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Small Gaming Setup

The 15 Best Small Gaming Setups – 2021

Necessity calls for innovation, and this is especially the case for the best “small” gaming setups.

As the name suggests, this subgenre of battle station is simply built in a limited area, e.g. the closet, office, or under the stairs, etc.

Although compact, gamers are drawn to these setups for their imaginative designs and potential space-saving capabilities.

So, if you are renovating right now or just happen to be in search of new ideas, we hope to inspire you with some of the cozy arrangements on this list.

What is the best small gaming setup?

15. Moved my setup into my closet

Welcome to my secret bomb shelter! Based in the closet, this small gaming setup is a brilliant idea for anybody wanting to make the most of a limited space.

The first thing we notice is that there’s just enough room for the L-shaped Walker Edison desk to fit snug between both narrow walls. I bet the OP’s glad he squeezed that in, as it provides ample surface area for all of his equipment and even a pair of dual monitors to butt up against each other.

In terms of decoration, the room does look quite inviting. A white light strip has been snaked around the clothes hanger, and another is found under the desk. We can also see some Nanoleaf panels, and even a poster of cosplay model Jessica Nigri!

Moved my setup into my closet. Going to get retro game consoles for the top area and retro game posters from r/battlestations


L-Shaped Desk: Walker Edison
Light Panels Nanoleaf
Light Strip : LED Strip

14. Cozy gaming setup in closet

Have you ever thought about packing your entire streaming setup into the closet? No? Well, this creator did and now he has a secret surprise to show to his friends.  

Whether you think this is a good idea or not, it could be down to a few reasons. First, if broadcasting is your primary income, it is still work, and sometimes it’s nice to pack everything away after you’ve finished.. and second, if you own a pet, your gear is going to be far more safe and secure (of course).

In terms of the size, the closet has the perfect dimensions for this kind of streaming arrangement. There’s plenty of height for the dual Elgato key lights, and the depth is just wide enough to house the length of the tower PC case.

Overall, is a good start, but with some minor tweaks, it has the potential to look way better. Some kind of custom-built desk insert is needed, and for the creators’ knees sake, that chest of drawers has to go.

Cozy gaming setup in closet from r/CozyPlaces


Lighting: Elgato Key Light
Foam Panels: Acoustic Tiles

13. I live in a van and this is my battle station!

This is the standard image for anyone who has thought about converting a Van into a battle station. To achieve this organized look, the creator has opted for a bare minimum approach with only the necessary peripherals for playing PC games.

The interior has an incredibly homely vibe, which is partly due to the rustic wood cladding that lines the walls. This is then decorated with a flag of personal postcards near the ceiling, and there’s even a dream catcher found hanging at the back to keep away bad dreams and evil spirits.

One way he could optimize this valuable living space is by swapping-out the tower and changing it to a small form factor PC. Moreover, if the location ever starts to dull, the option is always there to take the whole experience down by the river.

I live in a van and this is my battle station! from r/battlestations

12. Any tips to make it feel more clean/homely?

Tucked away under the stairs, Harry Potter would be proud of this small gaming setup. The location is something you might (or might not) have been able to tell from the slanted walls that help to form this unusual Star Fox fighter cockpit setting.

In this post, we particularly like the black and white “Space” theme that’s going on and how that matches with the walls/ gear. The desktop wallpaper and Coolermaster Master-Key Pro S keyboard also bring a tint of blue RGB and must look great once the lights are off.

The creator has done well to satisfy this unusual trapezoid shape with the gear he currently owns. Nonetheless, It could do with a bit of a de-clutter around the monitor, a few holes drilled through the desk for cable management, and perhaps even an extended mouse mat to combine the peripherals onto one surface.

Any tips to make it feel more clean/homely? (I’m in the cupboard under the stairs) from r/battlestations


Keyboard: Masterkeys Pro S RGB
Headset: Steelseries Arctis 7
Mousepad: Steelseries QCK

11. If you had a 3 m²-room in your apartment..

Utility room or a gaming cave? This is yet another one of those tough choices a gamer has to make when they move into a new apartment. Yes, it’s important to have a place for your fresh towels and spare pairs of shoes, but couldn’t they just go under the bed?

As you can see in the video, the creator has gone for the latter – although, it might still surprise you that some utilities are hiding behind the curtains. Despite this, the 1.5 x 2m area still has enough room for all the basics, including a nice sized desk, a couple of shelves and even some sound insulation.

If you do happen to fancy converting a walk-in cupboard, then be aware that heat is a serious issue. It’s recommended too either leave the door open slightly or get some air circulation fitted through the door. It would also be wise to test it first to make sure you’re not claustrophobic!

If you had a 3 m²-room in your apartment, would you use it as a utility room or a gaming cave? I did both. from r/pcmasterrace

10. My under the stairs setup.

Growing up, we’ve all wanted a small, cozy gaming setup like this. Conveniently located under the stairs, it brims with personality and is the perfect den for those long night sessions.

You can tell the creator is serious about his gaming and gets a lot of everyday use out of his battle station. A sign of this is the appropriately placed fridge that’s just a hand throw away, plus the sheer amount of artwork that has accumulated on the walls and under the staircase.

In terms of equipment, the OP has gone for a triple monitor setup, with an additional larger TV mounted to the wall. Although it is a little high, this is not a problem thanks to his reclining chair that allows him to lean back and get comfortable.

The lighting in this setting is sweet, and makes the whole room appear like some kind of Synthwave space station.

My under the stairs setup. from r/battlestations

9. Battleroom (for my son and I)

This small but stylish setup is an awesome example of a father-son battle station. The room is clean and presentable, beautifully decorated, and perfect for both age groups to enjoy collectively.

On the left-hand side, we have a large l-shaped desk that makes the most of the rooms compact footprint. Tucked right back into the corner, it provides plenty of surface area for all of dads streaming equipment and offers just enough space to prevent the two chairs from colliding.

The room gets a bit more colorful on the sons half, which is where the models come out to play. To keep things tidy, they live in the IKEA Detolf glass cabinet, being one of the most popular display cases for toy collectors.

If you get your children into PC gaming, you too can enjoy this delightful experience.

Battleroom (for my son and I) from r/battlestations

8. Loft Bed Chillstation

The Loft Bed Chill station takes a modern approach to the under the bed gaming setup. As you can see, the space looks incredibly clean/ minimalistic and would make a welcome addition to most people’s homes – providing they don’t mind struggling a bit with the bedding!

Lack of light is often an issue with these kinds of battle stations, however, due to the white walls and pale timber frame of the bed it still looks very inviting. Furthermore, the color scheme also has a touch of black and green that can be found on the plants, wallpaper, and mousepad.

In terms of the PC build, this is held in a Nexus C chassis, and powered by a Ryzen 5 1600, a GTX 1060 6 GB, and (2 x 8 GB) of Trident Z Ram. There’s just enough clearance between the top of the mid-tower case and 32” Samsung monitor, but you probably wouldn’t want to go any bigger.

Loft Bed Chillstation from r/battlestations


Keyboard: Ajazz AK33 Geek RGB
CPU:  AMD Ryzen 5 1600
GPU: GeForce GTX 1060

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