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15 Best Twitch Thots of Jul 2024

If you’re in search of some new thots to follow on Twitch then you’ve come to the right place.

A thot is a female who streams on Twitch with the intention of using her body for monetary gain. Not everybody thinks they deserve a place on the platform, but ultimately some of us do…

After all, their content certainly fills a void or they wouldn’t be so damn popular.

In this post, we will cover the best Twitch thots of 2024. Enjoy them now before they all inevitably receive bans!

Who Is the best Twitch Thot?

15. IvySky

Follower Count: 177K
Age: 31
Nationality: Swedish

IvySky is a Swedish Twitch streamer who has been active on the platform since 2014. Her streams primarily fall under the Just Chatting category where she can be found exploring the world, doing art, baking, or working out. Occasionally, she also streams VR games such as Beat Saber.

Fans follow Ivy for one real reason, and that reason is her body. Physically, she has the most obvious fake Brazilian ass that stirs up all sorts of trouble. During her IRL streams, the public just can’t get enough of her large disproportionate butt and hilarious big THICC moments.

When she’s not busy shaking her ass, she’s probably knocking something off the shelf instead. Ivy’s the self-proclaimed “most clumsy person here on Twitch”, which tells you all you need to know. All in all, If you’re after a Twitch thot that brings chuckles and laughs then head right over to her channel.

14. Foxenkin

Follower Count: 299K
Nationality: Canadian

Foxenkin is a Twitch partner and streamer from Ontario, Canada. She mostly streams ASMR and Yoga tutorials but occasionally she’ll load up a few horror games as well. In addition to Twitch, she makes YouTube videos and posts sexy cosplays on Instagram.

During her ASMR sessions, Foxenkin loves to dress up as animals and uses her sex appeal to full effect. As you might have guessed from her name, the fox is her favorite animal. Think of her like a female human fox that’s a specialist at purring and scratching audio relaxation.

If Foxenkins ASMR sessions aren’t stimulating enough for you, then you might want to subscribe to her OnlyFans. Here she takes her skills one step further by introducing visuals to her tingling sounds. Unfortunately, that’s something she can’t get away with on Twitch or YouTube.

13. Lurn

Follower Count: 307K
Age: 26
Nationality: American

Lurn Is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber from Montana, USA. On her channel, she mostly plays multiplayer video games such as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and World of Warcraft. You can also frequently catch her doing IRL streams and “Just Chatting” with fans as well.

Lauren is a laid-back, down-to-earth sort of person and this comes across in her streams. When she’s not busy showing off her skills in PUBG, she might be showing off her tats or a new hair color instead. Although she might look like your typical punk, she’s actually quite sweet on the inside.

Lurn isn’t exactly your biggest Twitch thot but she’s slowly turning to the dark side. After creating her Only Fans last year and stating she had no plans to post any actual nudes, some more revealing photos are starting to appear. It’s only a matter of time before she makes the full transition.

12. Mushyee

Follower Count: 19.5K
Age: 27
Nationality: American

Mushyee (or Mush for short) is a league of legends streamer, cosplayer, and lingerie model. She is mostly known for her work in esports being Cloud9’s former team mom. Apart from that, you may recognize her from YouTube due to living in the same streamer household as Albert Chang.

Despite being in with the right crowd, Mushy is not the most famous or followed e-girl. Instead of streaming every day, she’ll just do the odd random stream whenever she feels like vibing. Whether this is playing LoL, getting drunk on a special occasion, or simply chatting with fans.

Mush has an amazing, well-endowed body that she likes to show off in front of the camera. Viewers just can’t get enough of her yoga positions and badass personality. Watching her stream is like a fever dream that’s bustling with pure chaotic energy.

11. PeachJars

Follower Count: 69.5K
Age: 26
Nationality: American

Peachjars describes herself as a cosplayer, streamer, and overall idiot. Well, the overall idiot part is true as she did openly admit to cheating on Mizkif’s schooled podcast. However, she’s not the only influencer who was caught attempting to win the game show in unethical ways.

Peach is a very lewd person who livens up any room with her raunchy humor. Fans appreciate her entertaining character which is open and relatable. She doesn’t shy away from the fact that a lot of her success has come through her privilege as a woman, either, particularly through sexy images.

When live, Peach regularly does Just Chatting streams with friends. Viewers love her storytelling abilities, no matter how foolish they may be. Apart from that, you can catch her interviewing simps, playing VRChat, as well as other games like Fortnite.

10. MaryJLeeee

Follower Count: 180K
Age: 25
Nationality: American

MaryJLeeee is a gorgeous “ASMRtist” who creates rhythmic ASRM sound experiences. She first started on Twitch in 2016 and has since racked up a little under 200K followers. For a part-time professional ear tickler who streams just a couple of times a week that’s a massive achievement.

While this hottie’s goal is to assist with insomnia and stress relief, her Instagram photos may help our male readers with far more than that. Being the fitness enthusiast that she is, Mary has one of the best physiques on the entire Twitch platform. Her slender figure and muscular abs make her the fap queen for sure.

Besides ASMR, Mary occasionally does “just chatting” streams, some of which even turn into gardening and charity events. You’ll be glad to know that she’s active on Funhouse, too. This is where she shares any personal tidbits, pictures, and mini vlogs with her strongest supporters.

9. VitaCelestine

Follower Count: 294K
Age: 25
Nationality: Colombian

Vita Celestine is a full-time streamer from Cali, Colombia who has risen to fame through her Twitch and YouTube channels. Due to being Colombian, she is a native Spanish speaker. Nonetheless, that’s not going to stop anybody from enjoying her Valorant and Fortnite content.

Vita’s real name is Laura Cornett, which reveals a few secrets about her past. Like most successful female streams, Vita was previously a cam girl and an established one at that. Under the alias of Honeycornett, you can check out all her naughty clips that are old but not forgotten.

Some of these clips feature Laura before she had her boob job. Personally, we think she looked better before the implants but that’s just a matter of opinion. As for her hourglass figure though, this is stunning. We can say the same about her perky buttocks look perfect as they shake.

8. heyimbee

Follower Count: 964K
Age: 26
Nationality: Australian

HeyImBee (or Bee), is a popular YouTuber and Twitch Steamer from Melbourne Australia. Her YouTube channel used to consist mainly of Minecraft but now she has shifted towards VR chat. On Twitch, however, you can catch her streaming Apex Legends and some other triple-A games.

Bee was smart to shift towards creating VR content when she did. In VR, she has become the embodiment of the incel part of her fan base, creating hilarious and relatable content. Naturally, this results in lots of virtual boob playing, cringe conversations, and online relationships.

Although Bee is a very family-friendly streamer, she does have a kinky side too. On Twitter and Instagram, she doesn’t ever shy away from posting photos in sexy lingerie and some nice shots of her cups. For the best stuff though, be sure to subscribe to her only fans for just $10 per month.

7. Alyri

Follower Count: 55.9K
Age: 25
Nationality: American

Alyri is a content creator, challenger on LOL, and a member of “Gloom-E-girl” – a team of e-girls that provide entertainment through cosplay. Since joining Twitch in 2016, she has built her way up to 55K followers. However, like most gamer girls looking for fast fame, fans have called her out for taking shortcuts along the way.

Although Alyri is a high-elo LoL player, followers suspected that someone was boosting her account to climb the ranks. This accusation came after she was playing all the different roles, while still managing a high win ratio against some of the best players in the game.

Many in the community called her out for her body-paint cosplay, too, which suspiciously looked like she was wearing a costume. While this was a bit less obvious, the over-edited image did look suspect, particularly in the bottom half of her body.

Despite all the trickery, Alyri is still a hot Twitch thot that you might want to follow. We especially like her e-girl strip challenges which result in her losing a piece of clothing upon each death!


Follower Count: 827K
Age: 26
Nationality: American

Corinna Kopf is an American streamer and social media star who’s had a trail of success on all the major streaming platforms.

After being a regular fixture in David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad group (on YouTube), Corinna generated her own fan following and then moved over to Facebook gaming – due to a ban for wearing “undergarments”. Today, however, she’s back on Twitch streaming IRL content and slots.

While Corinna likes to get flirty and talk dirty in front of the camera, she isn’t exactly you’re standard Twitch thot. In comparison to some other gamer girls, her personal vlogs and conversations bring far more substance and entertainment. Ultimately, this reflects in her rising follower count.

Corinna’s gorgeous physical appearance has brought her quite a lot of attention. Not only from stars like Tfue and Logan Paul but also from followers on OnlyFans. On OnlyFans, one subscriber even paid her $165K for just one boob pic. Remarkably, she also made $4.2 million in a little over a month!

5. Leyna Inu

Follower Count: 881K
Age: 30
Nationality: American

Leyna Inu (Elena) is an American streamer, Instagram model, “gamer”, and ASMR therapist. You might remember her from her previous handle “MissyPwns”, which has a long history of naughty content. So does her new channel too, as she’s right back on the same path.

Over the years, Elena’s content has gradually swung from playing video games to that which has no substance. Generally, you can catch her doing something in a sexually explicit way, whether this is yoga, trying on clothes, or even ASMR.

Surprisingly, some of Elena’s YouTube ASMR videos are attracting anywhere between 100K to 500K views. Who would have thought a Twitch thot who used to sell “booby grab n play” gifs on Patreon would get so much praise. She really is one of the most talented streamers, you know…

4. NotAestheticallyHannah

Follower Count: 436K
Age: 19
Nationality: American

Hannah Owo is a 19-year-old Twitch streamer, TikTok creator, and social media star. In contrast to many other Twitch thots on this list, Hannah became an internet sensation for her TikTok lip-syncing videos, and then famous after the leak of her personal OnlyFans that went viral across the internet.

It’s no surprise Hannah’s leaked images and videos went viral as fast as they did. Fans adore her for her cute face, sweet personality, and gorgeous young body. Of course, the leak did cause quite a lot of controversy, though, especially among fans who looked up to her and the type of porn she was posting. 

That being said, “All news is good news”, and the leak worked out pretty well for Hannah’s sub count. Although she only had four videos on YouTube at the time, her channel grew to 250K subs, with her latest video gaining 8M views. Her followers on Twitch also skyrocketed too, growing by 100K in just four months!

3. Faith

Follower Count: 511K
Age: 24
Nationality: Canadian

Faith is a Canadian Twitch streamer with ginger hair and a nice set of boobs. She first started streaming in June 2018 and then became a partner four months later. Upon joining the platform, she mostly streamed “Just Chatting”, ASMR, and popular Battle Royale games like Fortnite.

Faith’s follower count grew steadily over the years but it wasn’t until the hot-tub saga (in March 2021) that her viewership exploded. This is when this Twitch thot really found her calling, growing from 158K to 535K followers in the next six subsequent months. 

Faith’s hot-tub streams were basically soft pornography, and some of her glory days on Twitch. If you want to see her riding on giant inflatable hot dogs, playing Just Dance, and doing just about anything in the tub for attention, then you *might* want to re-watch some of her old clips.

Fortunately, with Twitch’s recent clamp down on hot tub streams, Faith’s parents will be glad to know that she’s back to streaming games. Her current games include Apex Legends and Valorant. Tune in to watch her wearing low-cut tops and having some of the most intelligent conversations.

2. Taylor Jevaux

Follower Count: 1.6M
Age: 26
Nationality: American

Taylor Jevaux is a popular Twitch thot and YouTuber based in Los Angeles, California. Despite being a relative newcomer to Twitch (joining in June 2020), impressively she’s become one of the fastest growing female channels, accumulating over 1.5M followers in just the past two years.

Taylor’s growth is largely thanks to pool streams and fitness workouts on the beach. Generally, you can watch her goofing around with friends and wearing the most revealing bikinis imaginable. Although that might not seem too impressive, it is when you see her amazing body.

Physically, Taylor stands 5 feet 8” tall and has a very round pair of tits, which look out of this world. They almost look like they’ve been pushed up against a window, being completely firm, and never floppy. For a better look, head on over to Playboy shoot to see her work as a casting call.

1. Amouranth

Follower Count: 5.4M
Age: 28
Nationality: American

Amouranth is an American Twitch streamer, cosplayer, glamour model, YouTuber, and OnlyFans influencer. Currently, she is the number one English-speaking woman streamer on the platform and the second most popular female, exceeding 5.4 million followers.

Amouranth may have started out with humble beginnings, but that certainly isn’t the case today. With five bans under her belt, and hundreds of past streams frolicking around in hot tubs and wearing suggestive clothing, there’s no denying her prevalence as the biggest Twitch thot.

The majority of the bans were for typical “thot-like” behavior, including *accidentally* exposing herself down below and licking the microphone in a sexually explicit way.

Let’s not forget the time when mistakenly showed everybody her NSFW profile image because a user in the chat had it as his profile picture. We all know why she did that though… to purposely advertise her personal OnlyFans account, of course!

Now that we think actually about it, Amouranth’s whole career revolves around successfully tricking young men into leaving a platform intended for video games and then on to OnlyFans. Manipulation and seduction are her deadliest skills that work to accumulate her lots of money $$$.

If you’re wondering how much money we’re talking about, she previously disclosed In an interview with Ethan Klein that she makes one million dollars per month, and that’s just on OnlyFans!

Only porn star Belle Delphine (who’s permanently banned from every social media account) can match those kinds of numbers!

What is a Twitch Thot?

A thot is a female Twitch streamer who uses her assets for monetary gain. These streamers are often attractive and dress provocatively to increase their chances of extracting wealth from thirsty male viewers. Whether this is in the form of tips, donations, or paid subscriptions.

Many Twitch thot streamers dress in a way that brushes up against Twitch’s fairly relaxed dress code. Their outfits and makeup help enhance their most stunning features. Some may even dabble in cosplay as well, to create a character that connects with the interests of their viewers.

Most stereotypical Twitch thots act innocent or naive, but some aim for the other end of the spectrum and engage in borderline suggestive behavior. Generally, they will act flirty, sexy, or innocent, however, this is usually just a persona taken on by the streamer to attract their audience.

Twitch thots have a reputation for playing games poorly. Although this is a stereotypical assumption, it is often a correct one because most thots are not really trying to succeed at the game. Instead, their goal is to gather attention and garner sympathy for special treatment.

While Twitch is best known for video game streaming, many Twitch thot streamers focus on content that cultivates the image and desires of their intended audience. This content includes hot tub streams, body painting, ASMR, and even daily life streams.

Twitch does not allow suggestive material on the site. As a result, streamers that do create NSFW (not safe for work) content keep it on other sites such as OnlyFans, Fansly, and FanHouse. OnlyFans is the most popular way for a Twitch thot to monetize her X-rated assets.

FanHouse is another safe-for-work option that doesn’t have the same negative stigma as OnlyFans. Alternatively, Fansly is more like Patreon before they banned the adult content. Fansly do subs in tiers (generally higher tiers get you more stuff per month) whereas OF is usually one price or free.

Twitch thots know what they are doing, and they do it well. By creating this persona, they are more likely to encourage young male viewers to buy their content and connect with them. Another tactic is to funnel followers to third-party sites so they can purchase their merchandise there.

Who is the Most Famous Twitch Thot?

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragus Is the most famous Twitch thot. With over 5.5 million followers and 400+ million views, Amouranth is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch overall.

Kaitlyn Siragus grew up playing video games and watching anime, and this inspired her to start costume dressing and cosplay as she grew older. Her aunt taught her how to sew, and Siragus went to school for Fashion Design and Theatrical Costume Design.

After a few news features and appearances on The Little Couple, she was contacted by Twitch in 2016 with a request to join and live stream while making costumes.

Taking up the name Amouranth, she quickly gained a following on Twitch for these videos. It wasn’t long though until she redirected her content to focus on dancing, ASMR, and tub streaming videos.

Amouranth has gone head to head with Twitch’s ToS in the past for her attire and behavior. One notable instance includes a 2020 event when she was kicked out of a Bed Bath and a thrift store for dressing as a French maid.

More serious offenses include a 2019 stream when she exposed her genitals for several seconds while doing an ASMR clip on the floor. Then, after a three-day ban, she celebrated her release by posting a clip of her crawling out of a cage labeled “Twitch jail”.

Amouranth has an OnlyFans platform to post NSFW content without tripping Twitch guidelines, and she earns over $1 million every month. Revenue from Twitch and OnlyFans has allowed her to make even bigger money moves. These include buying a gas station in 2021 to rent out and an inflatable pool company in 2022.

Viewers may not agree with her methods, but Amouranth is one of the greatest examples of a female streamer discovering and leveraging her assets to achieve success on Twitch.

Can You Call Someone a Thot on Twitch?

You can call someone a thot on Twitch without immediate repercussions, but there is no guarantee that they will not ban you from the stream or report your account for bullying.

The term “thot” has a long and sordid past, but recently female streamers have worked to reclaim the term. This leads to issues where automatic regulation could improperly ban an individual for using the term.

If you are tempted to call someone a thot on Twitch, consider that all this does is fuel their stream. You’re the one who would bear the consequences of your action. It’s a better choice to silently move onto a different stream if you don’t agree with their content.

We hope you enjoyed this post on the best Twitch thots!

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