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10 Pulse 3D Alternatives for the PS5 – 2021

The Pulse 3D is one of the first accessories consumers turn to buy along with their new PS5 console. However, although it markets at $100, it’s not exactly a premium headset. The build quality is lacking, the fit is nonadjustable and it starts to get uncomfortable with just a few hours of use. Fortunately, as […]

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The 9 Best Nanoleaf Alternatives – 2021

Nanoleaf has proven to be extremely popular with gamers over the years. If you are not familiar with them, they are essentially triangular color-changing LED wall panels that work by sensing audio, and transforming it into color and light in real-time. While most gamers dream of owning a new set of Nano leaf – the […]

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8 Elgato Cam Link Alternatives for Twitch Streamers

For its stress-free setup and low latency technology, the Elgato Cam link has become an industry favorite among streamers. The Cam link performs practically the same job as a conventional capture card, however, the portable design features no HDMI output or any audio inputs. As a result, this makes it better suited for users wanting […]