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Summit1g Streaming Setup + Gear – 2020

If you’re trying to find out what setup Summit1g uses during his live-streams; then you’ve come to the right place.

Jaryd Lazar, aka “Summit1g”, is an American Twitch streamer and former semi-pro CS:GO player.

Summit is widely recognized as an old-school “variety” gamer, and one of the first streamers to make it big on Twitch, way back when it was still “”. In 2012 he started streaming regularly to inspire the likes of Shroud, and other big names that wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Much like Summits choice of games over the years, his equipment has also been updated to keep up with the times.

Below we will cover all of the latest gear and hardware, which has helped him to earn millions of subscribers.

What setup does Summit1g use?

What Monitor does Summit1g Use?

Summit1g uses an Acer’s Predator XB252Q. This is a Full HD 240 Hz monitor with a one millisecond response time. The fast refresh rate helps to complement Summit’s insane reaction speeds, while also granting him a nice field of view with its strong resolution and size.

In highly-competitive games, a millisecond can make a huge difference. Monitors with a high refresh rate can transmit information much faster, leading to smoother-looking motion. In some circumstances, this may also allow you to react quicker.

It’s important to remember that purchasing a high refresh rate monitor doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have the specs to match the same amount of frame rates as your monitor.

What Mouse does Summit1g Use?

Summit1g uses the Finalmouse Air58 Ninja. This signature Ninja model is hand engraved (and painted) with Individualized Haiku Scrolls on the wheel of every mouse. It comes with a Pixart PMW3360 sensor that is free from acceleration and tracks perfectly with precise movements.

The surprising 58g weight makes it one of the lightest mice in the market. The high number of holes in the structure plays a huge role in lowering the body mass, and prevents Summits hands from sweating up after intense gaming sessions.

Unfortunately, due to its limited edition partnership, the price has risen astronomically since its initial release. If you’re a collector or admirer that can find one at a reasonable price, then we recommend picking one up before it’s too late!

What Keyboard does Summit1g Use?

Summit1g uses a white Corsair K70 RGB MK.2. This premium built mechanical keyboard is ready to respond in an instant. The durable aluminum frame provides Summit with the reliability he needs, while the Cherry MX speed switches provide a blistering fast 1.2mm actuation.

Comfort is also another top priority when it comes to keyboards, and the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 does not disappoint. It features a detachable “soft touch” palm-rest able to enhance your gameplay during the longest gaming session, as well as textured key caps for maximum grip.

The CORSAIR iCUE software offers dynamic RGB backlighting that you can control easily to suit your needs. The extra multimedia input includes a rolling volume control. There is also an additional USB pass-through port for convenient mouse or headset access.

What Mic Does Summit1g Use?

Summit1g uses the Audio-Technica AT2035 mic. One of the stand out features of this “podcasting” condenser mic is the fixed cardioid pattern. It has the ability to perfectly catch his voice and reduce the reception of unwanted sounds from any direction.

The 0.8 inch capsule isolates the sound, and the large diaphragm reproduces a natural voice while reducing background noise. Summit1g knows how important it is to communicate with his fans and this mic is by far one of the best bits of kit in his setup

The design of the AT2035 is incredibly minimal and sleek. It’s easy to notice streamers who use big, dated microphones that look out of place, and this won’t apply with this design. Along with its rugged construction and high-performance specifications, this product is likely to last for a lifetime.

What Webcam Does Summit1g Use?

Summit1g uses the Logitech C922 Pro. This webcam is capable of recording full 1080p at 30 fps, or HD 720p at 60 fps, to provide the highest quality image. The HD autofocus has light correction to provide the highest color accuracy.

A webcam is a crucial piece of gear for a live streamer. Besides capturing a high-quality image, it needs to capture all the details without any lag or distortion, and the C922 does just that.

Other features of this webcam include a dual microphone, and “ChromaCam” software, which is able to create a green screen effect behind him. This means he can use different presets or his own images as a background without the need for a green screen.

What Capture Card Does Summit1g Use?

Summit1g uses a Gato HD60 Pro capture card. With this card, he can simultaneously stream and record on any PC that has an HDMI output. One thing he loves most about this card is the inclusion of the “instant game view“ that provides a preview of the game on his monitor.

Being able to share the footage directly on Twitch and YouTube without downloading additional software is another major advantage thanks to the built-in live streaming feature.

Click here for more info on “What is a capture card”.

Twitch streamers have to provide high-quality videos to their fan base otherwise they will inevitably lose viewers. Increasing the recording quality is one of the biggest reasons to get a capture card, and with HD60 Pro he can record smooth high-quality footage at 1080p (60 fps).

What Mixer does Summit1g Use?

Summit uses the Behringer Xenyx 1204US Mixer. This mixer features “one-knob” studio-grade compressors that allows him to modify his voice, and achieve studio-quality sound without having to step outside of his home.

Professional Twitch streamers often use a Mixer to have more control over their audio sounds and add spontaneous entertaining effects. You may also need one if you have a XLR input on your Dynamic mic.

Unlike most others in the market, the “Xenyx 1204” comes with a built-in bi-directional stereo USB interface. This allows Summit1g to connect the mixer directly to computer using just a USB cable, and record any signal-source from his setup directly to his hard drive.

What Mouse Pad Does Summit1g Use?

Summit1g uses the CORSAIR MM200 cloth mouse pad. It has a non-slip rubber base that prevents any unnecessary movement. The large textile surface has been optimized for gaming sensors to ensure better overall control and pixel-precise targeting.

This is an underrated piece of gaming gear for most, but Summit1g knows how important it is to get his setup right. In terms of the size, the larger the mousepad, the more room the gamer has for making large sweeping mouse movements.

This is especially important, as pro gamers tend to set their mouse at a low DPI (400-800), and use their whole forearm to move the mouse. The MM200 has a decent 360mm surface area so he can make all the mouse movements he wants!

What Chair Does Summit1g Use?

Summit1g uses the Secret Lab Titan chair. This chair is renowned for its ample space, in addition to customization at the highest level. The Titan is made with a Secretlab cold-cure foam mix that is able to support his posture, and allow him to feel firmly in place at the same time.

Every Twitch streamer knows how important it is to enjoy a great seating experience and how it can affect your performance. The added lumbar support of this chair takes care of his lower back and it comes with several adjustable features for every body type or size.

The memory foam pillows feature a cooling system that prevents “stickiness” after spending the entire day playing. Whenever he wants to take a break from the game, he can simply fully recline the backrest and lie down.

(Image credit: Secretlab)

What Processor Does Summit1g Use?

Summit1g uses an Intel Core I9 9900k Processor in his PC setup. A Twitch streamer can’t build an effective gaming PC without a fast processor, and the Intel Core I9 uses 8 cores to make it the first model with a 5.0GHz clock speed.

State of the art processors have to be able to keep up with high-level graphic cards so it can run demanding games smoothly. To do this it is equipped with a hyper-threading system that boosts the performance. Both components are integrated making it even more powerful.

Overheating is another thing be aware of when looking for a good processor. The I9 passes runs cooler than other processors due to having an integrated heat spreader. In turn, this helps with heat dissipation and easily passes this test.

What Motherboard Does Summit1g Use?

Summit1g Uses the ASUS ROG STRIX Z390 which is built for gaming. Gaming motherboards are produced to endure heavier computer functions than conventional PC models. If the motherboard is slow, the pc and the game will run slow too. It is basically the heart of the pc.

An aspect of this motherboard is a shift in the VRM design to use fewer phases. It doubles up on the number of MOSFETs, inductors, drivers, and capacitors per phase, which results in less energy consumption and a better transient response.

Without an effective motherboard, the rest of the components in your gaming pc won’t work properly. The Z390 has 5-way optimization so he can customize the smart overclock system and improve the PC performance. Another neat feat is being able to configure the cooling options via the FanExpert4 software, to protect the pc from overheating.

What Graphics Card Does Summit1g Use?

Summit1 g uses the ASUS GEFORCE RTX 2080 TI. The GeForce RTX gives Summit the ultimate 4K gaming experience. It ensures the image quality is the best, improves the video resolution, and the visual gaming experience on the whole.

If the motherboard is the heart of the gaming pc, then the graphic card would be the brain. The Turing GPU architecture has six times the performance than the previous generations of graphic cards and maximizes automation to enhance reliability.

This graphic card has a wide range of cooling options, a testament to the Max contact technology. The two hybrid controlled fan headers improve the thermal transfer with the GPU chip, while also letting him play all day without any unpleasant noises.

What RAM Does Summit1g Use?

Summit1g uses 16GB of CORSAIR Vengeance RGB pro in his setup. This DDR4 2666MHz RAM is capable of speeding up the computer’s performance, which helps in running the games smoothly.

The Vengeance pro has the option of RGB customization to configure the lighting and give it a personal touch. If you are using a glass case you might like this RAM as it can be matched to the color scheme of the motherboard, and other gaming components in your setup.

Thanks to the XMP 2.0 he can customize the overclock system to improve overall efficiency of the gaming pc.

What Case Does Summit1g Use?

Summit1g uses the CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X. This aesthetically pleasing case is elevated to increase the airflow. It has also been built using tempered glass – a material preferential to the likes of gamers that like to admire their setup.

The design is extremely functional thanks to the dual-chamber layout. One of the chambers contains a fan and radiator mounts to maximize the cooling efforts, and the other provides enough room for drive storage, cable routing, and PSU mounting.

The fans use a software-controlled RGB lighting system, so besides keeping all of the heat components cool, it also displays a stunning illuminating show!

How much is Summit1g setup worth?

Summit1g setup is worth an estimated $10,000!

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