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10 Best RGB AIO CPU Coolers – 2021

If you’re in search of a new RGB AIO Cooler then you’ve come to the right place.

RGB AIO Coolers are an excellent way to cool your CPU while blasting your PC build with color.

To set them up, simply synchronize them with your motherboard. Alternatively, for non-RGB motherboards, many include their own internal wire controller.

In this post, we will take a look at the best RGB AIO coolers on the market right now.

What is the best RGB AIO CPU cooler?

10. ID-Cooling Auraflow X

Radiator Sizes: 240mm, 360mm
Fan Speed: 700~1800 RPM
Max Volume: 35.2 dB
Wire Controller:
Thickness: 1.1”

The Auraflow X360 has a simple yet elegant aesthetic that somewhat takes a page out of the Apple design playbook. Available in a Snow-white or Jet-black chassis, it comes equipped with a 360mm radiator and three 120mm PWM fans to provide an effective CPU cooling solution.

A huge bonus of these fans is that they are capable of producing maximum airflow of 74.5 CFM without causing a lot of noise in your case. Other high-performance coolers are going to run north of 40 dB at full bore, but these come in at between 18 dB and 35 dB even when cranked all the way up.

The RGB components on this cooler can synchronize with your motherboard, allowing you to customize your entire lighting system without a lot of extra effort. Of course, if you want to configure these cooling components with different lights and effects; you do that as well.

9. DeepCool Castle 360EX

Radiator Sizes: 240mm, 360mm
Fan Speed: 500~1800 RPM
Max Volume: 32.1 dB
Wire Controller:
Thickness: 1.1”

One of the most striking AIO coolers on the market today, the DeepCool Castle EX throws light to every corner of your PC case and showers your components in RGB. Designed with a unique X frame (that prevents any wires from touching the blades), it has an indistinguishable aesthetic.

With a high-speed range of 500~1800 RPM (±10%), the fans themselves are more than capable of keeping your components ice cold. To provide better airflow, all three fans sync together to improve efficiency. At max speed, the low 32.1 dB noise level they produce is also very impressive.

Although it’s possible to program thousands of RGB colors with this hardware, unfortunately, there are only five preset RGB effects, which is quite limited. On the plus side, it still features favorites such as Breathing, Rainbow, and Static, etc. all customizable through the wire controller.

8. Cooler Master MasterLiquid

Radiator Sizes: 120mm, 240mm, 360mm
Fan Speed: 650~2000 RPM
Max Volume: 30 dBA
Wire Controller:
Thickness: 1.1”

It should surprise no one that Cooler Master manufacturer such a top-end RGB AIO cooler like the MasterLiquid. The company has been producing top-of-the-line cooling components for years, taking advantage of the dual dissipation and low-profile chamber pumps that they have helped to pioneer.

These fans can produce 66.7 CFM of airflow when running at top speed (pumping out 2.34 mm of air pressure as well). Impressively, the maximum decibel level hovers at around 30 dB so you won’t even have to worry about your PC sounding like a jet engine when they are spending up, either.

As far as the RGB lighting system is concerned, you can either synchronize the lights with your motherboard to work in concert with any other RGB tech you have, or customize the lighting profile yourself. The included software gives you the “keys to the castle” for it to look the way that you like.

7. Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing

Radiator Sizes: 120mm, 240mm, 280mm, 360mm
Fan Speed: 500~1400 RPM
Max Volume: 24.7 dBA
Wire Controller:
Thickness: 1.1”

Thermaltake’s Floe Riing combines RGB configurability, great cooling, and low noise. The RGB lighting is bright and bold and the cooling technology “under the hood” is some of the best in the business. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s one of the quietist options that money can buy.

The fans run at speeds between 500 RPM and 1400 RPM. Although this isn’t necessarily the fastest fan speeds on the market, it still moves a lot of air and keeps things cold. On the plus side, the slower fan speeds guarantee quieter operation, maxing out at around 25 dB or so.

You’ll have almost unlimited freedom to customize the RGB components of this cooler. The patented Ring Plus software allows you to change modes like the colors, speeds, and brightness settings. You can even use voice commands from your iOS and Android devices to further change these settings.

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6. MSI MAG Series RGB AIO Cooler

Radiator Sizes: 240mm, 360mm
Fan Speed: 500~2000 RPM
Max Volume: 34.3 dBA
Wire Controller: X
Thickness: 1.06”

Just like everything else from MSI, this RGB AIO cooler is well-made, slick, and about as durable as they come. To optimize the longevity of this system while effectively cutting down noise, a three-phase motor inside of the cooling pump eliminates unwanted vibration.

The actual fans themselves spin at speeds of up to 2000 RPM, producing more than enough airflow to keep your CPU temps low. Unfortunately, the fans do get a little noisy at high speeds – 34.3 dB or so – but that’s the trade-off you get for ice-cold performance.

The included MSI synchronization software grants you total control of the lighting on this cooler. With just a couple of quick keystrokes, you’ll be able to match the lighting to your case fans. It’s also possible to create unique lighting effects and save them to custom profiles.

5. ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II

Radiator Sizes: 240mm, 280mm, 360mm, 420mm
Fan Speed: 1000~3000 RPM
Max Volume: 35.8 dB
Wire Controller:
Thickness: 1.5

Definitely more streamlined and minimalist than many of the other RGB AIO coolers designs, the Liquid Freezer fans look great and get the job done. The optimized proprietary pump and fiber-reinforced EPDM tubing squeeze every drop of performance out of this hardware.

Even though the fans are capable of running at high speeds, they consume 80% less power than other competing choices on the market. Unfortunately, the sub 35.8 dB noise level is a little high, but by lowering the RPM during non-intensive operations, it’s possible to significantly reduce this.

As far as RGB lighting is concerned, thirty-six individual LEDs give you total control over the illumination capabilities of this cooler. Right out of the box, they have a gentle ice-blue kind of glow. However, you can customize the color to suit your preference after connecting the controller to the Mobo.

4. EK 360mm RGB AIO Cooler

Radiator Sizes: 120mm, 240mm, 360mm
Fan Speed: 500~2200 RPM
Max Volume: 33.5 dBA
Wire Controller: X
Thickness: 1.1”

The EK Cooling bank-system is quite “snazzy” and sort of looks like the kind of radiator you’d find on a high-performance sports car. Engineered for performance first and foremost, it features industrial-grade PWM fans along with a translucent, high-pressure acrylic pump.

In terms of usability, you can synchronize all three of the 120mm EK-Vardar S fans, or you can set each one to spin at different speeds. That allows you to tinker with the air pressure, airflow, and cooling capabilities to maximize the performance on your specific build.

You have just as much control over the lighting options on these fans, too. The included EK RGB lighting software allows you to play around with different lighting profiles and settings. Besides this, it provides the ability to change fan speeds and cooling settings (as highlighted above).

Overall, If performance is the number one thing you are looking for in an RGB AIO cooler, you can’t go wrong with this bit of kit.

3. NZXT Kraken X73

Radiator Sizes: 120mm, 240mm, 280mm, 360mm
Fan Speed: 800~2,000 (± 300) RPM
Max Volume: 33 dBA
Wire Controller: X
Thickness: 1.1”

This cooling system from NZXT uses a slightly different (and more subdued) RGB lighting system than the other choices. Instead of lighting the entire unit, it comes with a simple ring of color around the actual fan itself. That’s perfect for more understated builds that don’t need the whole case drowning in RGB.

In terms of the design, the Kraken X73 features a chamfered intake on the propeller blades and a fluid dynamic bearing underneath. As a result, the fans can run up to 2000 RPM (maximum) while maintaining relatively quiet operation speeds with noise levels maxing out at 33 dB.

All lighting options can be configured through the NZXT CAM software, the same software used to control the performance features of this cooler. Lighting profiles can also set up to alert you about different temperatures inside of your case so that you can see how well your cooler is performing.

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2. Li Galahad AIO 360               

Radiator Sizes: 240mm, 360mm
Fan Speed: 800~1900 RPM
Max Volume: 32 dBA
Wire Controller:
Thickness: 1.1”

Another sleek AIO cooler that looks like it was made by the folks at Apple. The Galahad stands out for its triple chamber design that exchanges heat more efficiently than other similar products. Essentially, this reduces the “dead zone” that a lot of other AIO CPU coolers struggle with.

The fans themselves produce incredibly high levels of static pressure (between 800 and 1900 PWM) while putting out higher than 72 CFM airflow. All of that cooling power doesn’t mean the inside of your case is going to sound like a tornado, though. Even at the highest speeds possible they only crank out 32 dBA.

You can choose to sync up the RGB lighting with your motherboard or use several preset profiles – ranging from static colors to rainbow colors – with just a couple of quick configurations. Getting your lights dialed in takes no time at all and can be done with the included software.

1. Corsair iCUE H150i Elite

Radiator Sizes: 120, 240mm, 280mm, 360mm
Fan Speed: 400~2400 RPM
Max Volume: 36 dBA
Wire Controller: X
Thickness: 1.1”

Corsair is one of the most trusted names in the world of high-end PC components, and the H150i ELITE RGB AIO cooler continues that trend. Optimized for performance above anything else, this system may initially look a little bit “bland”, but just wait until the RGB lights turn on!

As this cooler is designed for performance exclusively, the fans are going to run a little bit louder than other options. It’s not uncommon for them to hit 36 dB when maxed out. On the plus side, they run at anywhere between 400 to 2400 RPM to produce unparalleled cooling power.

A nice little extra is that this setup includes a Corsair iCUE commander; core smart RGB Lighting and fan speed controller. This connects to an internal USB 2.0 header, and allows you to control up to 6 case fans and 2 RGB lighting channels through the iCUE software.

With the pioneering iCUE software, Corsair gives its users complete control over the RGB aspects of this cooling system. Not only will you be able to tinker and toy with the different lighting profiles, but you’ll also have extra control over the actual cooling system, too.

Overall, it’s a fantastic RGB AIO cooler that offers amazing quality for the price.

We hope you found an RGB AIO cooler on this list.

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