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Video gamer with head in his hands - video game addiction
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How to Overcome a Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction can cause a detrimental effect to your mental, social or physical health. It may not seem as much of a big deal compared to some of the other widely recognised addictions out there, but those who have experienced one first hand will understand just how bad it can be.. What is a […]

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Do You Use a Walkthrough or Is It Considered Cheating?

Most gamers have opposing views on using a walkthrough (strategy guides), if they’re considered cheating and when it’s acceptable to use them.. For some genres using guides can almost be fundamental for completion. (eg. action-adventure or role-playing games), such as The Legend of Zelda or Dark Souls. Both being notorious for deviously cryptic answers and […]

a dirty computer mouse with sticky buttons
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How to Clean a Mouse with Sticky Buttons?

Tips for cleaning your mouse: It’s often common for the buttons on a mouse to become sticky and unresponsive from constant use. This is mainly due to dirt from your fingers being transferred onto the mouse, causing grime to build up over time. Don’t throw it away just yet! The easiest way to clean a […]