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Feel Too Old for Games? The 7 Major Signs

As one gracefully matures there often comes a point in a videos gamers life where the hobby you have been so obsessed with discretely gets pushed aside. You begin to think, ‘everything is different now’ as you half-heartedly slump down to relax after a long day at work and notice the dusty stack of consoles […]

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Do You Use a Walkthrough or Is It Considered Cheating?

Most gamers have opposing views on using a walkthrough (strategy guides), if they’re considered cheating and when it’s acceptable to use them.. For some genres using guides can almost be fundamental for completion. (eg. action-adventure or role-playing games), such as The Legend of Zelda or Dark Souls. Both being notorious for deviously cryptic answers and […]

Stuck on a difficult level on mario
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Stuck on a Game? What Should You Do?

Stuck on a mundane level in a particular video game? Or can’t get through an impossible boss? We’ve all been there and I can understand your frustration. As an avid gamer myself, I know there’s always a chance that one seemingly simple level (or opponent) can turn into a ‘hair pulling’ nightmare of a situation. […]

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Do Female Streamers Have It Easy?

Some people assume that “female streamers have it easier on Twitch” is true, but this is definitely something up for debate. Both male and females start out on the platform with a very common goal, however these experiences can vary greatly. As a male you’ve probably wondered how much easier things would be if you […]