on you to uncover the entire plot, or trail of clues.

The truth is that the thrill of being a real-world game makes this phenomenon quite addictive. If you wish to have an exceptional gaming experience rather than a traditional gaming session per se, Game Detectives can help you to achieve that.

If you find yourself scratching your head and totally confused check out this video here for more info.

Game detectives banner


Members: 3m
Active: 6.3k
Formed: Apr 30, 2011

It might come as no surprise that pcmasterrace is dedicated solely to PC gamers. The good news is that it is reasonably active, and you can discuss pretty much every PC title.

The subreddit has been around since 2011, which has led to its exponential growth in the last few years. With over 3 million members, the chances are, you will almost-always find someone who has a passion for the same game as you!

The use of memes and images are highly popular in this group. The majority of which continue to remind outsiders about the best system to play on of course! The subreddit also hosts regular giveaways, allowing you to gain something tangible by being a part of the action.

The rules in the subreddit aren’t that strict, so you can chill and have fun while discussing your favourite gaming topics. If you exclusively use PC, then this is the gaming community for you!

When you’re looking for the top gaming communities, the discussion will not be over without mentioning a few forums

PC Master race banner

What are the most popular Gaming Community Forums?

PC Gamer Club:

Wouldn’t it be thrilling to be a part of a gaming community that gives back much more?

If yes, then ‘PC Gamer Forums‘ is the option you should take. For a small monthly fee you will get access to loads of bonus content including: Free Digital Gaming Books, a Gaming magazine subscription, Discord server access, and Exclusive in-game items.

“The magazine delivers hard-hitting reviews, winning game strategies, explanations for complex games technology, and news about what’s next in this rapidly changing arena” – PC Gamer

Once you sign up, you will also gain access to add-free browsing on the global authority site, allowing you to have a seamless browsing experience. Here you can go through thousands of threads and online messages with ease.

The discord server provides you the opportunity to interact with magazine editors, and other professionals in the industry. It’s just one of the few communities that includes lucrative access to industry insiders, where you can actually have a chat with the developers.

Apart from this, PC Gamer is well-known for its walk-throughs and gaming reviews. The gaming community tracks almost every new development in the industry, which means you will never miss out on a new feature or a release.

The active forum covers various topics like: Gaming hardware, Different genres of games, Upcoming games, Industry events, and much more. In case you can’t find what you’re looking for on the main forum they even have their own subreddit at r/pcgaming.

The PC Gamer community was formed all the way back in 1995 being one of the oldest on our list. The long history leaves no doubt regarding the value which it provides to its users. With industry experts on your side, once you join this community, you will never miss out on any gaming development!

PC Gamer gaming community

GameFAQs Message Boards:

GameFAQs is most noticeably renowned for their FAQs and walkthroughs. The site also have one of the oldest gaming forums on the internet that came into existence all the way back in 1996. The USP of their community forum is that it has a separate board for almost everything!

Some of the most popular boards revolve around topics like: Final Fantasy, Pokemon Sword, Mario Free games, Playstation 4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and so on..

These names are just a minuscule part of the overall number of boards available in this community. The good news is, that almost all of the boards are active, so you won’t have to wait for long to ever get a response.

At any point in time, you will find at least 500 to 1000 users online. The level of activity in this community, along with a dedicated sub-forum (for almost every gaming-related topic), makes it one of the best gaming communities.

Chances are if you’re looking for reviews, tips, or any walk-throughs, the forum might have a discussion already going on it. It’s no doubt one of the best places to learn from when it comes to gaming.

GameFAQ's gaming community banner


Do you love MMORPG’s?

If yes, then this forum is best suited for you.

MMORPG’s are some of the most addictive games out there, and this community has become a bit of an authority on the subject. From Final Fantasy XIV online to Guild Wars 2, whatever your chosen drug there’s bound to be a whole discussion on it.

What’s great about this community is that it keeps you updated with all new releases, gaming reviews, and industry developments in this one specific niche. The forum also alerts you to the other similar games that you can play on when they’ve been added.

Online games get so many updates that it’s sometimes hard to know what exactly has changed if you ever decide to take a break, but this forum can certainly help you with that!

During the initial days the site was focused mainly on PC games, but these days you will find plenty of members interacting with each other regarding console gaming too. Both platforms have own sub-forums as well, allowing you to find what you’re really looking for.

Due to the many off-topic sub-forums there is no shortage of entertainment – as there are plenty of members who are willing to do discuss other unrelated matters as well!

MMORPG Banner logo

Resetera Gaming Forum:

If you’ve never come across Resetera before, then you’re in for a treat.

The design is incredibly clean, and the activity level in this forum is also ridiculously high. Most replies are posted in the last 45 minutes which speaks volumes about the popularity. It’s quite remarkable considering that the site has been around only since 2017.

If you’re wondering about the quality of conversation, many experts like to visit this community. if you’re looking to learn and improve your gaming skills, or collaborate with other gamers, then it is an excellent place to visit.

The forum allows you to discuss virtually every type of game in a single section, which means that you can find other members interested in the same gaming topic. There is even a ‘hangout section’ where you can buy/sell/trade in the marketplace, or talk about guilds and clans.

Members of Resetera like to track the gaming industry closely, which means that you will come across the latest game reviews as well as industry developments in no time. If you are looking for a gaming community that helps you to interact with others, and keep a watch on the industry, this is the one which you should go with.

Resetera Logo

NeoGAF Forum:

Are you searching for a gaming community that covers it all?

If yes, the NeoGAF forum is the option for you. It covers every game from the Age of Empires, to Call of Duty mobile. If you’ve made it here, you will have no shortage of topics to discuss with other gamers. The forum has been going strong ever since its launch in 2006, having thousands of members active each day.

One of the reasons why this forum stands out is because it allows you to discuss gaming news, gaming hardware, and the games themselves all in a single section. The level of interaction is quite high in this forum. Whatever your post, your likely to get a response within minutes, and that is why it is on our list.

It also has an off-topic discussion forum just in-case you want to deviate from hard-core gaming. If you’re looking for a holistic gaming community that has thousands of members online daily, you cannot ignore this forum.

Neogaf banner gaming community

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