gaming lights for wall
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12 Best LED Lights for Your Gaming Room Wall

Looking for some new LED lights for your gaming room wall? LED lights are an excellent way to set the mood of your gaming setup. They can be fixed to the walls to take up less space, and regularly include both dimming and wireless functions. The majority of LED lights combine RGB colors, allowing you […]

Budget Capture Card
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The 8 Best Budget Capture Cards – 2021

If you’re new to streaming online, then you might be in search of the best budget-friendly capture card to get you started. Capture cards allow the user to record and save gameplay from external devices (e.g. your PS5 or Xbox), so that it can be uploaded to the internet. It does this via an HDMI […]

DrDisrespect setup cover
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DrDisrespect Streaming Setup + Gear [Sep 2021]

If you’re trying to find out what setup DrDisrespect uses during his live-streams; then you’ve come to the right place. “Guy” Beahm, aka “DrDisrespect”, is an American Twitch streamer and a full-time entertainer. The Two-Time is widely known for his big personality, which arose from mocking his opponents way back when proximity-coms was still a […]

nickmercs setup
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NICKMERCS Studio Setup + Gear [Sep 2021]

If you’re trying to find out what setup NICKMERCS uses during his live streams; then you’ve come to the right place. Nick Kolcheff, aka “NICKMERCS”, is an American Twitch streamer and a co-owner of FaZe Clan. Nick is widely recognized as a dominant FPS gamer that competes in tournaments around the world with a controller […]

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8 Elgato Cam Link Alternatives for Twitch Streamers

For its stress-free setup and low latency technology, the Elgato Cam link has become an industry favorite among streamers. The Cam link performs practically the same job as a conventional capture card, however, the portable design features no HDMI output or any audio inputs. As a result, this makes it better suited for users wanting […]

cheap gaming setup
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Best Cheap Gaming Setup/ PC Build in 2021

A gaming setup doesn’t have to be expensive, so In this post, we have put together the best-value peripherals and PC hardware for a cheap, entry-level build. The peripherals included are specific for gaming, but perhaps better suited to “first-time” buyers who are searching for high-performance products on a budget. We have also created a […]