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15 Most Unique PC Cases You Can Buy – 2021

If you’re in search of a unique PC case to showcase your build then you’ve come to the right place.

Not everybody wants a traditional tower design; and with innovative manufacturers pushing the boundaries each year, you might be surprised at what you’re missing.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the most unusual and unconventional PC case designs that are available to buy.

So… Why have an average case, when it could be extraordinary?

What is the most unique PC case?

15. IN WIN B1 Mini-ITX Tower Case

The IN WIN B1 Tower is a small and portable case that at first glance appears like a backpack. Constructed entirely of ABS plastic with a tempered glass top, it has a rigid exterior that incorporates ventilation into the design, while not compromising the form or function.

Inside the extremely compact 3.3L chassis is just enough room for a mini ITX motherboard with a cooler height of 60mm. Unfortunately, the small form factor size provides no room for expansion cards so that does mean you would have to go for an APU only system.

On the plus side, it comes with a custom 200W 80 plus gold power supply unit, which is more than enough power for any APU on the market. It’s worth noting that this PSU is unique to the PC case itself so the option to upgrade in the future is pretty much limited.

As you can see from the picture, the B1 offers plenty of ventilation thanks to the circumference of vents that wrap around the sides. Once you pop off the top panel, you will also notice a strategically placed stock fan and dust filter to collect dust and expel warm air out the other side.

Furthermore, we particularly like that it comes with both a vertical and horizontal mounting stand. This allows you to position the case any way you want.

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14. Anidees AI Crystal Cube

Cube-style PC cases are sometimes hit or miss, however, Anidees gets it right with their dual-chamber, front mesh design. To optimize airflow, the “Crystal Cube” comes with five large 120mm RGB case fans, with four of these on the front and one exhaust in the rear.

Whether you’re a fan of square cases or not, you will appreciate just how practical this case is to build. The dual-chambers offer plenty of cable space in either compartment. In addition to this, the inputs and outputs can cleverly switch sides, depending on your needs.

Due to being an E-ATX case, the Crystal Cube fits motherboards up to 305 x 330mm as well as graphics cards at less than 335mm in length. If you do want to fit in a smaller GPU, there’s even room to accommodate an extra 280mm radiator at the front.

All in all, it’s a small and physically well-built case that looks especially special when it’s all lit up.


The KEDIERS 7 is a unique, open PC case that somewhat appears like a Star Wars Sandcrawler. Designed with an angled front that can bend around an ITX motherboard and a 330mm GPU, each adjacent section can fit either a single or dual 120mm fan to make up a total of seven.

For this reason, what you’re getting with the KEDIERS is a powerful cooling system. The pre-installed fans provide plenty of air movement inside. This means you can pack it with some serious hardware and never have to worry about it breaking a sweat.

Coupled with the fact that there’s plenty of room to work with, it’s particularly suited to first-time builders who are ready to install their hardware straight out of the box.

To help you with the process, the package comes with a manual, screws, and some trusty cable ties. Besides this, you even get a multifunctional RGB remote control; for all those fans of course.

12. Silverstone Lucid Mini Tower

The Lucid-AF is a one-of-a-kind, Mini-ITX case that gleams like an elegant art piece. It combines advanced engineering with precision manufacturing to display the triple tempered glass panels with no exposed screws. To achieve this, the majority of the build uses tool-less clips.

In terms of the design, the motherboard rotates 90 degrees for a vertical orientation. Two 120mm fans locate towards the top and bottom of the internal chassis to provide a vacuum of air, and a drive tray braces the steel frame together for extra support.  

Due to the inversion of the motherboard, there’s just enough room to support full-size graphics cards up to 309mm in length. Additionally, all of your inputs and outputs can be found on the top. To access the I/O’s, this involves the removal of a top vented cover that uses the same tool-less clips.  

All in all, it’s a beauty. The tinted glass does a great job of hiding any wires to keep it looking faultless.

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11. Azza Optima 803

The Optima 803 has an innovative design that is sure to draw eyes to any setup. As you can see, one unique trait about this PC case is that the motherboard mounts inversely so that the bottom of the GPU faces forward. This lets you show off your graphics card through the front of the glass panel.

If you’re wondering just how big a GPU it can fit, the ATX chassis supports up to 320mm in length. Furthermore, there’s also room for additional radiators (up to 240mm) in the bottom and rear. The deal does come with two 120mm Hurricane fans so two more 240mm radiators would max it out.

The front-facing motherboard orientation makes the case easy to build on and works to divide the case into two separate chambers. As a result, this reduces the heat source of both the motherboard and the power supply from negatively affecting the other components.

If you want to access your components from either the front or the back, what’s great is that the tempered glass panels simply pull off with ease.

Overall, if your searching for a slightly unconventional PC case that not many others have, it’s well worth the money.

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10. Thermaltake Core P90

The Core P90 is an open frame, ATX glass chassis that allows you to flaunt your build and water-cooling skills. It does this by having a unique, two-sided PC case design that separates the motherboard from the cooling system. This offers plenty of flexibility for multiple configurations.

Additionally, the two-sided, prism-shaped design allows you to position your PC in multiple layouts. This includes vertically, horizontally, or even on the wall. Although, we think it looks and performs best in its upright position where it’s less likely to accumulate dust.

If do you wish to build the P90 in its vertical position, the case comes with a two-way GPU placement bracket and a steady pair of “human-looking” feet. The placement bracket provides eight PCIe expansion slots. It can also help to prevent your water cooling tubing from sagging under any weight.

On the right side of the prism, there’s room for radiators up to 480mm, as well as a water pump/ reservoir for your coolant. Furthermore, cable and storage drive space is abundant inside the back of the case. Overall, it’s a stylish and roomy chassis that’s ideal for custom PC enthusiasts.

9. Thermaltake AH T600 Snow Helicopter

The Thermaltake AH T600 is an open frame, full tower case that can support up to E-ATX motherboards. Inspired by the Apache helicopter, it features two 5mm tempered glass panels on the sides and three 3mm glass panels in the cockpit at the front.

Constructed using solid steel, the chassis provides ample capacity for multiple PC components. There’s room for GPU’s up to 440 mm in length, a 200mm² PSU, and a max CPU cooler height of 195mm. Furthermore, a large mounting bracket sits inside that can house two HDDs and three SSDs.

To provide maximum airflow, the spacious interior has you covered. In the front of the case, there’s room for a 480 mm radiator. Additionally, a large 360mm radiator can fit along the top. If you prefer not to use the vertical bracket for your storage, it can brace another radiator of the same size.

We also like that the design is fully modular. The expansion slots can rotate 90 degrees, giving you the option to display the GPU either vertically or horizontally. Furthermore, the majority of the mounting arrays are dismountable so you can strip out the install elements you don’t need.

All in all, it’s a very cool case that will keep your PC setup looking both unique and tidy.

8. AZZA Cube 802

Up next is the second Cube-style chassis on our list; and with its propped-up design, it’s safe to say the AZZA 802 would fit right in at any modern exhibition. Moreover, it’s also fully functional, which is obviously important too.

When compared to the Crystal Cube, the AZZA Cube 802 offers a similar look and feel. Of course, this is minus the stand that helps to tilt the cube at an angle. Visually, both cases feature three tempered glass panels, two 240mm RGB fans on the front, and several RGB strips on the sides.

The dual-chamber design is also more or less the same as the Crystal Cube. Separate compartments help to prevent residual heat from affecting the other components, which in turn helps to improve performance and prevent unnecessary throttling.

When comparing the size, the steel chassis of the Azza 802 is a few inches smaller than the Crystal Cube. As a result, it can only accommodate ATX size motherboards (not E-ATX), graphics cards up to 280mm long, and 165mm CPU coolers.

Overall, it’s a spectacle to look at, and a super-easy PC case to build in.

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