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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Trading Tips

FIFA 20 is the most recent release of the popular video game series developed and published by Electronic Arts. The game is owned by an estimated 10 million people, and is currently the most played football game in the world to date!

Apart from working your way through the single-player campaign, the ‘Ultimate Team’ is the secondary mode of the game. Here you can strive towards ‘earning coins’ to build up your own fantasy dream-team, comprised of some of the best players to ever to grace the game.

The Ultimate Team mode allows for ‘Contemporary stars’ to join your squad, such as: Messi, Ronaldo, and Van Dijk. As well as ‘Legendary football icons’, e.g. Maradona, Pele and the “Phenomenon” Ronaldo Lima.

The best way to increase the number of coins you have, and be in with a chance of acquiring some of these big names – is by selling cards at a profit

This will exponentially help you to further your progress in the Ultimate Team game mode, much more than just simultaneously grinding away in standard matches, to accumulate a basic number of coins each day.

The trading process is basic arbitrage – in other words, you buy players for less and sell them for more. You can then use that extra profit to either further expand your trading operations or to improve your overall Ultimate Team squad.

In this article, we will cover all of the essential FIFA trading tips that you will need, to create a ridiculous fantasy team!

How to build up FIFA coins at the start of the game?

Starting out on your Ultimate Team journey can be tough as you will not yet be able to get those big rewards that consist of coins and packs of different qualities.

In the beginning you will be getting fewer coins per match due to being in lower ranked divisions, and it may take some time before having a strong enough squad that is able to compete and achieve the high ranks.

Below we have featured a few popular methods in order to build up coins at the start of your Ultimate Team account:

Remember to play the game

Focus on actually playing the game by completing all of ‘The Basics’ starter objectives and getting those much-needed wins! Although there’s a lot of new challenges to be aware of in the beginning of the game, all you really need to do is start playing matches.

Begin by working through the foundations such as the: Single player, Competitive play, Friendlies, etc. Once you’ve completed all of them you can then move on to the Milestones and Season objectives.

‘Squad battles’ and ‘Div Rivals’ are some of the best ways to start gaining coins fast – so make sure you try your best to get as many wins as possible even if you are using a starter team. If you’re not an expert at FIFA then make sure you go for a difficulty setting which is right for you or it may stunt your progress in the long run.

After you’ve accumulated a few thousand coins from playing, you then can begin trading to quickly build up your team.

The basics - fifa trading tips

Use Coin Boosts

Be sure to check your inventory for coin boosts and activate any you may have to help you gain a head start. The majority of players will get their highest win/ loss percentage ratio in the beginning of the game so it’s important to make use of this.

Sell Items that won’t benefit you

It may be easier to just discard the players that are no longer needed, but you should be smart about it and try and sell them instead. At least then you get something for them which will benefit you a lot more in the long term, especially if you invest those coins when flipping.

Depending on if you played last year, you should get some welcome back packs as well as your starting packs. Open all of these and sell everything except for the Highly rated cards/ META players.

What about Managers?

If you are just starting out with a new FIFA Ultimate Team account, then you should know that a manager card will not really benefit your team as much compared to getting new players.

A lot of experienced FIFA players would recommend that you just keep the standard manager cards and sell the higher ranked ones, as this will help you to earn coins a lot more quickly in the beginning.

FIFA Ultimate team only allows you to play one manager with every squad of 11 players + 7 subs. With that in mind you can quickly build up a lot of managers that you will not have any immediate use for, therefore it’s best to sell them and use the coins from that to continue flipping cards.

Don’t buy packs with coins

Don’t take a gamble and use up all of the coins you have collected on your first pack of cards.

New FIFA players might find it enticing to buy packs of cards early on; with the hope of striking it lucky and winning a player worth millions such as Ronaldo or Messi. However, the chances of this happening are extremely thin.

It’s estimated that the average person has a 1.5% of getting Messi in a pack, which means that in order for you to have a chance of bagging a Messi, you would need to open around 60 of the 50K packs; with the numbers of packs varying on their quality.

Similarly, a 50k ‘Rare Player Pack’ has a 6.5% chance of getting an 88 rated or above player according to Do you really want to spend all of the coins that you have worked so hard to save in the beginning for a 93% chance of not getting the top players?

I Spent £500 on FIFA 20 Packs and this happened... (FIFA 20 Pack Opening)

Essential FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Trading Tips

Manage your coins

It goes without saying that this is one of the most important aspects of the game. In order to become successful at FIFA Ultimate Team you will need to learn how to be a decent trader.

Buy and sell your cards wisely to build up your coins. Be decisive with your spending when investing in the best players.

Auto buyer websites will help you understand the transfer market in more detail if you’re struggling to keep up with this ever-changing market. We cover this topic in more detail further on..

Flip cards at the right time

The best time to flip your Fifa 20 Ultimate Team Cards is when there are a lot of people online playing. In general, this is usually during the evenings after school or work, or on the weekends.

It’s important to list your cards during this time period; as when there are more players online – the higher the chance of them being sold quickly, and at a more desirable price.

In contrast, if you are looking to purchase those under-priced hidden gems, you should log in when there are not many people online. The best time for this is usually in the early hours of the mornings (during weekdays), when most people have not yet got up.

Take part in Squad Building Challenges and Divisions

By competing in ‘Squad Building Challenges’ and ‘Divisions’, you can get all your basic bonuses (that come from participating-in and winning matches), as well as special rewards such as ‘Coins’ and ‘Packs’ if you manage to complete the objectives or rank highly.

Around October and November is a good time to ‘prepare’ for different Leagues SBC’s, so you’re going to want to find out which leagues are the most the valued at that time.

You can then start bringing in players to complete them even if you are not trying to go for the full league reward. Remember to use up any untradeable players you might have as this is the perfect time to use them.

The most valuable rewards you can hope to get from completing the SBC’s are the packs due to the potential for having big profits if you are lucky enough to get a valuable player.

Whether you have chosen to participate in completing the SCB’s or not, you can still make a great investment profit during this time-period by this judging which cards are going to be highly sort after by other players of the game.

Going after Bronze/ Silver cards from newly promoted teams, or teams (without too many gold players) could be one strategy you could take. Another might be stockpiling all the players of a certain position e.g. Center backs.

Try to keep a hold of every bronze player from top 5 European leagues before the introduction of SCB’s and place dupes on transfer list. Then just wait and see which ones are rising and then sell them when they do.


Sell at the cards peak

When certain ‘special’ cards have been recently released, such as: ‘In-form players’ (POTM) and ‘Teams of the Week (TOTW)’, there’s often a lot of hype around them as they are highly sort after.

For those that don’t know – the FIFA Ultimate Team of the Week (TOTW) is currently released by EA every Wednesday, and represents the players that have performed well in real-life in the previous week.

Player of the Month (POTM) and TOTW players will allow you to capitalize on other people who play the game and are willing to pay top-dollar in order to get a hold of them. People who are rich in coins or have been spending real-life money on the game are are often far less patient when it comes to buying.

If you do happen to find a player whose in high demand for cheap or have one already, make sure you instantly list them for sale to get as many coins as possible. In general, as soon as most special cards are released by FIFA they will start to decrease in value shortly after.

Don’t just focus on the overall rating

Most people will just go on the overall rating when they first start buying in players, but in FIFA this is not always the most important thing you should look for.

Some traits are far more sought after than others, such as: Speed, Physicality, and Skill due to their effectiveness in the game.

These are widely considered the attributes of META players – you know the young future potential stars that have a lot of pace and everyone wants in their starting squad.. yeah them.

When you first start investing in your squad always try to buy the most highly desired META players you possibly can afford, but also remember to keep enough coins for flipping players.

Be aware of a players value

Of course, the value is another major changing factor..

To help you understand what hidden gems to look out for – you can use third-party sources that easily allow you to track the value of the cards, in-turn giving you the knowledge to flip them for an insane profit.

Remember that in FIFA, Its sometimes common to find an 86 overall rated player that costs 10 thousand coins, and then also find a lower 80 overall rated player costing 100 thousand coins!

We will go into further detail below highlighting what third-party tools you can use to track the markets.

Use an app to check the prices of the players/ promo times

If you are serious about trading on FIFA Ultimate Team, then you might want to consider getting a third-party app such as Futmillionaire.

The Futmillionaire trading app can be used in an instant to get the average prices of all the player card variants in the game, as well as keeping you updated on the dates (and times) of the newest card releases and promotions.

Other useful features that come with the app include: recommending players, private trading lists, and the ability to automate your trading to make serious coins.

Futmillionaire comes at a small monthly subscription fee, however you are free to cancel it at any time. If you’re going to be spending that much money on the game, then It is simply not a big expense.

Use an app at work and ‘on the go’

The Futmillionaire Alert app can be downloaded to your phone on both Androids and iOS devices.

This will allow you to stay up to date with the FIFA 20 markets, whether you’re at work or in school, so there’s no need to worry about ever missing a trade again.

Remember to keep in mind that the app only works if you have an internet connection.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Trading Strategies

Icon Trading 

This strategy involves sniping min-price icons cards and then selling them back at a profit once their value has increased in the transfer market. You can do this by keeping a close eye on transfer trends and studying the market to get the best deals.

If you have access to the Futmillionaire auto bidder/ trader – then you won’t even need to invest a lot of time into this method as the hard part will already be done for you. Icon cards are some of the most expensive in the game so the potential is there to make some serious money!

Flip players with a ‘Chemistry style’ applied

People sometimes accidently list cards on the transfer market with a ‘Chemistry style’ applied to them (e.g. Hunter, Shadow, etc.), when they are in a rush to get coins quickly.

These cards are often listed for a much lower value than they are actually worth, so it’s entirely possible to snipe them at a buy now it now minimum, which you can then instantly re-list for up to 3-4k more.

Flip Managers/ Consumables

Apart from selling player cards, you should also focus on flipping manager cards. These are similar to the player cards (as in they feature real managers), however for now at least, there are no “Icon” managers.

A lot of FIFA players do not value or understand manager cards as they do with players, therefore you are far more likely to have a greater chance of finding valuable manager cards for cheap that you can then flip for big profits.

Keep an eye out for discard managers from good nations and discard league consumables from top leagues. In some cases once you have applied them, you may be able to sell for up to triple the price.

Bronze Pack Method

The bronze pack method has been around for some time and is still a magnificent way to build up your coins.

This is where you literally open multiple ‘400 coins’ bronze packs and place every player/ item you get from them on the transfer market.

You should earn a profit from them every single time, however it is not the fastest trick in the book.


Another thing you can do is mass-bid on highly rated cards that you anticipate will go up in value in the future.

If you don’t fancy competing with tons of other players for snipes then make sure you go after a non-rare gold player that’s in high demand, but also won’t be flooded into the game from rewards and promo packs.

Once you have found the cards average price, subtract 5% away to account for EA’s tax, and then add 200 – 400 coins on to the price when you go to re-sell.

Of course, when you go to do this method with one card it won’t seem very worthwhile, but let’s say you now did it with over 100+ = $$$.


We hope that you learnt something new from this FIFA trading tips guide, and have greatly improved your squad.

By using these tips you will see an instant improvement in your market trading results, but as with anything, it takes a lot of practice and learning from mistakes in order to master it!

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