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13 Tragic Deaths Caused by Video Games

Getting killed on a video game is one thing, but being plunged into a real-life situation where you find your health bars deteriorating quickly can escalate into a much scarier and more serious issue.

While the majority of gamers can find solitude in playing within the comfort of their own homes, for others, a rare but deadly situation may be brought upon them unexpectedly.

You might never know who’s about when your shields are down, eyes fixated in aura towards a screen, or the uncertainties waiting around the corner.

Whether the threat is from your “close friends”, “unknown soldiers”, or simply by neglecting your human necessities to stay alive. For these players the end was far too premature, and sadly, they will not be respawning anytime soon.

13 Real-Life deaths caused by Video games

Addicts Marathon Session

Cause Of Death: Stroke
Game Responsible: MOBA Games

Year: Nov, 2019

You’ve probably ignored your parents too after being told to “go outside and get some sunlight”, or “not to stare at a computer screen in a dark room”. Unfortunately this young avid-gamer didn’t take those subtle warnings very seriously either and it ended up costing him the ultimate price!

It was reported that seventeen-year-old Thai boy ‘Piyawat Harikun’ had a relentless obsession when it came to video games. Although he was as a good kid at school, and had promised his parents to reduce his game time on multiple occasions – his urge to play was just far too powerful.

Piyawat couldn’t wait to draw together his curtains when he got back from school, and would often play for longer and longer, participating in several gaming marathon sessions lasting for several nights.

It was just like any other day when his parents next came up to check on him, however; he did not respond. After entering, he was found collapsed at the bottom of his desk that was still littered with piles of take-away pizza boxes and multiple fizzy drink bottles.

It was later discovered that he had died of a stroke caused by his “prolonged computer sessions”.


Russian ruble

Millionaire’s ‘Maniac’ Son

Cause Of Death: Manslaughter
Game Responsible: Virtual Reality Games

Year: 2019

It’s fairly common for teenagers to have fights and arguments if they lose a competitive match on a video game, but when you’re a spoiled rich kid who lives in a family mansion with the newest 5D hi-tech software worth over $36,000, keeping a lid on things from not getting your own way can tragically become too much to handle.

It was reported that fourteen year old Vasya Turda from Ukraine invited his fifteen year old friend Vasya Pop over to play when things got a little too heated and a row occurred. Hours later Vasya Pop was forced to flee downstairs from the bedroom, leaving a trail of blood that had poured all through the prestigious house and luxury stairway.

The boy’s body was found by his friend’s grandmother. His neck was almost decapitated after being severely stabbed 27 times by his friend, who was also accused of abusing the corpse! He was sentenced to three and a half years by a Ukrainian court.


Gun protest in America

Florida Madden Shootings

Cause Of Death: Mass Shooting
Game Responsible: Madden NFL 19

Year: 2018

In 2018 a live-streamed mass shooting occurred that famously shook the gaming world during the popular yearly event of the Madden NFL 19 tournament. What’s surprising about this one is how such a non-violent game was linked with such a catastrophe.

David Katz, 24, reportedly lost a series of matches on the American football game that left him forfeiting his chance to attend the national finals in Las Vegas.

He refused to shake opposing players’ hands, or even try to make friends by talking to other people during the light-hearted event that was taking place in a bar at the back of a pizza restaurant. Katz was considered “acting weird” all weekend from how serious he took the competition.

Eventually He lost it and snapped. After stepping out of the venue he returned with a pistol and opened fire in anger; “popping rounds” as people were seen being trampled on fleeing to escape in a panic. The chaotic scenes resulted in two dead and nine wounded before the attacker finally turned the weapon on himself.


Momo suicide challenge social media game

Russian Suicide Challenges

Cause Of Death: Suicide
Game Responsible: Blue Whale/ Momo

Year: 2016-2019

An extremely sick and twisted phenomenon has emerged from Russia in recent years that has spread to several countries like a virus.

Operating through the means of cyberbullying, young players had been enticed to perform a series of dangerous tasks on the Blue Whale and Momo social media challenge games, often over a fifty day period.

While the challenges started out like any others, including tasks such as watching horror movies or waking up at unusual hours, the sinister games would gradually begin to manipulate players to introduce violent attacks or self-harm, setting up for the final challenge that required the player to commit suicide.

It was reported that Blue Whale alone had links to over 130 deaths. Many young victims were found to be throwing themselves of the tops of buildings, under commuting trains or even the case of one boy who beheaded himself with a chainsaw.


Silhouette of knife

Stabbed in the eyes

Cause Of Death: Murder
Game Responsible: PUBG

Year: 2018

Have you ever been curious about what murdering someone in real life might feel like after playing a video game for too long..? No? Well this psychotic Russian teenager did. 

It was reported that fifteen year old Alexey Maximov was obsessed with killing in his favourite video game and wanted to replay a scenario to know what murder really felt like in real life.

Armed with a knife he snuck up on a complete stranger while she was withdrawing money from a cash machine and stabbed her over a dozen times in her eyes, neck and chest. The victim, 21 year old university student Daria collapsed from shock and died almost instantly as Alexey did a runner.

He was eventually tracked by back to his home to be found playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and creepily admitting to the crime by saying “I have always wanted to see when a person dies by your own hand, a voice inside me told me what had to be done.”


Fortnite Cartoon of Fortnite Video game

Fortnite player passes away

Cause Of Death: Unknown
Game Responsible: Fortnite

Year: 2018

This one is a warning for all you gamers who train competitively day and night preparing for the next E-Sports tournament, you might never know how much of a strain the long game time hours is negatively affecting your health.

A popular Pro Fortnite player died during his sleep after attending the Fall Skirmish finals at TwitchCon before being able to see out the conclusion of the tournament. What was so unusual about his death was that the Swede was only 21 years old and considered fairly healthy during the previous days leading to his death, with plans to explore enjoy the city of San Jose with his buddies after the tournament.

The Battle Royal player was found when his team mates woke him up to check on him the next morning. They believed he was suffering from a huge amount of stress due to the upcoming tournament, to the point where he was losing his hair and practising relentlessly for over two months ready for the big occasion. It was suspected that his heart had collapsed from exhaustion. 


Army Men jumping out of a plane

Chinese boy jumps

Cause Of Death: Suicide  
Game Responsible: PUBG

Year: 2018

When you perform a move or skill on a computer game too many times, you might begin to believe that it’s possible to do the same thing in real life right? Well that’s what this Chinese boy wanted to find out.

The mother of a thirteen year old boy from Haimen, China blamed her son’s death on video games after he decided to jump from a fourth-floor flat to see if he could survive like the characters in his favourite game, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

Similar to many action games, players are able to save time by jumping off buildings without losing their lives and only taking minimal damage. His mother suggested that he was still probably thinking about the game after he had stopped playing and had no other reason to commit suicide, although if that was really the case or not, we will never know.


FBI Swatting a building

Swatting over Call of Duty

Cause Of Death: Homicide
Game Responsible: Call of Duty

Year: 2017

Claiming massive attention for ‘probably’ being the most farcical squabble on the internet, this one shows us just how far a heated escalation between two disgruntled players can actually go.

In December 2017 a feud between two Call of Duty WWII players resulted in a deadly series of events that was broadcasted on how NOT to behave by the authorities.

Casey Viner (known as “Baperizer”) and Shane Gaskill (“Miruhcle”) fought over friendly fire in an online tournament hosted by UMG Gaming, causing them both to lose the match and a staggering $1.50 in wagers.

Instead of letting the dispute die down, the two gamers took to Twitter and began to throw insults at each other over the loss. This lead to Viner threatening to swat Gaskill, who then responded with a fake address to where he had been previously living. Not backing down Viner contacted friend, Tyler Barriss, a wanted man with a history of criminal records who proceeded to carry out the squat as a prank.

A team of untrained swat officers left the station on route to the fake address. As they arrived at the house an innocent man was shot in the heart at his own door step. It was later reported he had nothing to do with the game or either of the three men involved.

A federal judge sentenced Tyler Barriss to 20 years in prison In 2019 aimed at drawing attention to the deadly practice of “swatting”.



Death by Pokémon Go

Cause Of Death: Homicides
Game Responsible: Pokémon Go

Year: 2017

Pokémon Go shook the world when it was first released in 2007 as players bravely stepped outside, holding out their Smartphones and ready to enter a new augmented reality experience of wild Pokémon cropping up all around them.

Although most of the population managed to remember the common sense they had learnt leading up to this period, where there’s people there’s problems and this was definitely the case with such a well-known franchise coming back to life.

In just the first 148 days after its release the game caused up to $7.3bn in costs across the US, including a 5% increase on deaths on the road compared to the statistics of other previous years.

The app was criticised by authorities for players completely disregarding their surroundings which included trespassing at cemeteries, memorials, entering railway tracks, climbing abandoned buildings, and congregating outside important locations such as fire stations as sites to catch Pokémon.

With the majority of the deaths on the app being caused by accidents on the roads, muggings or heart attacks, there were a couple of separate incidents where security guards and home owners killed trespassers on their land. In 2016 Jerson Lopez de Leon was shot dead after breaking into a home with his cousin to catch one of the virtual animals. Click below to find out more.

Click here to visit – The Top 10 Accidents caused by Pokemon Go


World of Tanks Video game

24-hour gaming stream

Cause Of Death: Cardiac arrest
Game Responsible: World of Tanks

Year: 2017

Live steaming on Twitch for fame, fans and sponsorships deals has become a much bigger sensation in recent years with players going at it harder and longer. If you decide to go down this route remember that it’s important to listen to your body.. and don’t be tempted to add narcotics into the mix.

Who died on twitch?

It was reported that well-known and popular gamer Brian Vigneault (PoShYbRiD) past away during a World of Tanks marathon that was generously raising money for charity.

The live Twitch stream was being watched by thousands of players that had viewing access to screen and selfie cams. Towards the end of the event fans started to notice Vigneault nodding off and downing energy drinks to stay awake as he became more and more tired from the heavy session, to the point that he looked on the verge of passing out. He walked out of the room around the 22 hour mark telling his viewers he was going to smoke a ciggy but curiously never came back.

Vigneault was not just downing energy drinks to make it through the night. Months later it was confirmed that he also took a powerful opioid called fentanyl, which is known for being up to 25 times more potent than heroin.


Inside a Taiwan Gaming cafe

Taiwan – 3-day gaming binge

Cause Of Death: Cardiac arrest
Game Responsible: ‘Combat’ games

Year: 2015

There are many horrible ways to go when you die, perhaps doing something you love is the best exit, or maybe it’s not..

In Taiwan it was reported that a 32-year old man had died after a monstrous three-day gaming binge marathon on what was described as ‘combat games’. The player known as Hsieh was a regular customer in the café and often played for consecutive days at a time which aroused less of a suspicion to his family after not coming back home the following day. Staff at the café would often notice Hsieh slumped face down on the table when he was tired or leaning back in his chair to sleep.

At 10am the next morning an employee found Hsieh sprawled on a table, thinking he had snoozed off again she was shocked to find his lifeless body was completely stiff. After being rushed to hospital It was announced the gamer had been dead for several hours and nobody in the café had even noticed or thought to call for help.. knowing what humans do when they die, this couldn’t of been a pretty sight.

Playing games in cold temperatures for many hours was thought to of contributed towards his cardiac arrest, he was spotted struggling on CCTV before he clasped.


Has anyone died playing World of Warcraft?

In 2015, It was announced that Chinese gamer Wu Tai, 24, had collapsed and died after playing World of Warcraft for a staggering 19 consecutive hours without a break. Mr Wu had reportedly turned a pale color, before coughing violently. He was caught slumping in his chair on CCTV inside an internet cafe in Shanghai. An autopsy was used to determine that excess playing had contributed to his death, most likely in the form of a pulmonary embolism.


How did Xbox addict die?

Xbox addict, Chris Staniforth died during a lengthy gaming marathon session in 2011. It was revealed he developed a deep vein thrombosis, commonly associated with long periods of immobility, and suffered a fatal blockage to his lungs. Chris was well known for playing Xbox games such as Halo for up to 12 hours at a time, and had regularly experienced peculiar pains in his chest leading up to the incident.


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