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The 12 Best Corner Gaming Desks – 2023

A “corner desk” can be an excellent addition to your gaming battle station.

L-shaped desks are great for gaming; as they provide plenty of workspace for all your peripherals, and are particularly useful for housing multiple monitors setups.

Although their size is larger than the average desk, they surprisingly don’t require a much bigger footprint, especially when tucked inside the two walls of a corner.

You don’t have to spend a fortune either, in this post we will cover several budget options that will help to improve your comfort and overall productivity in the long run.

What is the best corner desk for gaming?

12. OneSpace Glass L-Shape Desk

First on our list is this glass L-Shape desk by OneSpace. It comes in two ultra-modern styles, black and silver to offer a sharp addition to your gaming room.

The space-saving design features a pullout keyboard tray that fits either the left or right-wing. In addition to this, it has a curved “pie shape” corner piece that allows it to tuck neatly back into the corner of the room. This is also possible for your desktop tower on the free stand provided.

Glass is sometimes a concerning material for a desk, however, this is not an issue with this product. A sturdy steel frame supports the tempered glass surface. This can withstand a capacity of 66lbs, which is more than enough required for multiple monitors.

Thanks to its good looks and strength, you will enjoy gaming on this great value corner desk.                       

11. FITUEYES 360° Rotating L Shaped Desk

The Fitueyes 360° rotating workstation is a great example of modern design. As the name suggests, the clever 360° structure can rotate in any direction, which is ideal for meeting the needs of different household locations.

This main feature has many advantages. Aside from using it as just a gaming corner desk, you may also want to fully extend it along the wall, or fold it within itself to save space in certain situations. The user-friendly pivot requires no special tools and makes changing the layout effortless.

In terms of materials, it has a robust, square metal frame to provide more than enough stability for all of your gear. Height-adjustable skid pads hold each leg to protect the floor, and the wooden surface has a sophisticated stain that makes it incredibly easy to clean. 

If you’re searching for complete adaptability, this purchase won’t let you down.

10. Zebery L-Shaped Computer Desk

This l-shape desk by Zebery provides a simple and lightweight solution to acquiring more desk space. Due to the versatile three-part slicing design, It’s essentially two desks and a corner piece combined. As a result, this product is extremely portable, and you can also use it separately.

The desk uses materials sparingly, and although this may lower the overall weight capacity, the strength is still there to hold up a couple of monitors. The “M-style” buckle frame supports the center of the desktop to ensure rugged stability, and makes it completely reliable.

As you can see from the photo, one half is about 14 inches longer than the other. If you need to change the position to the longer side or shorter side, it’s entirely possible to switch the lengths around to meet your gaming preference.

The assembly is quick and straightforward – just as you would expect for this desk.

9. Tribesigns Corner Gaming Desk

This corner gaming desk with hutch by Tribesigns takes solid craftsmanship to the next level. There’s a reason it has the word “industrial” in the name, and this is because it’s capable of withstanding high load-bearing capacities of up to 220 lbs.

The tried and tested square metal frame uses thickened steel to ensure superior stability. When the design also acts as a shelf, this extra strength is what you need. The shelf above provides additional storage for games, accessories, decorative items, or anything else in your setup.

Besides the shelf, the large l-shape tabletop helps with keeping the space clean. It offers the perfect solution to those who are in multitasking and require an abundance of workspace.

We love the jet black surface that adds an elegant touch. It’s completely smooth and scratch resistant to deliver a better service.

8. Monarch Specialties Computer Desk

The Monarch Specialties l-shaped desk offers a modern and sophisticated style at an affordable price. It features two large storage drawers to keep you feeling neat and organized, and has an extra-long floating surface for all your gaming needs.

The thick panel-work adds to the overall weight and quality of the build. For this reason, It’s substantially heavier than some of the other desks on this list, and perhaps better suited to a permanent location such as a bedroom or office.

The clever U-shaped “track legs” design offers plenty of legroom under the desktop. This also allows the drawers to be conveniently assembled on the left or right-hand side to suit your preference. We particularly like the appearance of reclaimed Dark Taupe and White/ Cement-look finish.

This highly functional desk is a must-have for those with larger rooms.

7. Mr IRONSTONE Corner Gaming Desk

Mr. IRONSTONE is another popular choice for those seeking a big upgrade away from their normal-sized gaming desk. It fits snugly in the corner of your room to maximize limited space, and unlike some other desks, both sides are the same length giving you a decent (50.8″+50.8″) area.

The space-saving monitor shelf helps you get the most out of your desktop. Although this raises your monitors height a few extra inches, you can be confident it’s secure and not going to wobble, thanks to the “X” shape style bracing of the sturdy metal frame.

It’s worth noting that you’re free to position the shelf on the right or left side of the desk during installation.

This particular desk is very easy to assemble due to its simplistic design and lack of complex parts. You will have no problems following the instructions, as they come clear with concise pictures. Cleaning is also a breeze. The laminated surface is waterproof and anti-slip/ stain resistant.

6. L-Shaped Computer Desk by FRU

This three-piece, modular desk by FRU follows a contemporary and minimalistic style. It has a smooth, black, work surface made of durable tempered safety glass, and even the matching steel frame has a similar powder-coated finish.

What’s special about this design is that it can be divided into two separate desks. If you find yourself needing to share half with a family member, or feel like mixing things up in the future, you can simply remove the “pie-shaped” corner attachment to configure it how you want.

One half is slightly longer than the other, so you will probably want to prioritize the longer surface board as your main gaming side. This can either be installed on the left or right-hand-side to adapt to the layout of the room and meet your playing habits. 

This versatile desk creates a workspace that is both flexible and spacious.

5. SHW L-Shape Corner Gaming Desk

This collectible corner desk series by SHW can help to transform your gaming room into an active, adaptable workspace. The beautiful work surface comes in two materials (tempered glass or particleboard), and is available in a choice of five different colors that include Espresso and Black.

The Z-shaped frame only uses the bare minimum amount of materials to keep it sturdy, therefore making it lightweight and easy to assemble. Similar to the tabletop, the frame also comes in a selection of colored powder-coated finishes, ranging from White, Silver, and Black.

Sometimes desks are let down by the amount of intrusive railing that restricts your leg room under the desk, however, this design does not have that problem. The rails are low enough to provide enough stability and give plenty of room for stretching. You can even use them as a footrest bar if needed.

If you’re after excellent value for money and comfort, then this desk comes in 1st place.

4. Best Choice Products – Corner Desk

Best Choice Products are renowned for their premium furniture with that extra bit of quality. This attractive corner gaming desk has an incredibly well built wooden construction and would not look out of place in anybody’s home, particularly in the bedroom or office.

The large l-shaped desktop provides ample space for both your peripherals and PC hardware, and it also has two convenient wiring holes to arrange disorganized wires. The spacious shelves form a part of the leg on the side of the structure, and is another option for keeping everything tidy.

What’s great about this design is that it follows the construction of traditional joinery so you know what you are getting in terms of strength. For this reason, there’s no need for rails on floor of the desk, giving you plenty of leg room to stay comfortable for many hours.

This desk a beauty, and although it looks premium, it’s still very reasonable in terms of price.

3. Ecoprsio L Shaped Corner Gaming Desk

If you need to maximize your space for a triple monitor setup, then you’re going to love this L-shaped, ergonomic design by Ecoprsio. It has a carbon fiber-textured desktop surface that provides plenty of grip and style for a variety of different gaming room environments.

The dual “T-shape” legs remove the need for any unnecessary railings, leaving plenty of legroom beneath the desk to stretch and stay comfortable. Although it does use fewer materials, this is not detrimental to the weight capacity as it is fully capable of holding up a mighty 300 pounds.

The large desktop provides plenty of general workspace for your monitor or laptop. Due to being sprayed in a protective liquor finish, it is resistant to daily wear such as dirt and scratches. As a result, it can ensure years of long-term sustainability.

For storage, it even comes with a neat little keyboard tray that pulls out from in between the triangular structure. Additionally, there’s a cup holder on one side and a headrest hook on the other. Overall, it’s a sturdy and well-built product that offers plenty of surface area for all your gear.

2. SHW L-Shaped Office Corner Desk

This L-shaped corner desk by SHW is a great option for furnishing your gaming room on a budget. The rich, espresso finish highlights the grain to provide an elegant aesthetic. Another neat design characteristic is the overhanging radius edge on the side.

Some useful features of this desk include two large open shelves, and multiple grommets in the tabletop for you to organize the cords. For those who would prefer to use the built-in shelf for your PC desktop tower, it’s entirely possible to remove the middle shelf during construction.

The 51” size is not too big, not too small, but somewhere in the middle. One side is slightly longer than the other giving you more than enough room for your monitors. The assembly is incredibly simple. The whole thing comes together using a little L wrench tool that’s included in the package.

For a quality piece under $150, you will struggle to find a better addition to your home.

1. It’s Organized Corner Gaming Desk

This contemporary corner gaming desk by It’s Organized is the perfect “no-frills” option for those seeking form and function. When you consider the price, it’s a bargain and the kind of lifetime purchase that stays in the family household for decades.

For strength, a sturdy metal frame follows the underside of the tabletop to distribute weight evenly, and square butt joints hold up each of the corners. If you’re concerned about the weight of your equipment, don’t be, as the extra thick steel legs are strong enough to support up to 176lbs.

We particularly like how the design features no annoying rails under the table, making for an incredibly comfortable gaming experience. Additionally, how each leg has adjustable leg pads that keep the desk nice and stable on uneven floors and carpets.

Constructed out of high-quality P2 particleboard, the 60” L-shape tabletop offers plenty of space and has wide-rounded corners to prevent any accidents. You will appreciate the beautiful scratch-resistant and easy-cleaning wood finish. Along with the free gaming mousepad that fits perfectly on top.  

frequently asked questions

Are L shaped desk good for gaming?

L-shaped desks are great for gaming, they provide plenty of extra workspace for all your gaming peripherals, and are particularly useful for housing multiple monitor setups.  

Are Glass Desks good for gaming?

Tempered glass desks are perfectly fine; just remember to check the max weight capacity, and be reasonable about what you’re placing on top of them. Keep in mind that glass surfaces often require more cleaning, and can sometimes be problematic to move or clamp things too.

We hope your found a Gaming Corner Desk on this list.

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