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The Top 15 Mixer Streamers by Followers

Mixer is widely known as one of the newest and upcoming live-streaming platforms.

The Microsoft owned company is ranked second for the number of hours streamed by platform, and currently sits in third for the most viewed live-gaming content provider to date.

While Twitch is still undoubtedly the most popular streaming platform, Mixer has been making strides towards increasing its legitimacy in the industry and has regularly made the headlines for its recent acquisitions of a handful of big name streamers.

Aside from capturing the signatures of some one of its closest rivals highly-prized assets, the interactive community has presented a golden opportunity to many new faces that we might not have crossed paths with before.

So if you’re interested in Mixer, and finding out more about some of these streamers that made it to the top – then we hope you enjoy this post!

Who are the Top Mixer Streamers

15. “Britni” – Britni Coggin

Followers: 178,050
Nationality: American
Age: 28

Britni is a full time streamer from Seattle who first started out on the platform in 2016.

During this short period of time she has managed climbed the ranks to become one of the top female streamers on Mixer, which is a testament to her dedication of going live every day of the week.

Although Britni could get by on her looks alone, she much prefers to blend in as one of the guys and this is shown in her gameplay. However, her good looks and charm work in tandem with her top-notch gaming skills that has helped to make her a hit with a steadily growing follower base.

Britni has a style of her own, flaunting colourful hair and clothes coupled with a vibrant and down-to-earth personality. Though she prefers to keep her personal life under the rug, she has in the past come out as dating fellow streamer Chris Covent, who appears further down in this list..

You can generally catch Britni streaming battle royale games, such as Apex Legends on her Xbox, but she also likes to mix it up with the occasional horror, traditional FPS shooters, and RPG’s!

14. “Phixate”

Followers: 192,643
Nationality: American
Age: 41

Phixate is a serious and passionate gamer who relies on his skills over personality to win over the fans.

Those looking to cop some legitimate skills from a professional, or just live vicariously through them, will be up for hours into the night with a pen and paper, taking notes.

A typical stream will see this skilful and meditative gamer go to town on his streaming favourite – the popular battle royale game “Fortnite”, and casually take down the competition without breaking a sweat!

While many other streamers will exaggerate their personalities, Phixate has a trademark laid back nature that serves as a nice break from some of the other frenetic and loud characters you might typically find on the Mixer platform.

As one of the older streamers on this list, It’s safe to say that Phixate is a legend in his own right and someone who is for real gamers only.

13. “Covent” – Chris Covent

Followers: 208,144
Nationality: American
Age: 31

Chris Covent, simply known as Covent, is best described as a Gamer, Nerd and Comedian. He is a staple of the Mixer community and can often be caught streaming upwards of 10 hours a day.

Chris’s reliability plays a big factor in his popularity, but his personality also plays a huge part in what keeps followers coming back for more day-in, day-out entertainment.

Covent can be found cracking jokes on a whim, with wide-eyes always ready to snipe from a distance, all at a moment’s notice. Not much gets past this gamer, even after 10 hours into a stream!

Chris doesn’t need to go too far out of his way to entertain his viewers, having a very silly and high-energy presence. This lad has found the perfect natural charismatic charm which is neither too energetic or subdued!

12. “VicensHD”  – Código Viceens

Followers: 220,445
Nationality: Spanish
Age: 24

Appealing to the Spanish-speaking demographic, VicensHD is a YouTube veteran with well over a million subscribers. Since his recent crossover in 2018, he has managed to transfer his YouTube fame into a giant success on Mixer.

Código’s personality is silly and largely humorous, but he is also incredibly relatable, especially to gamers in his same demographic.

You can generally catch him streaming “Fortnite” but he is also known to throw a bit of Call of Duty and League of Legends into the mix. VicensHD has been able to secure the widest audience possible by keeping his game choices away from the obscure.

VicensHD’s skills do the rest of the work to ensure his audience stays attentive throughout the duration of the stream. However, His streams are probably a hard sell if you’re unable to speak his native Spanish.

11. “Archonaut”

Followers: 235,276
Nationality: American
Age: N/A

Archonaut is funny, loud, and incredibly passionate about video games.

He’s the kind of person that can speak over everyone in the room without even having to raise his voice, and this bombastic personality is what has allowed him to rack up so many followers!

Archonaut first got into streaming competitively through playing Destiny, but due to practicing more than 30 hours a week – he then decided to create content in order to make his time more productive..

You can be glad that he did, as everything about Archonaut seems very stylish and professional but at the same time effortless. His charismatic personality shines off the screen and that keeps followers tuning in to see whatever he’s about to say next.

You can catch him playing mainstream staples like “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”, but his favorite game has got to be “World of Warcraft”.

10. “NVAD3” – Allan Shofner

Followers: 235,820
Nationality: American
Age: N/A

NVAD3, whose real name is Allan Shofner, is the epitome of cool. You can imagine that when he’s not streaming for an audience, he’s just hanging out at a party or sweating his butt off shooting some hoops at the gym.

His true passion, though, is video games, and that shines through in his streams. He has a streaming setup valued at over $20,000 and utilizes it to play mostly NBA 2K games, with a Fortnite stream thrown in every now and again for good balance.

Allan’s casual persona makes him one of the most relatable popular gaming streamers on the Mixer platform. However, he’s not above getting a little heated when a win is on the line, and has been known to throw some good one-liners into the mix to spice things up.

9. “QueenEliminator” – Lily

Followers: 319,297
Nationality: American
Age: N/A

QueenEliminator, known only by her first name Lily, is the most successful female gamer on the Mixer platform and for good reason.

Not only is she appealing on the eyes (a huge plus for basement-dwelling stream watchers), but she’s also charming as hell and pretty great at video games.

Lily also has a very inclusive presence on her streams, allowing for a lot of interaction between herself and her ever-growing audience.

She’s not above being silly, and enjoys showcasing an exaggerated persona that can run the gambit from pissed to pleasant in a millisecond.

Above all else, she takes her gaming seriously and really works hard to justify her screen handle. Lily is certainly the queen of the eliminators, where you can find her eliminating the competition without even smearing her makeup!

8.  “Ampeterby7” – Andrés López

Followers: 318,544
Nationality: Spanish
Age: 21

Ampeterby7 is Spanish Mixer Streamer from Mallorca who has managed to find most of his success on the platform due to his massively popular YouTube channel.

Andrés first started playing video games at a very young age and always thought he was going to become famous online through his passion to create good content.

After creating his YouTube channel way back in early 2012, he began to upload gameplays from the GTA Saga during the time he was studying.

Although this started out slowly, producing a video approximately once every three days, he gradually managed to ramp up his content after gaining the trust of his fans, and later began introducing commentary.

To date, Ampeterby has managed to accumulate a whopping 4.2m followers on YouTube, where you can mostly catch him playing either Fortnite, or Minecraft. His content is primarily focused around entertaining videos and collabs with other Spanish streamers on the platform.

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