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15 Best Desks for Your Streaming Studio – 2021

If you’re in search of the best desk for streaming then you’ve come to the right place.

A high-quality desk is essential for every streamer. It should form a rock-solid foundation for multiple monitor setups and provide plenty of surface area for all of your broadcasting gear.

To achieve a high level of comfort, there are several features to look out for. Height-adjustable legs will assist in the correct ergonomics, and accessory utilities like headphone hooks, and charging racks will help to keep everything at arm’s length.

With this criteria in mind, we will take a look at some of the best products on the market right now.

What is the best desk for streaming?

15. The DESIGNA Gaming Desk

The DESIGNA is a modern gaming desk with a simplistic design. To ensure total stability, it features “K-shape” frame legs and an “F1-Balance Bar” to secure the top of the legs. Other noticeable features include a cup holder, a headphone holder, and a gaming rack.

Besides the low price, what we like about this desk is that It’s available in two different colors (black and white), and comes in a variety of sizes. You can choose from 47”, 55” and 63” widths to meet the needs of your gaming room or a particular number of monitors.

Another pro is that it’s extremely easy to assemble and should take no longer than 30 minutes by yourself. One thing to be aware of is that the desktop does come in 2 pieces so there is a seam in the center. To cover the seam, a large gaming style mousepad is free with the unit.

Both the height of the legs are fixed, but you can fine-tune the level of the desktop with the anti-tilt adjustable feet pads. All in all, it’s a fantastic budget desk that is well worth the money.

14. Mr. IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk

Mr. IRONSTONE is a popular choice for those seeking a big upgrade away from an average-size gaming desk. It fits snug in the corner of your room to maximize limited space, and unlike some other “L” shaped desks, both sides are the same length giving you a decent (50.8″+50.8″) area.

On top, we have a space-saving monitor shelf that helps you get the most out of your desktop. Although this raises your monitors height a few extra inches, you can be confident that it’s secure thanks to the “X” shape sturdy metal bracing.

It’s worth noting that you’re free to position the shelf on the left or right side of the desk during installation, or completely remove it if you wish.

With its simplistic design and lack of complex parts, this particular desk is very easy to assemble. You will have no problems following the instructions, as they come clear with concise pictures. Cleaning the surface is also a breeze, due to the waterproof, anti-slip/ stain-resistant laminate.

13. Wearson Computer Desk – 55 inch

The Wearson 55″ is a solid gaming station for users young and old. It boasts a racing-style design with a futuristic shape and a high-quality finish. As it is built for esports, you can expect all the extras including a full cover mouse pad, cable storage, and much more.

In terms of materials, the legs and frame are made from a heavy-duty rolled steel that can load an impressive 330lb. On top is an 18mm MDF tabletop that comes in two pieces for easy assembly. To prevent the mousepad from slipping, it uses an anti-skid, carbon fiber texture laminate.

With this desk, we particularly like the amount of “add-on” accessories that come free with the package. A headphone hook underneath the desk gives you easy access to your headphones, and the water cup holder is a nice little feature so you can stay streaming for longer.

12. DlandHome L-Shaped Computer Desk

The DlandHome contemporary corner desk is ideal for those seeking strength and function. When you consider the price, it’s a bargain and the kind of lifetime purchase that stays in the family household for decades.

To provide strength to the build, a sturdy metal frame distributes weight evenly across the tabletop. Besides this, triangular junctions hold up each of the corners to ensure further stability. If you’re concerned about the weight of your equipment, don’t be, as the thick steel is strong enough to support 150lbs.

The L-shape surface provides an abundance of room for all your equipment and there’s plenty of space under the desk for your desktop tower. This model also includes a free CPU stand to prevent scratches on wooden floors.

11. Soges 63 inches Gaming Desk

The Sogesis a massive  63” racing-style desk that’s ideal for gaming and streaming. To help keep your desktop well-organized, it comes with a cup holder, a headphone hook, and even a USB charger rack. Also included is a full-covered mouse pad that is free from any unwanted company logos.

To add durability to the desks large size, a “K-shape” leg design and a study back rail prevent any wobble in the legs. Both the legs and the frame are made of heavy-duty steel, which is not going to let you down in terms of strength. It can support up to 330lb if loaded evenly.

For assembly, the frame screws together with the tools provided and then attaches on to the back of the legs. The tabletop does come in two pieces, however, this is not really an issue as the tolerances in the build quality are tight and flush. To ensure everything is level, a full-size mousepad sits on top.

Overall, it’s a very good desk for the price.

10. SHW L-Shape Corner Desk

This modern corner desk by SHW can help to transform your streaming room into an active, adaptable workspace. The beautiful work surface comes in two materials (tempered glass or particleboard) and is available in a choice of five different colors that include Espresso and Black.

The Z-shaped frame uses the bare minimum amount of materials to keep it sturdy, making it lightweight and easy to assemble. Much like the tabletop, the frame also comes in a selection of colored powder-coated finishes, ranging from White, Silver, and Black.

Sometimes desks are let down by the amount of intrusive railing that restricts your legroom, however, this design does not have that problem. The rails are low enough to provide enough stability and give plenty of room for stretching. You can even use them as a footrest if needed.

All in all, it’s an excellent value desk that you can squeeze in the corner of your streaming room.

9. MOTPK Gaming Desk

The MOTPK gaming desk is built specifically for e-sport enthusiasts. It has a stylish appearance that highlights its carbon fiber texture, sharp bezels, and ergonomic design. The multi-function accessories make it easy for you to organize your desktop with everything in arm’s reach.

To form a reliable foundation for all your hardware, sturdiness is an important selling point for any desk. Thanks to the enlarged “Z-shape” legs and solid steel frame, you won’t have to worry about any flex or bend that might compromise the durability of the structure.

The MOTPK comes with several gaming features including a gaming rack, a headphone hook, and a drinks holder. If you value having a tidy battlestation that is free from cables, then you will also appreciate the cable management drawer that is located towards the back of desk.

It comes in four different sizes –  40”, 47”, 55”, and 60”.

8. Seven Warrior Gaming Desk

The Seven Warrior is another e-sport style racing desk that is tailored for gaming. It has a large 60” surface with a full-cover mousepad for extra protection. Other features include double hooks for your headsets, a free USB charging controller rack, and even a cup holder.

Besides the excellent features, what’s great about this desk is that it’s wide enough to support multiple monitor setups. If you’re a part-time content creator whose looking for a large desk to grow with over the years it’s ideal for that. As your streaming stature grows, you can then upgrade to something more expensive.

Stability-wise, the frame can support an even load of up to 330 pounds and it has adjustable leg pads to ensure the tops nice and level. Unfortunately, it’s not height adjustable besides the leg pads, which is the only thing that lets it down.

Overall, it’s an excellent budget desk, with a quick and simple assembly.

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