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12 Best Dual-Chamber PC Cases – 2021

If you’re in search of a dual-chamber PC case then you’ve come to the right place.

What is a dual-chamber PC case?

A dual-chamber PC case utilizes two main compartments inside the chassis. Primarily, this design feature is to separate the thermal components from the cooler ones. Many dual-chamber cases will also allow you to display your hardware in the front while hiding “ugly” PSUs in the rear.

This makes them a great choice for a variety of different systems and builds…

In this post, we will take a look at some of the best dual-chamber cases on the market right now.

What is the best dual-chamber PC case?

12. Fractal Design Node 202

The Node 202 is a clean and compact, mini-ITX chassis. It has a dual-chamber design that divides up the motherboard from the GPU. Besides improving thermal performance, this results in it being one of the very few HTPC cases that can house full-size, 310mm graphics cards.

In terms of the build, The 202 is constructed in three parts; a center frame and a top/ bottom cover that sandwich it together. Not only does this contribute to a hassle-free installation but it also creates a dust-free interior with air vents in optimal locations.

As previously mentioned, the center frame is split into two chambers. On one side there’s room for the PSU and a motherboard with a 56mm cooler height. Whereas the other fits the GPU. For memory, a drive gauge slots over both chambers. It can store two 2.5” SSD’s, with one on each side.

Thanks to the included stand, you can position the chassis in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. Both placements allow easy access to the I/O’s on the front of the case. Here you can find two USB 3.0’s as well as two 3.5mm audio jacks.

Overall, the 202 is a top PC case with a space-efficient, dual-chamber design.

11. Thermaltake Core V1

The Core V1 is a spacious mini ITX chassis with a 200mm fan in the front panel. It features smart interchangeable side panels that you can flip according to find the best cooling performance. For the best viewing presentation, there’s also an acrylic window at the top.

To optimize ventilation, the cube shape design is divided into two main chambers. As a result, your motherboard sits in a horizontal position a third of the way up the chassis. It can house 140mm CPU coolers and a 230mm length graphics card, which is quite rare for an m-ITX case.

In the bottom chamber, there are two removable drive bays and plenty of space for your cables and PSU unit. Each bay can fit two hard drives, with one accommodating two 3.5” drives and the other storing 2.5” SSD’s. For the PSU, it’s possible to fit an impressive 180mm length. 

To prolong the life of the PSU unit, we particularly like that the bottom of the chamber has an adjustable rubber frame. This helps by dampening vibration, along with assisting in noise reduction. The large 200mm fan at the front is also super quiet making it an all-around silent case.

10. Fractal Design Node 804

The Node 804 is a cube shape, micro-ATX chassis that focuses on cooling performance and maximum configurability. To achieve this, it utilizes a highly effective dual-chamber layout that allows for unrestricted airflow while cleverly managing space.

In terms of appearance, the shell presents a minimalistic design with an elegant brushed aluminum front. On the left side, there’s a transparent side panel to show off your set up in style. This differs from the solid panel on the right half that conceals the rest of your hardware.

Conveniently, the top, front, and side panels remove individually for easy access to the internals. Inside the main chamber, there’s room for your motherboard, a 160mm CPU cooler, and a 320mm GPU length. Additionally, there’s room for two 240mm radiators in the top/ bottom. 

The secondary chamber features one of the stand out qualities of this case. Here, you will find a unique hard drive mounting system that’s capable of fitting a whopping eight 3.5″ and four 2.5” drives, or up to ten 3.5” and two 2.5” HDD’s/ SSD’s.

As a result, it would make a fantastic NAS chassis for storing backup streams or sharing files remotely with your friends.

9. Corsair Carbide Series Air 540

The Corsair Air 540 is a cube-shaped, ATX chassis that offers exceptional airflow. It has a dual-chamber layout that intelligently separates the components that generate the most heat, in addition to providing plenty of internal volume to help organize your setup.

Like most other Corsair cases, we particularly like that the Air 540 has a tool-less design. The mesh top and front slide out to give you access to the fans, and the side panels remove with ease via thumbscrews. As you can see, one of the side panels has an acrylic window for a full view inside.

Once removed, the main chamber fits a motherboard, a 320mm GPU, and a CPU cooler of practically any height. To deliver cool air to these components, the case includes three 140mm Corsair AF140L intake and exhaust fans. If that’s not enough, there’s also room for another 280mm radiator up top.

In the rear, there’s room for two 3.5” HDD bays, four 2.5” SSD bays, and a 250mm power supply unit. Conveniently, the HD bays feature hot-swap connectors on the right-side compartment so you don’t have to route cables to your hard drives.

Overall, it’s a big, spacious PC case with an efficient dual-chamber design.

8. Thermaltake Tower 900

The Tower 900 is a huge E-ATX case that somewhat resembles a fish tank. Much like a fish tank, the close-frame chassis features three, 5mm thick tempered glass panels to display its interior system. As a result, the design is primarily suited for modders and custom cooling enthusiasts.

Unsurprisingly, this PC case has a dual-chamber layout, with the front of the chassis housing the bulk of your hardware. In the top half, there’s room for a motherboard with a maximum 260mm cooler height and a vertically mounted graphics card up to 400mm in length.

Furthermore, in the bottom half, you will notice a drive bay cage that can store two 2.5”/3.5” drives. Located in the middle, it takes full advantage of the unused area and works to divide the chassis in two, leaving space on either side for dual reservoir pumps.

In the back, you will find four more 2.5”/3.5” drive bays and even one 5.25” bay at the bottom. There’s also room to fit a 220mm PSU and multiple radiator fans.

All in all, if you’re searching for a fully modular case with an abundance of room to grow, you’ll struggle to beat the Tower 900.

7. Rosewill CULLINAN PX

The Rosewill Cullinan PX is a small but mighty case that takes the shape of a cuboid. To produce a decent cooling platform, It has a dual-chamber layout. Aesthetically, A hybrid of two separate glass and aluminum panels divide the two chambers.

Although the twin chamber design appears near symmetrical from the picture, the front compartment is surprisingly bigger than the rear. As a result, It can house up to ATX motherboards, 120mm max-cooler heights, and a GPU length allowance of 310mm.

With that said, the narrow rear chamber still provides more than enough space to mount a standard ATX PSU on its side, along with all the nasty cables. In addition to this, there’s slots for four hard drives. This includes two 3.5” bays that have removable trays and two 2.5” SSD mounts.

A big plus is that the spacious interior supports up to seven 120mm fans. At the front of the primary chamber. you will notice the two 120mm pre-installed case fans. Apart from this, there’s room for a 280mm liquid cooler at the top, two optional 120mm fans in the bottom, and one 120mm exhaust.

Overall, if you’re searching for a dual-chamber PC case with great airflow and a small footprint, the Cullinan PX is a solid choice.

6. Anidees AI Crystal Cube

The Anidees AR V3 is a cube-style PC case with a dual-chamber design. Available in black or white, it comes with five large 120mm RGB fans, with four of these on the front and one exhaust in the rear. All fans are visible, thanks to the 5mm tempered glass panels on the front and side.

Whether you’re a fan of square cases or not, you will appreciate just how practical this case is to build. The dual-chambers compartments offer plenty of cable space. What’s also great is that the inputs and outputs can cleverly switch sides, depending on your needs.

Due to being an E-ATX case, the Crystal Cube fits motherboards up to 305 x 330mm as well as graphics cards at less than 335mm in length. If you do want to fit in a smaller GPU, there’s even room to accommodate an extra 280mm radiator at the front.

To control all those fans, the AR V3 includes a radio frequency remote. With the remote, you can cycle through a large selection of addressable RGB effects and even change the fan speed.

All in all, it’s a beautiful case that looks especially special when it’s all lit up.

5. Azza Optima 803

The Optima 803 has an innovative design that is sure to draw eyes to any setup. As you can see, one unique trait about this case is that the motherboard mounts inversely so that the bottom of the GPU faces forward. This allows you to show off your graphics card through the front of the glass panel.

If you’re wondering just how big a GPU it can fit, the ATX chassis supports up to 320mm in length. Furthermore, there’s also room for additional radiators (up to 240mm) in the bottom and rear. The deal does come with two 120mm Hurricane fans so two more 240mm radiators would max it out.

The front-facing motherboard orientation makes the chassis easy to build and works to divide the case into two separate chambers. As a result, this reduces the heat source of both the motherboard and the power supply from negatively affecting the other components.

If you want to access your components from either the front or the back, what’s great is that the tempered glass panels simply pull off with ease.

Overall, if you’re searching for a dual-chamber PC case that provides excellent visibility of your GPU and interior system, it’s well worth the money

4. Thermaltake Level 20 XT

The Thermaltake Level 20 XT is an E-ATX cube chassis taken from the TT premium product line. Designed specially to show off custom liquid cooling systems, this ultra-modern PC case provides a clear line of view, thanks to the four tempered glass panels that surround it.

In terms of the design, dual chambers separate the cooling, PSU, and hardware components. The motherboard then sits flat above the bottom chamber to provide native horizontal mounting. It can house 400mm max-length graphics cards and 250mm CPU cooler heights.

Besides having a vertical facing motherboard, what’s great about this case is that it’s very accessible. The dismountable modular design means you can strip it down to the bones and unscrew all the sides from the chassis. As a result, installation is a breeze, with no hard to reach areas.

If you’re not planning on doing any custom-cooling, don’t let that put you off – as there’s ample room for case fans. Unfortunately, the Level 20 XT only includes one 140mm rear fan, however, it does support up to twenty 120mm fans in total!  

In short, it’s a sleek and solid build that’s excellent for all kinds of mods.

3. Thermaltake View 51 – ARGB

The Thermaltake View 51 is a Lian Li-011D (XL) inspired chassis. It does come with a slight twist though, in that the massive E-ATX full tower design optimizes ventilation so that it can be sufficiently air-cooled – rather than just relying on a liquid cooling system. 

To achieve this, the case has extra high feet and a grille in the bottom for additional airflow access. Furthermore, a narrow vent separates the front and the back dual chambers to ensure the interior temperatures stay low at all times.

Besides this, the case comes with two pre-installed 200mm RGB fans at the front and one 120mm fan at the back. As a result, it aims to sufficiently push cool air in through one side and straight out of the other.

For a fantastic clear view of your PC hardware and RGB fans, the case features three 4mm tempered glass panels on the front and sides. The front glass panel also works as a swing-out door, which makes accessing the components even easier than the original Lian Li-011D.

Another stark contrast between the two cases is that you also have the option to mount the GPU vertically with the patented GPU bracket.

Overall, if you’re searching for a roomy chassis with excellent airflow and great looks, this is a serious contender.

2. Corsair Crystal Series 680X

The Corsair Crystal Series 680X is another case that builds upon the ever-popular Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic concept. In the same way, it features three tempered glass panels on the front but differs due to having a slightly deeper second chamber, along with a hinged side door.

The dual ATX chamber layout of the 680X is ideal for novice builders who are still learning their trade. With extra cable routing, storage drive space, and PSU mounting in the back, it makes it easier than ever to assemble an immaculate system that your friends would be proud of.

Besides this, the twin chambers help to prevent residual heat from affecting the other components. In turn, this results in the best performance for your hardware by preventing any unnecessary throttling.

To actively cool and light up the front chamber, the case includes four 120mm fans. Three of the four case fans are RGB (LL120) fans. These are easy to control via the CORSAIR iCUE lighting node pro that comes with the deal.

All in all, it’s a beautiful case that would make a wonderful centerpiece in your home.

1. Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic

The Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic is a modern, ATX chassis with a dual-chamber layout. Developed in collaboration with German over clocker Der8auer, the iconic design was one of the first of its kind to exhibit a PC builder’s masterpiece.

Since it was introduced two years ago, there’s a reason why there have been so many “knock-offs” of the case. Not only does it look super clean with its full-view tempered glass front and side panels, but it also takes cable management very seriously.

In the back of the case, there’s plenty of room to hide your cables behind the angled motherboard tray. To access this space, multiple rubber grommets allow you to pass cables from the front to the back without any issues and the back sidebar helps to exclude any mess.

Besides storage for cables, the rear chamber also has room for two power supply units or up to four SSD’s. Alternatively, in the front of the case, there’s room for 420mm graphics cards and up to three 360mm radiators without any interference.

Overall, with its dual-chamber design and enclosed glass panels, it’s obvious this PC case is specific to water cooling setups. It will expose every nook and cranny, making it particularly suited to experienced builders who plan on doing their own custom loops.

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