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mesh pc case
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10 Best Mesh PC Cases for Airflow – 2021

If you’re in search of the best mesh panel PC case then you’ve come to the right place. More recently, the mesh trend is starting to pick back up, as enthusiasts identify the importance of delivering un-restricted airflow to their system. Lower temps not only allow your parts to boost for longer but also maintain […]

best nzxt case
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The 5 Best NZXT PC Cases – 2021

NZXT develop and manufacture some of the most popular PC cases of the modern era. Renowned for their build quality, cable management, and beautiful designs – there’s a reason why literally everyone and their mother has one. If you’ve never owned an NZXT before, we aim to fill you in on their most iconic range […]

Pulse 3D alternative
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10 Pulse 3D Alternatives for the PS5 – 2021

The Pulse 3D is one of the first accessories consumers turn to buy along with their new PS5 console. However, although it markets at $100, it’s not exactly a premium headset. The build quality is lacking, the fit is nonadjustable and it starts to get uncomfortable with just a few hours of use. Fortunately, as […]

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12 Best Low-Profile RAM Sticks – 2021

If you’re in search of the best low-profile RAM then you’ve come to the right place. On the whole, most “Low profile” RAM you will find on the market today is less than 34mm (1.34”). A shorter module ensures there is plenty of clearance above the memory stick so you can use virtually any CPU […]

projector for ps5 gaming
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10 Best 4K Projectors for the PS5 – 2021

If you’re in search of the best 4K Projector for the PS5 then you’ve come to the right place. With next-gen consoles finally making their way into people’s homes, there’s no better time to upgrade your projector to a model that can keep up with the PS5’s specs. We’re talking about 4K 60hz or 1080p […]

monitor for streaming
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The 12 Best Monitors for Streaming – 2021

A dual-monitor setup (or more) is often required for an effective streaming battlestation. This will consist of a primary monitor, used solely for gameplay. As well as a second monitor for managing background tasks e.g. the chat, alerts, and other apps/ software, etc. Therefore, to cover the best monitors for streaming, we will take a […]