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The 12 Best Horizontal PC Cases [Sep 2021]

If you’re in search of a horizontal PC case then you’ve come to the right place.

Not everybody wants to position their chassis vertically, particularly those that have plenty of desk surface or are just wanting to squeeze their build within a tight space. Whether this is in a study, a bedroom cabinet, or generally in a low ceiling area.

Alternatively, you might even just prefer to assemble and display your setup this way instead.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the best PC cases with a horizontal or two-way placement layout.


1. Best Mini-ITX cases.
2. Best Micro-ATX cases.
3. Best ATX cases.

What is the best Horizontal PC case?

What is the best Mini-ITX Horizontal PC case?

5. Goodisory A01

The Goodisory A01 is an attractive mini-ITX chassis that’s ideal for a fan-less build. Constructed of aluminum, it’s available in a variety of brushed color finishes including Black, Silver, and Red. It also comes in a choice of two different designs including with or without a glass top.

Once inside, you will notice a hard drive tray that can fit either two 2.5″ SSD’s, or one 2.5″ and 3.5″ HDD. It’s worth noting that the tray is located directly above the motherboard so if you do decide to use a standard 2.5” drive, this only leaves enough room to mount a 55mm cooler height.

In addition to this, the small form factor size can house graphics cards up to 180mm, along with a Pico PSU. Unfortunately, it does not include a PSU so you will have to buy one separately.

For ventilation, the AO1 features multiple slots in the side, and more in the top if you go for the aluminum plate top. Conversely, the glass model has a sealed top. This means if you do go for the glass model, you will have to raise the top with some rubber rings to attain adequate thermal temps. 

Al in all, if you’re searching for a mini-ITX PC case that can sit flat on the desk, it’s a great budget choice.

4. Golden Field N-2S

The Golden Field N-2S is a Mini-ITX case with a cube shape design. Also made of an aluminum alloy, it has a smart, brushed finish that makes it a pleasure to view on the desk. Moreover, the small form factor footprint prevents it from occupying too much space.

Starting the build is a breeze thanks to the tool-free panels that pull straight off the chassis. Once inside, the motherboard sits in a horizontal position on the floor of the PC case. It can fit 270mm max-length graphics cards and a 140mm CPU cooler without hitting the drive bracket.

The drive bracket has room for both a 2.5” and a 3.5” hard drive along the top, however, there’s also space for two more 2.5” SSD’s on one side of the chassis. Besides this, the interior can accommodate a standard ATX PSU, along with a 120mm case fan or water cooler at the back.

Unusually, the inputs/ outputs are on the side of the front panel rather than next to the power button on the front. Although this does look slightly unnatural with inputs plugged in, it should add a touch of convenience for most people.

Overall, it’s a great value case that gives you plenty of room to work in.

3. SilverStone RVZ03-ARGB

The SilverStone RVZ03-ARGB is a small form factor, mini-ATX case that fits neatly in any environment. Constructed of a steel body with a reinforced plastic outer shell, it boasts a positive air pressure design for excellent cooling, quietness, and dust-prevention.

To achieve this, the case is built uniquely in that a plastic outer shell runs around the core of the chassis. Besides housing numerous vents and adding a second layer of protection to the case, it blends into the “Raven-style” front to display a beautiful RGB strip.

Inside the case are two separate brackets to keep your components secure; a PSU bracket and a video card bracket. The PSU bracket can fit full-size ATX power supplies. Whereas the VGA bracket can support GPUs up to 330mm, in addition to two 2.5 SSD’s on one side and one more on the other.

We also like that the deal includes a PCI express riser card set for the brackets, a support Kensington lock, and an ARGB control PCB. Overall, if you’re searching for a horizontal PC case with some extra flair, the RVZ03 certainly stands out.

2. Fractal Design Node 202

The Node 202 is a clean and compact, mini-ITX chassis. It has a dual-chamber design that divides up the motherboard from the GPU. Besides improving thermal performance, this results in it being one of the very few HTPC cases that can house full-size, 310mm graphics cards.

In terms of the build, The 202 is constructed in three parts; a center frame and a top/ bottom cover that sandwich it together. This not only contributes to a hassle-free installation but also creates a dust-free interior with air vents in optimal locations.

As previously mentioned, the center frame is split into two chambers. On one side there’s room for the PSU and a MoBo with a 56mm CPU cooler height, whereas the other fits the GPU. For memory, a drive gauge slots over both chambers. It can store two 2.5” SSD’s, with one on each side.

Thanks to the included stand, you can position the PC case in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. Both placements allow easy access to the I/O’s on the front of the case. These include two USB 3.0’s as well as two 3.5mm audio jacks.

Overall, the 202 is a top chassis with a space-efficient design.

1. IN WIN B1 – Mini-ITX Tower Case

The IN WIN B1 Tower is a small and portable case that at first glance appears like a backpack. Constructed entirely of ABS plastic with a tempered glass top, it has a rigid exterior that incorporates ventilation into the design, while not compromising the form or function.

Inside the extremely compact 3.3L chassis is just enough room for a mini ITX motherboard with a cooler height of 60mm. Unfortunately, the small form factor size provides no room for expansion cards. As a result, this does mean you would have to go for an APU only system.

On the plus side, it comes with a custom 200W 80 plus gold power supply unit, which is more than enough power for any APU on the market. It’s worth noting that this PSU is unique to the PC case itself so the option to upgrade in the future is pretty much limited.

As you can see from the picture, the B1 offers plenty of ventilation thanks to the circumference of vents that wrap around the sides. Once you pop off the top panel, you will also notice a strategically placed stock fan and dust filter that come with the case.

Furthermore, we particularly like that the B1 features two mounting stands. This allows you to position the PC case in both a vertical and horizontal position.

What is the best Micro-ATX Horizontal PC case?

3. IN WIN CJ712

The In Win CJ712 is a slim 8L, SFF chassis with a smart interior structure. It supports Micro-ATX motherboards, 240mm graphics cards, and two 2.5″ SSDs or one 3.5″/ 2.5″ HDD. The deal also includes a free Flex ATX 265W power supply and a 90mm fan at the front.

In terms of appearance, the sleek exterior is relatively minimalistic. No noticeable branding can be seen anywhere on the shell, and for decoration, there’s only a pattern of vents on the front. Next to the vents are four front-facing USB ports and two 3.5mm jacks.

Once inside, you will notice a drive tray sits directly above the motherboard area. Unfortunately, this only leaves room for a 45mm cooler height. As a result, it’s probably best to purchase a low profile heatsink with this case so there’s some room for your SSD’s.

Another thing to be aware of is that there’s not much ventilation inside the chassis apart from the stock fan. Hence, this might be another area in need of an upgrade.

Even if it does come with a few minor issues, it’s still a well-built PC case that you can position flat.

2. Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L

The MasterBox Q300L is a highly functional case that offers impressive thermal performance. It has a simple cube design that can support up to Micro ATX motherboards, as well as a perforated top, front, and bottom to maximize airflow.

To cover the perforated sides of the chassis, the Q300L comes with three magnetic dust filters that you can simply peel off to clean. These have a geometric pattern that adds to the unique aesthetic of the case and makes it visually stand out from the rest.

On the front is a full-size acrylic side panel for a clear full view of your hardware. This is held in place by four rubber thumb screws in each corner to protect against marks from over-tightening.

Once inside there’s enough room to house a 360mm GPU, a normal size ATX power supply, and a cooler height of 157mm. Additionally, there’s extra space behind the MoBo tray for your cables. There’s also room for multiple 120mm fans and radiators going all around the edge of the chassis.

To further meet the needs of your setup, the I/O panel can be adjusted to three different locations on both the front and back of the chassis. Another versatile feature is that you can position the PC case upright or flat depending on your preference.

Overall, it’s a quality product for a budget build.

1. Thermaltake Level 20 VT

The Thermaltake Level 20 VT is an m-ATX cube chassis taken from the TT premium product line. Designed specially to show off custom liquid cooling systems, this ultra-modern PC case provides a spectacular view, thanks to the four tempered glass panels that surround it.

In terms of the design, dual chambers separate the cooling, PSU, and hardware components. The motherboard then sits flat on the bottom chamber to provide native horizontal mounting. It can house 350mm, max-length graphics cards as well as 185mm CPU cooler heights.

Besides having a vertical facing motherboard, what’s great about this case is that it’s very accessible. The dismountable modular design means you can strip it down to the bones and unscrew all the sides from the chassis. As a result, installation is a breeze, with no hard to reach areas.

If you’re not planning on doing any custom-cooling, don’t let that put you off – as there’s ample room for case fans. Unfortunately, the Level 20 VT only includes one 200mm front RGB fan, however, it does support up to nine 120mm fans in total!  

In short, it’s a sleek and solid build that’s excellent for all kinds of mods.

What is the best ATX Horizontal PC case?

4. Thermaltake Core P90

The Core P90 is an open frame, ATX glass chassis that allows you to flaunt your build and water-cooling skills. It does this by having a unique, two-sided PC case design that separates the motherboard from the cooling system. This offers plenty of flexibility for multiple configurations.

Additionally, the two-sided, prism-shaped design allows you to position your PC in multiple layouts. This includes vertically, horizontally, or even on the wall. Although, we think it looks and performs best in its upright position where it’s less likely to accumulate dust.

If do you wish to build the P90 in its horizontal position, it’s possible to view the PC case from all angles. Another benefit is that it provides an abundance of hidden space inside the back compartment for your cables and storage drives.

Alternatively, a steady pair of “human-looking” feet help to balance the P90 in its upright position. For additional support, it also features a two-way GPU placement bracket. The placement bracket provides eight PCI-e slots and can provide extra support for your water cooling tubing.

Overall, it’s a stylish and roomy case that’s ideal for custom PC enthusiasts.

3. Thermaltake Core P5

The Thermaltake Core P5 is a fully modular, open frame case that allows you to take your presentation to the next level. Built with three tempered glass panels, plus four stainless steel pillars (to secure them in place), it offers a fantastic panoramic viewing from multiple locations.

While the original was released some time ago, Thermaltake have had plenty of time to fine tweak their classic design. It now comes in a range of different sizes (from Mini-ITX to E-ATX), a selection of colors, as well as clear or tinted windows to suit your preferences.

Once you have decided upon the above options, the P90 gives you plenty more to think about. You can choose to place the PC case in three ways; vertical, horizontal, or even on the wall. To fully utilize your preferred orientation, the modular design includes an assortment of brackets and racks.

In terms of appearance, you can either keep the 5mm tempered glass window panels on the side of the case or even remove them if you wish.

Overall it’s a tried and tested PC case that provides an excellent view of everything inside.

2. Azza CSAZ-804V Pyramid

The Azza CSAZ-804V is a unique and innovative case that takes the shape of a pyramid. Built with a large E-ATX base that fits inside a quad-panel cone of tempered glass, it lets you admire your PC setup from all angles for a clear and spectacular view.

To begin the build, the prism-shaped cone lifts directly off the chassis. You can then lay your motherboard flat on the base like a test bench. As a result, this makes it extremely easy to work on; due to the graphics card inserting straight into the PCI slot.

Ventilation is another area where the 804V excels. The open-air design has slots in the sides for hot air to escape, as well as a large cut out in the back for the PSU. To further help exhaust heat, you get a free 120mm fan with the setup. There’s also room for multiple radiators under the base.

An additional slot on the bottom front of the case gives you access to all your inputs/ outputs. Here you can find a metal power button, two x USB 3.0, a Type C port, and an HD audio jack.

Overall, it’s an eye-pleasing and fully-functional case that’s a dream to work on.

1. Thermaltake Core G3

The Core G3 is a unique ATX chassis designed specifically for virtual reality systems. It features a two-way placement layout that allows users to lay the case in a horizontal position, as well as a large acrylic window on one side to view your inner PC components.

Recognized as one of the slimmest ATX cases on the market, the G3 does well to maximize its volume. To achieve this, the chassis utilizes a vertical, floating GPU design that can accommodate 310mm length cards. Additionally, it opts for a smaller SFX, PSU area at the bottom of the case.

Low temps are increasingly important with compact cases, which is why the G3 comes with two preinstalled 120mm turbo fans at the front. Conversely, for liquid-cooled configurations, it provides enough room for a 240mm AIO in the same location.

Beneath the fans is an HDD cage that can fit both a 2. 5″ and 3. 5” drive. Also found on the front of the chassis are all your inputs and outputs.

Overall, it’s an excellent PC case that you can lay flat and squeeze in narrow spaces.

We hope you found a horizontal PC case on this list!

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