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12 Best E-ATX Cases for Large Mobos – 2024

If you’re in search of an E-ATX PC case then you’ve come to the right place.

Why E-ATX? “Extended-ATX” is a marketing term used for motherboards wider than 9.6 inches. E-ATX motherboards often come with additional ports, slots, and sockets, being specific for applications that require extreme levels of power.

Generally, most ATX cases will accommodate E-ATX motherboards, however, finding the best ones that do can be quite a time-consuming task.

In this post, we will cover both full-tower and mid-tower cases with E-ATX support.

What is the best EATX PC Case?

12. Thermaltake Level 20 Full Tower

The Level 20 Full Tower is a unique looking case that’s based on architectural aesthetics. Designed as a flagship model to commemorate Thermaltake’s 20th anniversary, it aims to bring gamers the ultimate blend of ventilation and functionality.

To achieve this, the unit is divided into three chambers. The PSU chamber, the motherboard chamber, and the storage (LCS) chamber. The PSU chamber is the smallest of the three and rests above the mobo chamber. Here you can store a PSU in either orientation with a 220mm limitation.

Underneath is the mobo chamber. In this compartment it’s possible to mount E-ATX motherboards up to 12” x 13”, a 200mm CPU height, along with a 310mm graphics card. What’s great is that the deal includes a free riser cable so you can also position your GPU vertically.

The third and final chamber is dedicated to storage. It has capacity for six 2.5” or 3.5” drives (if using the hard drive cage) or a 480mm radiator and a pump/ reservoir combo without. If that’s not enough space for drives, three more can mount in the front chamber, plus another three in the back.

Accessing the chambers is easy thanks to the hinged, tempered glass doors that simply swing open and pull off. The chassis is also extremely modular. It utilizes tool-less brackets allowing you to build from the ground up, in addition to interchangeable panels on three sides of the LCS chamber.

To add some flare to your build, the level 20 comes pre-installed with all the RGB you could need. This includes three Riing Plus, fourteen RGB fans, as well as two Lumi+ LED Strips. Another top feature is the TT RGB software that is Alexa-enabled for voice activation.

Modders will appreciate just how well this PC case handles extended ATX boards.

11. ASUS TUF Gaming GT501

The TUF Gaming GT501 is a mid-tower PC case for up to E-ATX motherboards. Built like an armored tank, it boasts a galvanized steel construction with scratch-resistant panels and a 4mm thick tempered glass window. For easy transport, two woven-cotton handles fix to the top.

Although this is a mid-tower case, size-wise it’s more like a full tower. It can fit 12″ x 10.9″ boards, 180mm coolers, as well as 420mm GPUs. If you do plan on using an E-ATX board, they will cover the first column of grommets so you will have to thread any cables through the triple drive brackets.

At the rear of the main chamber, there are seven traditional expansion slots as well as two more for vertical mounting. In the bottom of the case is a PSU shroud that can house a 240mm PSU. Then, at the back are two 3.2”/ 2.5” HDD storage brackets, plus cable space and Velcro ties.

For efficient cooling, the case has spaced out holes in the front metal plate and a full ventilation panel on top. Moreover, you’ll be glad to know that it comes with three 120mm RGB front fans and one 140mm rear PWM fan. There’s also room for another 360mm top-mounted radiator.

Overall, the GT501 is a solid chassis with lots of room, great thermals, and fantastic build quality.

10. Cooler Master Cosmos C700M

The Cosmos C700M is a futuristic, full tower chassis that appears straight out of Halo. It has a highly versatile layout that encourages freedom in building and out-of-the-box customizability. Other features include a curved, tempered glass side panel and addressable RGB strips.

As you can tell, this is a premium case being one of Cooler Masters flagship designs. For that reason, the price is quite high, but so is the build quality. The majority of the components are made from cast aluminum and steel which adds some significant weight to the chassis.

Aesthetically, you will immediately notice the symmetrical aluminum bars on the top and bottom. The roof rack on top eases portability when carrying the case, whereas the feet provide balance and stability. Both bars look fantastic as they reflect ambient light from the RGB strips.

The spacious interior can house up to E-ATX (12″ x 10.7″) motherboards. One particularly unique trait is that the Cosmos OS frame supports a conventional, chimney, or inverse layout. Essentially, this gives you three different options for choosing which orientation you position your motherboard.

Another modular feature is that it’s possible to mount your GPU either vertically, horizontally, or anywhere in between. This is thanks to a bracket that rests above the removable PSU shroud and can rotate from zero to 90 degrees. As a result, you can showcase your gear in practically any way.

Just as you would expect from a case of this size, there’s radiator support on all four sides, and numerous slots and extra brackets for drive bays. The deal also includes four 140mm pre-installed fans, a PCI-E riser cable, as well as a fan hub.

Overall, if you’ve got the cash, there’s plenty of options for E-ATX boards inside this PC case.

9. Thermaltake Level 20 GT

The Level 20 GT is a full tower chassis taken from the TT premium product line. Intended to give users the option to create both a high-end air or liquid-cooled system, it has a dismountable modular design that provides extensive support for either.

Aesthetically, the chassis closely resembles others from the level 20 series. Similarly, the exterior is a combination of rounded aluminum edges and tempered glass panels. Moreover, the side panels continue to use the same hinged door design that allows them to pull off or swing open 180 degrees.

Inside the case, there’s room for E-ATX motherboards (up to 12” x 13”), a 200mm CPU cooler height, and 410mm GPU’s. Thanks to the patented PCIe support, graphics cards can rotate in either orientation. Keep in mind, XL boards will cover the grommets to make organizing cables a challenge.

A removable half-length PSU shroud accommodates the bottom of the main chamber. Then, to the right of this is room for an HDD Rack that can store four 3.5” HDDs. Three more SSDs or HDDs can also mount in the back, giving you some decent options for placements of drives.

To sufficiently cool down your system, two big 200mm front fans come with the deal, plus one more 140mm exhaust on the back. Another set of 200mm fans can fit in the roof of the case. Moreover, there’s room for an optional 420mm radiator on the right bracket or a 240mm at the bottom.

All in all, it’s an extremely big and solid case that offers lots in terms of customization.

8. Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D

The Obsidian Series 1000D is a super tower case that takes advantage of a triple-chamber layout. This consists of the main chamber, a bottom ATX PSU shroud, and a back chamber. To provide easy access to all compartments, hinged tempered glass panels feature on both sides of the chassis.

In the main chamber, there’s room for an SSI EEB mobo up top as well as an ITX system mounted horizontally above the bottom ATX PSU shroud. Eight expansion slots in the top allow you to position your ATX GPU in dual orientations, however, your ITX’s GPU would only mount vertically.  

At the rear of the case, a nice set of aluminum French doors provide a neat and tidy way to conceal any cables. We particularly like that they open out from the middle so you won’t worry about them closing properly. Furthermore, as a secondary function, they can store eight SSD’s on the insides.

Also in the back of the case behind the French doors is a standard 3.5” drive cage, along with space for a second SFX PSU unit. The drive cage contains five vertical caddies and is tucked away securely in a shroud at the bottom of the chassis.

For cooling, it’s worth noting that the 1000D does not come with any fans, as it’s generally recommended for running custom loops. The deal does however come with a free Corsair Commander Pro. This is compatible with six three or four-pin fans for connecting radiators.

Overall, it’s an extremely well-made PC case that can concurrently support an extended ATX and Mini-ITX system.

7. NZXT H710i

The H710i is one of the larger chassis from NZXT’s iconic H series. Available in White, Black, and Red, it has a clean and modern design that builds upon the successful elements from previous models. Similar features include the classic cable management bar and a full tempered-glass window.

To access the spacious interior, we particularly like that all of the panels are remove effortlessly. The front and top panels come off with a pull, and the back panel is a one-button operation. Conveniently, the glass side panel only uses a single thumbscrew to securely hold it in place.

The main chamber of the PC case has room for E-ATX motherboards (up to 10.7-inches), a 185mm cooler height, and 413mm GPUs. For your GPU, there are seven standard expansion slots, plus two more for vertical mount. At the bottom is a full-length PSU shroud that can also fit three 3.5” drives. 

NZXT have earned a reputation on how easy their cases are to build, and the H710i is no exception. There’s lots of room for upgrades, a ton of mounting options and cable management is ideal. Cables can be hidden behind the management bar or in the preinstalled channels at the back of the case.

To cool your interior system, three 120mm pre-installed fans draw air in through the front and one more exhausts it out of the rear. An additional 360mm radiator can fit in the top. For plenty of airflow, vents run along the sides of the top and front panels.

Overall, it’s a high-quality case that’s ideal for first time builders.

6. Phanteks Eclipse P500A

The Eclipse P500A is a stylish, mid-tower case that offers excellent airflow. It features a hinged tempered glass panel on the side and an ultra-fine mesh panel on the front. The top panel can also support dual-systems when using the optional ITX upgrade kit.

In the main chamber, there’s room to accommodate an E-ATX (12″ x 11”) motherboard, a 435mm length GPU, and a 190mm CPU cooler. Additionally, a full-length PSU shroud is located at the bottom. This can house a 195mm PSU with four 3.5mm drive caddies, or a 250mm PSU without.

To optimize airflow, an open grill is built into the front, top, and rear of the chassis. Elongated slots in the grill provide impressive mounting options for both 120mm and 140mm fans. This makes it easy to mount all radiator sizes, including up to a 360mm at the top and a 420mm at the front.

For storage, six 3.5” drive caddies are supported at the front of the case. Moreover, another three 2.5” SSD drives can mount halfway up the back chamber. Besides storage, the back chamber utilizes several Velcro ties to offer fantastic cable management options.

In terms of appearance, the case comes in three styles including Black, Black with RGB fans, or White with RGB fans. We personally, think the white style looks best as it shows a nice contrast with the black frame and vents above the mesh panel.

In short, the P500A is a fantastic case with lots of space and great thermals.

5. Thermaltake Core P8

The Thermaltake Core P8 is a large, full tower chassis that improves and refines on the earlier P3/ P5 models. In the same way, it features three 4mm thick tempered glass panels on the front and sides and boasts a transformable, modular design for an open or closed look.

Whatever style of build you’re going for, the P8 can accommodate it. After removing the glass, the first thing you will notice is the sheer number of racks, brackets, and pre-design mounting arrays. These provide copious amounts of expansion for liquid and air-cooled systems.

The case itself can fit 320mm graphics cards without a reservoir (or 280mm with), 200mm PSU units, and a max cooler height of 180mm. In addition to this, the chassis supports both 120mm and 140mm fans on all four sides, in numerous mounting locations.

Similarly, a vertical PSU bracket and pump mount can fix anywhere along the bottom of the chassis. The modular design also allows for rotational PCI-e slots in either orientation.

Overall, if you’re searching for a solid and roomy case with support for E-ATX (12” x 13”)  motherboards, you’ll struggle to beat the Core P8!

4. Phanteks Enthoo 719 (Luxe 2)

The Phanteks Enthoo 719 is a high performance, full tower chassis with dual-system support. Constructed of aluminum faceplates and a tempered glass window, it has a modern appearance ready to complement any high-end configuration.

Due to its dual-system capabilities, it’s no surprise that this PC case can support extended ATX motherboards. In fact, the spacious interior can go all the way up to SSI EEB (12″ x 13.5″), in addition to accommodating a secondary mini-ITX motherboard underneath.

The mini-ITX board mounts vertically on the side of a PSU shroud beneath the main chamber. A second SFX PSU can also occupy this space, but unfortunately, it’s one or the other. As a result, a dual-system PSU such as the Revolt X would be required to power two systems.

The 719 provides eleven PCI-e slots at the rear with eight being horizontal and three vertical. For dual vertical GPU support, a free “dual-system” cover and vertical GPU mount come with the deal. This allows you to showcase both systems spectacularly through the side of the case.

Other accessories include four stackable 3.5” HDD caddies that can screw either in front of the PSU shroud or on the right drive bracket. Positioning the caddies in front of the PSU shroud equates to a total of 12 x HDDs or 11 x SSDs, as the right bracket can also store four HDDs on both sides.

For features, we particularly like the integrated fan hub that is tucked away in the top back chamber. This can connect five 4-pin PWM outputs and three 3-pin DC outputs. Another neat look is the addressable RGB strip that wraps its way around from the front panel to the top of the PSU shroud.

Overall, it’s a fantastic case that offers tons of space and great cable management.

3. anidees AI Crystal XL Pro

The AI Crystal XL Pro is a huge, full-tower PC case that offers wide compatibility. It has a unique, flexible structure that can support up to HPTX (13.6” x 15”) motherboards, in addition to twelve HDD/ SSDs on a versatile side bracket behind the front panel.

At the bottom of the main chamber, a protective PSU shroud takes up two-thirds of the width. This ends short to provide enough space for a HDD drive bracket to run the full height of the case. Besides using the side bracket for drives, it can also store four 120mm fans or a 480mm radiator.

To optimize airflow, the case comes with four pre-installed 120mm RGB fans at the front, plus one in the rear. If you wanted to water cool your system, another 480mm radiator could fit at the front and there’s even room for a third in the top.

In addition to the RGB fans, the Crystal XL Pro includes two free LED light strips, along with a fan hub. The LED strips help create a cyber-gaming atmosphere, whereas the hub allows you to control the LED modes and fan-speeds by remote control.

Due to having a modular design, most of the internals are held in by screws. This makes it easy to remove things like the PSU shroud, drive brackets, and HD cages. In the same way, the tempered glass panel on the side of the case removes by simply unscrewing the surrounding fixings.

Overall, the Crystal XL Pro would make a great choice for anybody wanting to build something special. The extra space in the main chamber could sufficiently house a modded dual-system setup or perhaps something unusual like a dual-socket motherboard.

2. Fractal Design Define 7 XL

The Define 7 XL combines flexibility with functionality while flaunting a minimalistic style. Designed to be modular, the chassis opens up fully to expose the interior of the case. It also includes a second top panel that you can swap out for either silence or performance.

What’s great about this case is that it’s very user friendly. The majority of the panels use tool-less latches that quick release with a bit of a pull. These panels include an anodized aluminum front, a large tempered glass side panel, as well as the removable top.

Once removed, there are effectively two main builds you could go for; open or closed. The open layout is one large spacious interior. Conversely, the closed layout brings a third of the back-panel forward to block off view from the side. This allows you to hide 11 drive trays behind out of sight.

In an open layout, the case has a massive amount of headroom for an E-ATX or SSI-EEB system, as well as enormous water-cooling support. 480mm radiators can fit in the front or top and there’s room for a 240mm in the bottom too.

Also found in the bottom of the case is a ventilated PSU shroud with a two-part removable cover. Inside, you can store your PSU and four more 3.5” drive trays that are able to shift along to save space. Then, in the back chamber, there are multiple grommets and straps to fasten your cables.

Overall, the Define 7 XL is an excellent case that offers incredible craftsmanship and a well thought out design.

1. Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic XL

The Lian O11 Dynamic XL is a modern, full tower chassis with a dual-chamber layout. Developed in collaboration with German over clocker Der8auer, the iconic design upgrades and extends on the highly acclaimed mid-tower release that took the market by storm two years ago.

Much like the original, there’s a reason why so many people openly praise this case. Not only does it look super clean with its full-view tempered glass front and side panels, but it also takes cable management very seriously.

In the rear chamber, there’s plenty of room to hide your cables behind the angled motherboard tray and the back sidebar helps to exclude any mess. To access this space, multiple rubber grommets allow users to pass cables from the front to the back without any issues.

Besides storage for cables, the rear chamber also has room for two power supply units or up to four HDDs. Alternatively, in the front of the PC case, there’s room for E-ATX motherboards (14″ x 14″). In addition to 446mm GPUs, and up to three 360mm radiators without any interference.

Overall, with its dual-chamber design and enclosed glass panels, it’s obvious this chassis is specific to water cooling setups. It will expose every nook and cranny, making it particularly suited to experienced builders who plan on doing their own custom loops.

We hope you found an E-ATX PC case on this list!

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