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The 9 Best Audio Mixers for Streaming In 2023

If you’re a streamer, podcaster, or video maker in search an audio mixer then you’ve come to the right place. A mixer is an essential piece of gear for anybody who streams. They allow you to process and control your audio on the fly with various faders or knobs. Additionally, most modern mixers include a […]

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13 GoXLR Mixer Alternatives for Twitch Streamers

The Twitch streaming landscape is more competitive than ever before. To have any shot of success streaming these days your production quality has to be top-notch, and we don’t just mean your video quality or editing (though both are key) – we’re talking about your audio, too. Sadly, the industry-standard mixer for streamers – the […]

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The Top 15 Mixer Streamers by Followers

Mixer is widely known as one of the newest and upcoming live-streaming platforms. The Microsoft owned company is ranked second for the number of hours streamed by platform, and currently sits in third for the most viewed live-gaming content provider to date. While Twitch is still undoubtedly the most popular streaming platform, Mixer has been […]

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The Top 15 Male Twitch Streamers

Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming broadcaster. The platform gives us access to admire all our favorite streamers so we can be enticed by their elite gaming skills and ridiculous entertainment values! We’ve already compiled a list of the “Top Female Streamers” you can find them here. But who are the highest-rated Male Twitch […]