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12 Best Inverted PC Cases for Left Side of Desk – 2021

If you’re in search of the best inverted PC case then you’ve come to the right place.

What is an inverted PC case?

Unlike conventional cases, inverted cases have an upside-down chassis design with the glass panel on the right side (and not the left). This benefits users wanting to showcase their hardware from the left side of the desk, where they are more likely to have space. 

Essentially, inverted cases are flipped horizontally, similar to that of a mirror image. As a result, most graphics cards are in the top of inverted cases due to motherboards and GPUs only having connectors on one side.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the latest reverse PC cases on the market right now.

What is the best inverted PC case?

12. Raijintek THETIS Window PC Case

Motherboard: ATX
Dimensions [L×W×D]: 19.69” x 3.94” x 19.69”

Those hunting for a more elegant ATX case are going to love the THETIS. Using a lot of aluminum (with a nickel-like finish) and high-end components throughout, this is a strong, lightweight, and gorgeous case that won’t break your bank account.

In addition to the brushed aluminum chassis construction, the THETIS features high quality tempered glass side panel with a smokey tint. The tint is quite dark, making it better for people who are aiming to hide their internals rather than display them through the side window.

Despite its relatively compact size, this chassis can still accommodate full-size ATX motherboards, 170mm CPU coolers, and 280mm GPUs. Much like some of the other PC cases on this list, the graphics card slots into the expansion slots towards the top because of the inverted mobo layout.

Thanks to the large ventilated mesh top panel, keeping temperatures low is fairly easy. Underneath you can mount a 240mm radiator without any trouble, or have dual 120mm fans instead. Additionally, there’s room for a 120mm floor fan and one more 120mm exhaust.

All in all, it’s a well-built case with a premium look and feel.

11. SilverStone Technology SST-LD01B

Motherboard: m-ATX
Dimensions [L×W×H]: 15.6” x 8.6” x 17”

Finding a micro-ATX chassis that isn’t identical to almost every other option out there can be a bit of challenge, but not for this SilverStone choice. With three sides of tempered glass and a beautiful stainless steel frame, it comes smartly engineered and offers plenty of internal space.

Aesthetically, the LD01B has a super clean and modern look. We particularly like the way the smoked tempered glass wraps around the case so it appears almost frameless. Apart from the white trim on the top and bottom, no seams can be found without a closer inspection.

In terms of the build, there’s room for motherboards with a 168mm CPU cooler, 370mm graphics cards, and 160 to 220mm PSUs (depending on the HD cage bracket position). The adjustable drive cage shares the bottom PSU shroud and provides three tool-less trays for 3.5” or 2.5” drives.

Although glass cases aren’t known for their impressive thermals, the LD01B does rectify this with perforations in top of the case and top/ bottom of the front panel. This allows ventilation for dual 120mm fans (or 280mm radiators) In the top and front to disperse heat effectively.

10. darkFlash V22 White

Motherboard: ATX
Dimensions [L×W×H]:  17.3″ x 8.4″ x 17.5″

The darkFlash V22 is an innovative, mid-tower chassis that gives users great flexibility to upgrade. Highlights include a gorgeous and functional swinging tempered glass door (with a magnet “button” closure mechanism), and an angular front-edge panel mesh to provide top-tier ventilation.

Aesthetically, the look of the V22 is immediately pleasing and somewhat reminiscent of what the folks at Apple would have cooked up. Featuring clean lines, high-end materials, and milky white colors, it would make a superb choice for any minimalist setup.

In terms of the build, there’s room to accommodate ATX motherboards with 167mm coolers, 200mm PSUs, and 310mm GPUs. Unusually, the motherboard rotates 90 degrees for a vertical GPU orientation. This aims to eliminate GPU stress so you won’t ever have to worry about sagging.

Thanks to the roomy interior that can fit multiple fans, keeping the V22’s system cool is no problem. To keep air moving over your components and in/ out of your rig, three 120mm fans or a 240mm radiator can mount in the front. Additionally, dual 120mm fans can mount in the rear. 

All in all, it’s a fantastic budget option with an inverted PC case design.

9. Thermaltake Core P5

Motherboard: E-ATX
Dimensions [L×W×D]:  23.9” x 13.1” x 22.4”

The Thermaltake Core P5 is an open frame, fully modular case that allows you to take your presentation to the next level. Built with three tempered glass panels, plus four stainless steel pillars to secure them in place, it offers superb panoramic viewing from multiple locations.

While the original was released some time ago, Thermaltake have had plenty of time to fine-tweak their classic design. It now comes in a range of different sizes (from Mini-ITX to E-ATX), a selection of colors, as well as clear or tinted windows to suit your preferences.

Once you have decided upon the above options, the Core P5 gives you plenty more to think about. The versatile design can be placed three ways;  vertically, horizontally, or wall-mounted. Furthermore, due to being fully modular, it includes an assortment of brackets and racks for a remarkable expansion.

In terms of appearance, you can either choose to keep the 5mm tempered glass window panels on the side of the case or even remove them if you wish. Overall if you’re searching for a tried and tested PC case that provides an excellent view from various angles, it’s a top choice.

8. Thermaltake Level 20 VT

Motherboard: m-ATX
Dimensions [L×W×D]:  13.7” x 13” x 16.9”

The Thermaltake Level 20 VT is an m-ATX cube chassis taken from the TT premium product line. Designed specially to show off custom liquid cooling systems, this ultra-modern PC case provides a spectacular view, thanks to the four tempered glass panels that surround it.

In terms of the design, dual chambers separate the cooling, PSU, and hardware components. The motherboard then sits flat on the bottom chamber to provide native horizontal mounting. It can house 350mm, max-length graphics cards as well as 185mm CPU cooler heights.

Besides having a vertical-facing motherboard, what’s great about this case is that it’s extremely modular. The dismountable design means you can strip it down to the bones and unscrew/ interchange the five symmetrical panels. As a result, you can invert or configure it to suit your needs.

If you’re not planning on doing any custom-cooling, don’t let that put you off – as there’s ample room for case fans. Unfortunately, the Level 20 VT only includes one 200mm front RGB fan, however, it does support up to nine 120mm fans in total!  

In short, it’s a sleek and solid build that’s excellent for all kinds of mods.

This case also comes in E-ATX size.

7. Sharkoon Rev200

Motherboard: ATX
Dimensions [L×W×D]:  19.06” x 8.46” x 19.09”

The Sharkoon Rev200 is a mid-tower, ATX chassis that presents its hardware in a “revolutionary” new way. Besides having an inverted layout with the glass side panel on the right-hand side, the motherboard mounts 90 degrees for a vertical installation of graphics cards.

In comparison to conventional designs, the new layout provides some unique benefits. The first is that cool air from the front three input fans flows directly onto the GPU. Secondly, it’s possible to a mount a 240mm radiator at the rear so that hot air can be efficiently transported out of the back.

Another major benefit is that cable management is super easy. In the top of the case is a spacious cable compartment that provides various possibilities for hiding cables. Moreover, above is a top magnetic panel that gives access to all your motherboard and graphics cards I/Os.

In terms of hardware, the Rev200 has space for ITX up to ATX motherboards (with a 165mm cooler height), 323mm graphics cards, and a 200mm PSU. Additionally, for storage, there’s room for two HDDs plus two SSDs in the power supply shroud, as well as two more SSDs behind the motherboard tray. 

We particularly like that the case comes with five RGB 120mm fans and has a ridiculous amount of room inside. In short, there’s no going wrong with this inverted ATX PC case.

6. Segotep Phoenix/ Typhoon

Motherboard: ATX
Dimensions [L×W×D]:  21.2” x 11.3” x 21.1”

Segotep produce their own line of inverted PC case designs, in particular the Phoenix and Typhoon models. Both come in different color variations; RGB Galaxy, Typhoon Black, and Typhoon White. Although the chassis do differ slightly, all three utilize vertical GPU mounting.

If you’re a big fan of RGB then you will appreciate the Segotep Phoenix. Equipped with a hinged tempered glass panel on the left side and a transparent glass panel on the front, it has a sleek and sturdy look. Moreover, inside the front is an addressable RGB Strip that provides vivid lighting effects.

In terms of the build, there’s room for ATX motherboards (rotated 90 degrees), 285mm GPUs, and 167mm cooler heights. Both the motherboard and GPU install similarly to the Sharkoon Rev200 with the PCI-e shield and cables tucked away in the top panel of the case. 

At the bottom of the chassis is a full-length power supply shroud that is accessible from the back. Here, there’s room for 200mm PSUs and two 3.5” or 2.5” drives. Two more SSDs can mount behind the motherboard tray towards the top of the panel.

For fan support, three 120mm or 140mm fans can house in the front plus two more in the rear. Unfortunately, Segotep don’t include any fans with their cases so this is something you would have to buy separately. On the plus side, the price does consider this, being very affordable.

All in all, it’s a well-designed and artistically crafted

5. Cooler Master Cosmos C700M

Motherboard: E-ATX
Dimensions [L×W×D]:  25.6” x 12” x 25.6”

The Cosmos C700M is a futuristic, full tower chassis that appears straight out of Halo. It has a highly versatile layout that encourages freedom in building and out-of-the-box customizability. Other features include a curved, tempered glass side panel and addressable RGB strips.

As you can tell, this is a premium case being one of Cooler Masters flagship designs. For that reason, the price is quite high, but so is the build quality. The majority of the components are made from cast aluminum and steel which adds some significant weight to the chassis.

Aesthetically, you will immediately notice the symmetrical aluminum bars on the top and bottom. The roof rack on top eases portability when carrying the case, whereas the feet provide balance and stability. Both bars look fantastic as they reflect ambient light from the RGB strips.

The spacious interior can house up to E-ATX (12″ x 10.7″) motherboards. One particularly unique trait is that the Cosmos OS frame supports a conventional, chimney, or inverse layout. Essentially, this gives you three different options for choosing which orientation you position your motherboard.

Another modular feature is that it’s possible to mount your GPU either vertically, horizontally, or anywhere in between. This is thanks to a bracket that rests above the removable PSU shroud and can rotate from zero to 90 degrees. As a result, you can showcase your gear in virtually any way.

Just as you would expect from a case of this size, there’s radiator support on all four sides, and numerous slots and extra brackets for drive bays. The deal also includes four 140mm pre-installed fans, a PCI-E riser cable, as well as a fan hub.

Overall, if you’ve got the cash, it’s a fantastic PC case for either the left or right hand-side of the desk.

4. Thermaltake Core G3

Motherboard: ATX
Dimensions [L×W×D]:  17.9” x 5.5” x 14.6”

The Core G3 is an inverted ATX chassis designed specifically for virtual reality systems. It features a two-way placement layout that allows users to lay the case in a horizontal position, as well as a large acrylic window on the right-hand side to view your inner PC components.

Recognized as one of the slimmest ATX cases on the market, the G3 does well to maximize its volume. To achieve this, the chassis utilizes a vertical, floating GPU design that can accommodate 310mm length cards. Additionally, it opts for a smaller SFX, PSU area at the bottom of the case.

Low temps are increasingly important with compact cases, which is why the G3 comes with two preinstalled 120mm turbo fans at the front. Conversely, for liquid-cooled configurations, it provides enough room for a 240mm AIO in the same location.

Beneath the fans is a HDD cage that can fit both a 2. 5″ and a 3. 5” drive. Also found on the front of the chassis are all your inputs and outputs.

Overall, it’s an excellent inverted PC case that you can either lay flat or stand upright.

3. SilverStone Technology RL08BR

Motherboard: m-ATX
Dimensions [L×W×D]:  17.05” x 8.54” x 15.39”

The SilverStone RL08BR is a reverse m-ATX chassis with a classy two-tone design. Constructed out of steel and tempered glass, it features top and front mesh panels and a large window on the side. Also on the front is an I/O accent strip that comes in a modern red or white.

Due to the inverted nature of this PC case, the GPU turns upside down to intake air more efficiently from the top of the case. As a result, the PCI-e slots are located in the top of the rear panel. Apart from this, the layout is more or less the same as other conventional cases.

In terms of the build, there’s room for your motherboard with a 168mm cooler height, dual 407mm/ 377mm graphics cards, and a power supply up to 220mm in length. For storage, three 3.5″ HDDs can fit alongside the PSU in the bottom shroud and two 2.5″ SDD mount behind the motherboard tray.

To cool down the system, the chassis goes for a positive air pressure design. Two included 120mm RGB fans mount in the front, two optional 140mm fans can fit in the top, and there’s room for a 120mm in the rear. The top and front panels have removable magnetic filers making it very easy to clean.

All in all, it’s a fantastic left-handed case for inverted PC builds.

2. Seasonic SYNCRO Q704

Motherboard: ATX
Dimensions [L×W×D]:  19.4” x 9.2” x 21.1”

The Syncro Q704 is a stylish mid-tower PC case with a reverse ATX design. It features an aluminum body with a tempered glass panel on one side and an intelligent management hub on the other. The hub “Seasonic Connect” aims to simplify cable routing for a clean and intuitive setup.

Due to centralizing all input connections, “Connect” is a big selling point of this case. It allows you to plug in your case fans, PSU cables, and RGB strips. Besides the added convenience, the module also frees up internal space so that air can circulate more efficiently around the main hardware.

For un-restricted airflow into the system, we particularly like the Q7 has a unique “folded” aluminum front panel. Essentially, this guards and protects the full-length, air filter behind. The front panel has a slot in one side so that the magnetic air filter can easily slide out for for cleaning.

A second magnetic filter sits in the top of the case, and a third pulls out from under the chassis bottom. As this is an inverted PC case, the top filter positions directly over your GPU, which also mounts in the top of the chassis. As a result, you can expect some desirable graphics card thermals.

In terms of build, there’s room for ATX motherboards with 185 mm cooler heights, 345mm GPUs, and 280mm power supplies. Furthermore, Two 3.5” HDDs can also mount in the power supply shroud and three SSDs behind the motherboard tray.

For fan support, three 120mm/ 140mm fans can mount in the front and top, one at the rear, plus one on the perforated power supply shroud. A nice little bonus is that SYNCRO Q7 includes four high-performance Seasonic-Nidec fans that provide powerful, yet silent cooling.

1. be quiet! Silent Base 802

Motherboard: E-ATX
Dimensions [L×W×D]:  21.8” x 11.06” x 21.22”

The Silent Base 802 is a versatile chassis that focuses on both performance and silence. To achieve this, it comes with a second set of interchangeable top and front panels for either maximum airflow or silent operation. Furthermore, the whole PC case can be inverted to meet your setup needs.

For the interchangeable panels, one set is solid and the other is a permeable mesh. Switching the panels around is effortless thanks to the clever tool-less design. The top panel detaches via magnets (over where a radiator would fit), while the front panel slots off in an upwards direction.

Inverting the case is a bit more time-consuming, however, something you would only have to do once. To invert the case, be quiet have created a step-by-step video guiding you through the process. Basically, this involves flipping the motherboard tray so the case looks like a mirror image.

In terms of the build, there’s room for up to e-ATX motherboards (with a 185mm cooler), 432mm GPUs, and 288mm power supplies. Additionally, the case supports seven 3.5” HDDs or a total of fifteen 2.5” SSDs. Five HDDs mount on the vertical bracket and two house inside the PS shroud cage.

To cool down the system, the 802 offers versatile fan and radiator support. There’s room for three 140mm fans or 420mm radiators in the top, three 140mm fans or a 360 radiator in the front, and one 140mm fan in the rear. Three 140mm Pure Wings 2 fans are pre-installed right out of the box.

To live up to the be quiet name, you’ll also appreciate the extra thick insulation mats that line the panels.

Overall, it’s a solid and roomy chassis that pays excellent attention to detail.

Click here for the Silent Base 802 black model.

We hope you found an inverted PC case on this list!

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