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What is Discord? – Chat App for Gamers

If you play a lot of video games online or are actively involved in the gaming community through Twitch/ Reddit etc. then you’ve probably heard countless people mentioning “Discord” before.

Discords Popularity has risen substantially in recent years with over 250 million registered users, and 56 million people using the service monthly.

What is Discord?

Discord is a cross-platform “chat app” for text, video, and voice communication. It was designed by gamers and built with many preferable features for playing games online. Users can host, or join a wide range of servers that are dedicated to a bunch of different things.

Essentially it’s like Skype for gamers, but for those who want to get a bit more technical; “Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP application”.

Whether you’re looking to participate in group events with lots of friends, or are just wanting to follow you’re favourite esports streamers; then you’re definitely going to want to find out more!

Why is Discord so popular?

  • Easy to search and join your favourite games servers.
  • Designed to be light-weight, specializing in low-latency communication.
  • Can work as a web client on a browser for those not wanting to install the app.
  • User-friendly, having Instant invite links for chat servers.
  • Groups of all sizes can thrive on Discord.
  • The app has tons of features.
  • Secure and free to use.

What are the Features of Discord?

  • Server Tools – Create different channels for text/ voice.
  • Member Roles – Assign members roles giving special permissions or moderator powers.
  • Configure Keybinds – Toggle push to chat, mute, in-game overlays, etc.
  • Game Activity – Displays the game that you’re currently playing to friends on your server.
  • Streamer Mode – Prevents sensitive notifications from popping up during a live stream.
  • Server Discovery – Easily search for your favourite games server, and connect with other players.
  • Sound Attenuation – Lowers the volume of all other applications when you are speaking.
  • Push Notification Controls – Have full control over your mobile notifications.
  • Games Overlay – Let’s you pin and incorporate your voice/ text chat into your game.
  • Video Tools – Screen sharing, and video calls for up to nine people.
  • Privacy and Safety – Automatically scans and deletes messages containing explicit content.
  • Payment Methods – Allows you to send donations to server members.
  • Customizable Plugins – Ability to add additional plugins and bots.

What makes Discord better than other VoIP services?

Gamers prefer Discord over other VoIP services as it contains many features that make it comfortable for gamers to use. The app optimizes speech using a low-latency audio format and has a lighter, more preferable user-interface designed for people playing online games.

The Discord web-browser is great for new players wanting to join in on a server. All friends have to do is send the ‘https link’ to be connected and chatting in no time. The design is user-friendly and easy to get acquainted with.

The permissions management for creating new channels, and assigning member roles is also excellent. By creating separate channels for things like Voice, Chat, Notifications, Server rules, Links, Images, etc.

You can keep your chat uncluttered, and free from spam when working with large groups of people.

Having a large selection of “Role settings permissions” “for ‘Moderators” or “Active” members allows you to keep your server managed in the best possible way; even when you’re not around. ‘Role permissions’ include being able to: kick or ban people, assign nicknames and unique members colours, etc.

For more info on creating and assigning roles check out this video.

Screenshot of a Discord server
Inside a Discord Server

Why is Discord good for Streamers?

The Discord app has been designed with ease of accessibility in mind. It can connect with your in-game launcher, and streaming OBS software for when you want to play live. From the activity tab, you can quickly launch any game that has recently been played on your PC with just a single click.

Once launched, you can set your game status to change so that friends on the same server can see what you are playing. You will also be presented with a “quick view” window to show what games your friends are currently playing, and if you wish to jump over to their Discord servers (if you’re both on the same game).

OBS Features

There’s a bunch of important features for those wanting to stream on OBS. Similarly to how your status changes when launching a game, it can also change when you’re streaming live; to alert friends to come and check out your stream of course!

Additional OBS features include a customizable in-game overlay that gives you the option to enhance your app. The Discord in-game overlay lets you incorporate your voice/ text chat into your game for maximum focus, and fewer distractions when streaming.

This means you can pin the discord chat onto your OBS, allowing parts of the overlay to still be visible while still playing games. You can set up a key bind for whenever you want to quickly minimize it and reply to your fans.

“Streamer Mode” is especially useful. This easy to activate option allows you to hide sensitive information for when you’re ready to stream to your fans. The Streamer Mode menu gives you four adjustable settings to customize how much personal information you want to keep hidden from your Discord interface. Here you can:

  • Hide personal information,
  • Hide instant Invite Links,
  • Disable Sounds,
  • Disable Notifications.

VOIP’s often overlook sound attenuation but this is another important Discord feature. Sound attenuation can be essential for a high-quality voice. What this does is lowers the volume of all other applications when people are broadcasting voice to prevent unnecessary feedback. This is fundamental if you enjoy playing games without a headset.

You can change your attenuation by going to Settings > Voice and Video

How to get Started with Discord?

Where to get Discord?

You can download the PC, or open the Browser app from You can download the Android, or IOS mobile apps from the Google play store.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, the next step is to register to make an account. This process is very quick and easy to do, (email and username).

Joining Servers

Next, you can either choose to:

  1. Create a new server –  (+) sign.
  2. Join a server – (+) sign. (enter a ‘https’ address given to you).
  3. Discover servers – Search through the large selection of games/ teams available on the discover page.

It’s just that simple. All you need to create a server is a valid name. you will then be issued with your own link that you can share to others to grant access to your server.

What’s great about Discord is the ability to freely search through the most popular public servers on the “Server Discover” page.

Here you can browse through a range of different categories that are not just limited to E-sports and Gaming. Other interesting discussion topics you can find and explore include: Comics, Cartoons, Superheroes, Music, and Anime, etc.

After joining your desired servers, it’s easy to connect with other players in no time.

For a more in-depth guide on “getting started with Discord”, you can find an official one here.

What are Discord bots?

Like many other highly customizable features on Discord;

Discord bots allow you to manage and enhance the functionalities of your server. Bots provide the server administer with more control than the normal user has. They are generally used for moderating servers, controlling the level of spam, and reporting server information.

A wide range of Discord bots can be download and ‘added’ to your app from here.

Some of the top Discord bots include:

  1. MEE6 – Configure moderation, levelling, Twitch alerts and much more.
  2. Mudae – 28 000 anime/game characters to claim (waifu gacha) and fight with, catch Pokémon, play original multiplayer games and much more!
  3. Dank Memer – Memes, music, image manipulation, memey gambling, and stupidity. Our currency is in-depth, our animals are cute, and our music is free.

As you can see, bots can be used for many other funny things. Such as: behaving like humans, playing games, posting memes and playing music etc.

What is Discord ‘Nitro’?

Discord Nitro is a premium subscription service that gives members access to a bunch of enhanced features. These features include higher quality live streams (1080p 60fps), Upgraded upload limit, Custom Discord tags, Server boosting, Animated GIFs, and more.

There are currently two versions of Discord Nitro you can purchase; Discord Nitro at $9.99 a month or Discord Nitro classic at $4.99 a month.

Besides having a cool custom gif avatar, and being able to use any of the custom emoji’s on each server then it’s probably not going to be worth it for most people; unless you want to show your humble support to Discord that is!

Is Discord safe?

Discord is safe, but like any other online platform where you come in contact with other users, it has the potential to be unsafe. Users of Discord must be aware of how they interact with other people by not sending personal information and making the most of the security settings.

Are Discord links Safe?

If your Discord account is protected with the correct privacy settings, then all potentially harmful links are automatically scanned. Of course, there’s always the chance that a phishing link is not detected, that re-directs to a third party website once clicked.

If you’ve set up your account with the correct privacy settings then Discord will automatically scan all harmful links. Of course, there’s always the chance that a phishing link is not detected, which may re-direct to a third-party website once clicked.

Is Discord safe to download?

Discord is very safe to download from the official website or the Google play store. Discord has many privacy settings giving you full control over the app. All connections are encrypted, and your IP address is always kept hidden.

Can you be hacked through Discord?

It’s highly unlikely. Discord’s API is regularly updated with numerous security patches to fix any exploits that get reported. To avoid being hacked: stay updated with the latest Discord version, don’t share your personal information, or click on suspicious links.

Does discord show your location?

Discord doesn’t let people know where you live or expose any personal information unless you voluntarily tell it to other people, or click a suspicious link.

Does discord hide my email address?

Yes, as you don’t have a “Profile” on Discord, no one can view your email address. People will only be able to see your email address if you go into the user settings ‘my account’ page without streamer mode enabled during a live stream.

Is Discord a social media?

Discord is not exactly a social media platform similar to ‘Facebook’, as users do not create a profile, or post daily updates in the same way. Instead, it could be compared to ‘Facebook Messenger’ but for interacting with large groups of people over a secure server.

Technical Questions:

What is a Discord server?

A Discord server is essentially a secure chat room that you can set up, and join. Each server will have its own individual invite link that you can share with others. Discord servers can be made public, or private depending on the preference of the owner.

How does a Discord Server work?

A Discord server works by allowing members of the server to communicate by text or voice chat over the internet. Several “channels” can be created within the server to help organize different kinds of posts, such as links, images etc. Special permissions can be issued to moderators to help maintain it.

Can anyone join a Discord server?

Yes, anyone can join a public Discord server if they have been given the URL invite of the server, or can find it on the Discovery page. However, some Discord servers might be set to private. Private servers will require a URL link, and a password to enter them.

Does Discord have video?

Yes, in addition to being a text and voice chat app, Discord can offer group video calls for up to nine people. Discord users can stream up to 720p, whereas those subscribed to Discord ‘Nitro’ can stream upto 1080p.

Does Discord affect Ping?

The Discord app could have a slight effect on your games ping as it will need to use some of your bandwidths upload speed to function. A high upload usage could increase your ping by a lot, and in turn cause your online games screen to be updated less often.

Can you use Discord in browser?

Yes, The Discord web browser can be accessed by going to the official website, or clicking on It is able to run on both Windows and Mac, but may have some limitations compared to the downloaded app.

Is there a browser version of Discord?

Yes, The Discord web browser version can be accessed by going to the official website, or by clicking on It is able to run on both Windows and Mac, but may have some limitations compared to the downloaded app.

How do I open Discord browser?

  1. Go to:,
  2. Open Discord,
  3. Login with an email, and password.

Related questions:

What is Discord used for?

Discord is a free voice, video and text chat app for anyone looking to communicate online. It is primarily used by gamers looking to interact with other players, and contains a bunch of features to help them achieve this. Discord can be accessed via PC, browser, or mobile phone.

Why do gamers use Discord?

Gamers use discord because it’s often much better than the in-game chat system in a particular video game, or even found on streaming platforms. Discord has far superior features able to create places to congregate, socialize, and share media.

Most gamers like to hang out and chat in their chosen servers even after they’ve finished gaming. Discord helps to expand the gaming community so players can get better acquainted with friends, or continue to discuss topics for as long as they wish.

Does Ninja use discord?

Yes, ‘Ninja’ is well known to use Discord. Ninja has been seen using Discord in live streams with friends on many occasions. He recently taught ‘Drake’ how to use Discord while playing Fortnite.

Is Discord only for gamers?

No, Discord can be used by everyone due to its high functionality for things like voice, video, and chat. Although it was designed for gamers the app is still incredibly useful for anybody wanting to go about their everyday lives. Discord is free to download, and available on a range of devices.

Is Discord any good?

Yes, Discord is excellent for anybody wanting to have full control over their voice, and messaging communication with friends. Discord has more customizable features than other VoIP’s such as skype. It was designed with a light easy to use interface.

Is Discord free to use?

Yes, Discord is a freeware owned VoIP application meaning the software itself comes at no cost. Paid subscriptions with additional customization options such as emoji’s, or stickers are also available for users wanting to enhance their experience.

How much is Discord?

The main version of Discord is free to use. Discord also has two paid subscriptions with extra features; ‘Discord Nitro’, and the old ‘Discord Nitro Classic’. ‘Discord Nitro’ costs $9.99 a month, whereas ‘Discord Nitro Classic’ has a monthly $4.99 subscription fee.

Can you get paid on Discord?

Yes, Discord server owners can get paid for their servers by using the Donate bot. This bot allows you to sell member roles, and take payments in the form of donations for free. Payments can be securely issued through PayPal.  

How is Discord funded?

Discord is funded by its two paid subscription services ‘Discord Nitro’ ($9.90 a month), and ‘Discord Nitro Classic’ ($4.99 a month). Discord also generates a large amount of its income through consumer merchandise such as T-shirts, Stickers, etc.

Who owns Discord?

Discord is freeware that has been funded by: Benchmark Capital, Spark Capital, Tencent, Greylockpartners, Index Ventures, You Web Incubator, and other technology partners.

We hope you found this post useful on “What is Discord”.

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