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Three of the biggest esports tournament platforms - Gamersaloon, Toornament, Worldgaming

Top 12 Platforms for Esports Tournaments Online

If you’re an amateur or a semi-pro player who’s ready to get serious with their gaming then you’ve come to the right place.

There are currently thousands of daily esports tournaments being hosted on a multitude of new and exciting online platforms – with each one enabling you to battle it out for real cash and prizes.

The premise is certainly there – to turn a passion into a full-time career – by signing up and participating on one or more of the distinct platforms we’ve listed below. (Of course, this is not to be taken lightly…)

In this post, we will walk you through how to register and compete on the top platforms for esports tournaments online!

What are the top platforms to compete in online esports tournaments?


Toornament is an esports platform for tournament organizers, participants, and their fans. The site works with all popular titles, regardless their specificities. Not only can you take part in the online esports tournaments on this platform, but you also able to create your own as well!

The platform has been around for some time, having over 200 games! All gaming consoles are compatible with Toornament; so we bet you are going to find something that you can master to have a real money-making opportunity.

What sets Toornament apart from some of the other platforms on this list is the sheer number of competitions spread across all time zones and global regions. You won’t ever have to worry about the events being postponed through lack of players, as the majority of which are packed with registered teams and participants. - online esports tournaments platform


  • Hundreds of regional tournaments available.
  • Allows you to organize your own tournament.
  • Follows the codes of other major esports tournaments.
  • Large amount of players to compete against.
  • Supports many game modes and maps.
  • Easy to join the competitions.
  • Lucrative prizes.

PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Fifa 2024, Counter-Strike: Go, League of Legends, PES 2024, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Valorant, And more.

Getting Started

Participating is fairly straight forward, which includes six major steps: 1. Choose a Game/ Console platform, 2. Register for the tournament, 3. Get accepted, 4. Check in, 5. Play your match, and 6. report your results.

To find out more click here.  

How much money can you make?

In each of the games listed above, multiple tournaments are available. Toornament do offer free-entry competitions, but if you’re after a substantial prize then you will probably have to contribute at least $5.00.

The prize money distribution will vary depending on the preferences of the tournament. The most popular ones can range up and beyond $1000 if you reach the main goal!

We’re a big fan of Toornament as they offer hundreds of events across various games and consoles.


GameBattles is part of the Major League Gaming (MLG) network. It is one of the largest and longest online esports services for cash prize tournaments & ladders.

Recognized as a world leader in online gaming competition, Gamebattles currently has more than 10 million registered players worldwide, and currently supports cross-platform integration on Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile.

Not only can you access the platform via the web, but users of IOS can also download the Gamebattles app via the Apple app store.

Although Gamebattles does not host the quantity of tournaments as some of the other platforms on this list, it’s instead utilized for seeding events associated with the MLG Pro Circuit, such as the recently introduced Call of Duty: Challengers series.


  • Player of the week competition
  • IOS app to discover games and competitions
  • Create teams/ rosters to join tournaments
  • Friend lists/ Invites/ message inbox.
  • Free ladder tournaments with small cash prizes
  • Create and schedule match challenges
  • leader board standings

COD: Vanguard/ Warzone/ Modern Warfare/ Black Ops 2/ Blackout, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Blackout, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, etc.

Getting Started

First, create an account. Update all of your account settings, eg. your region, which may be specific to different tournament ladders. Then link any gaming accounts you may have with the platform, such as Xbox, PlayStation, Twitter, Steam etc.

Next, you can purchase some credits – the online currency for entering competitions with cash prizes. This can be done by via PayPal or by choosing one of the other payment methods available from the “Store”.

There are two types of matches that you can play; a “Ladder”or a ‘Tournament” match. A ladder match is a free match (competing for exp). Whereas ‘Tournament’ matches involve depositing credits to win cash prizes.

Once you have joined a ladder: Create a team, Invite your roster, Enter your activation ID, Find a match, Accept a challenge, Report score.

How much money can you make?

The majority of Gamebattles matches at start at $150 for 1v1 matches, $300-500 for 2v2, and $450-$900 for 3v3 Tournaments.

Prize money for the official, “sanctioned” events associated with the MLG pro circuit can be drastically more – with these online qualifiers reaching anywhere up to $2500.

Successful players (with enough pro-points), who make it through this stage, will then be invited to the regional tournaments that carry a $10,000 – $25,000 prize.

if you’re a highly skilled player looking to progress to the next level, be sure to keep an eye on any major events hosted by Gamebattles!


UMGgaming was founded in 2012. You may well have heard of UMG before having held events in over 18 cities, as well as regularly broadcasting their live competitions to Twitch and YouTube.

So far the online platform has approximately 2.2M registered users, and in excess of 17,700,000 matches played. UMG allows users to play online esports tournaments on multiple platforms, including: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 5, mobile, and PC.

The reason why this platform has become so popular is that it allows you to participate in free games as well as cash tournaments. Also, the procedure to take part is pretty simple. You can either complete the free sign up to play alone, or create a team to invite your friends!

UMG gaming


  • Head to head matches.
  • Free entry to a competitive gaming tournament with your first deposit.
  • Ladder match tournaments – With a chance of winning thousands of dollars in the end-of-season playoffs.
  • Ability to add ‘Teams’ to play with your friends.
  • Leader boards.
  • Easy to sign up and helpful Support.

Fortnite, Valorant, COD: Cold War/ Warzone, Gears Of War: 5, Madden 24, Fifa 24, PUBG, Rocket League, Counter-Strike: GO, NHL 24 Apex legends, and more!

Getting Started

The first thing you will need to do is make an account. This involves verifying your email, uploading your ID (for wager matches), entering your gamer tags, and all other important information on the account page. UMG is a secure and trusted site by many gamers.

Next, you can deposit some money so that you can purchase UMG’s online currency for entering the paid competitions. This can be done by either linking your PayPal account or choosing one of the other payment methods available.

You will then have the options to Create a match, Join a match, Join a tournament, or Create a team. There are two types of matches that you can play; a ‘Ladder’ or ‘Cash out’. A ladder match is a free match (not competing for money). Whereas ‘Cash out’ matches do involve depositing money to win.

For more info on joining and creating matches check out this video here.

How much money can you make?

With UMG, you can make up to $100 per single match. If you’re taking part in the tournaments you can make up to $250 if you reach the end goal. Most fees for tournaments are set at $5.00.

As you can see, the platform offers various types of games. If you want to know your current rank, and be in with a chance of winning thousands of dollars in the end-of-season playoffs, then you should enter the ladder matches.

If you’re new to competitive tournament gaming and are looking for a steady amount of low-risk games to win cash prizes, then this is the best place for you!


Gamersaloon is an e-sports pioneer that facilitates skill-based video game tournaments online, and head-to-head matches for real cash prizes. It was first launched in 2006 and has come a long way since then having over 1.4M+ members and awarding $75m plus in prizes.

The platform prides themselves for offering a large number of events, that are available for you to participate in almost every day of the year!

The team have developed many superior features to help you understand why it is one of the best places for competing in video game tournaments online.

The most noticeable ones include: an assortment of different tournament formats, being able to send challenges to all online users using the local chat box, and the ability to connect up your Twitch stream (so viewers can easily watch your competition when it finally goes live).

Gamersaloon is always packed with registered players waiting to compete; so you won’t have to be hanging around for too long. They regularly host enticing competitions with large cash prizes, and support all devices including PC, Xbox, PS5 and Mobile. - online esports tournaments platform


  • Easy to organize tournaments.
  • Multi-person bracket tournaments.
  • Games available across all platforms.
  • Connect with your Twitch channel.
  • Chat box to interact, and send challenges to other online users.
  • Customizable tournament rules.
  • Stores funds safe in an escrow account.
  • A large player base.

Madden NFL 24, Call of Duty: Warzone, Mortal Kombat 11, Pro Evolution Soccer 2024, League of Legends, Tekken 7, Fifa 24, and more!

Getting Started

To participate in tournaments with Gamersaloon, simply sign up, and add funds to your account.

You will then have the opportunity to join a host of different tournaments and matches, including: 1v1 matches, Tournaments, Team matches, Team tournaments, and even one day tournaments.

Each tournament will have different entry fees that you will need to pay in order to participate in the competitions. Once joined, you will then receive an email informing you of who your opponent is for the round. The match details will be posted under ‘My Matches’ on the ‘My Saloon’ page.

Next simply choose the available times that you can play, check in, and begin your match!

How much money can you make?

The prize can vary from one competition to another, Generally speaking, entry fees start at as low as $5.50, with the rewards as high as $5000!+ As you can see there’s a very reasonable entry fee, for such a high winning amount!

Gamersaloon works as a third-party facilitator to help you organize the chosen competition and online esports tournaments. After depositing the funds, they will get automatically transferred into an escrow account.

Once the online game has been played, and the results have been verified by each player, the winner’s account will automatically be credited. You can either choose to get paid by PayPal or a check for residents of the U.S. or Canada.

This is a website you cannot ignore due to the high return which you can get at minimum entry fees!


Battlefy is another well-established platform on our list, that has been powering competitive gaming experiences since 2013. Since then the team has acquired global offices all over the world, and have helped to organize more than 100,000 online esports tournaments!

They offer over 200+ tournaments on their site, that support many different games. You won’t have to wait that long on this platform, if your buzzing and ready to compete.

What’s great about Battlefy is the sheer amount of competitions slated across each day. You even have the ability to organize your own tournaments! All tournaments are available to play in a range of different regions depending on where you live. These can include cross-platforms events on the the: PS5, PC, Xbox, Switch, and Mobile.

Battlefy online gaming tournament platform


  • Hundreds of daily tournaments – Free + paid entry.
  • Various tournament formats – Elimination, Round-robin, Swiss.
  • Join codes – To host private tournaments.
  • Well-designed user interface.
  • Region locking based on location.
  • Supports various platforms
  • High credibility.

League of Legends, Valorant, Call of Duty: Mobile, Fortnite, Shadowverse, Fifa 24, HearthStone, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros, and more!

Getting Started

First you will need to create an account by signing up with your email or social media. You can then update your profile. Next you can proceed to the wallet page to top up the native currency ‘coins’.

You’re now ready to join the tournaments on the browse page. You can click on any of the tournaments to view the details and rules. After joining, you will have to check-in before the tournament ‘start time’ in order to be seeded into the event.

Once you’ve finished the match you can then report your score, and upload a supporting screenshot.

How much money can you make?

Battlefy offers one-on-one matches, as well as large tournaments. Both competitions can offer a selection of different prizes that may include: Cash prizes, Loyalty points, Sweepstakes Giveaways, Merchandise, and VIP experiences to events!

The cash prizes can vary anywhere from $10 up to $10,000!

For more info on competitions check out their Facebook page here.

If your main focus is on winning something; then this platform will no doubt serve your needs. Including so many different matches and prizes in the mix makes this one of the go-to sites when it comes to online esports tournaments.

6. is an esports platform empowering bottom-up growth of competitive communities. The site uses its own free-to-use software that provides tournament-organizing tools for event organizers. It also hosts a large number of weekly online events with thousands of competitors

Launched in 2015 by a small team of amateur players and fans, Smash is one of the newer platforms on our list. Initially, it only supported games within the Super Smash Bros series; however, since Microsoft acquired the website (in Dec 2020), Smash has rapidly expanded to other titles.

Microsoft is not the only big name associated with Smash. Other partners include tournament hosting organizations such as Twitch, Evo, and Dreamhack. These organizers among others regularly take advantage of the platforms’ in-depth software to run their online events.

e.g. the Capcom Pro Tour, the Community Clash by Dreamhack, and the Halo 5 SEN/D OFF by Sentinels.


  • Essential tools for creating and organizing very large tournaments.
  • Integrate with Twitch to stream online qualifiers for live finals.
  • Sub-only tournaments specifically for subscribers.
  • Moderation tools and round timers.
  • Organizers can fund-raise money for their events.
  • Built-in chat system.
  • Large player base.
  • Lucrative prizes.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Rocket League, Halo 5, Knockout City, Tekken 7, Brawlhalla, Street Fighter V, Yu-Gi-Oh, Soulcalibur VI, etc.

Getting Started

1. Register and log in to your account. 2. Connect your accounts. 3. Setup brackets and format matches. 4. Check into your event. 5. Play your match 6. Report your scores.

To find out how to register click here

Making Payments

Unlike other esport tournament platforms, Smash does not actually run any of the events themselves unless specified in the tournament details. Therefore, all registration fees go straight to the tournament organizers and they are responsible for paying out the winners.

Upon registering for paid tournaments you can make payments through PayPal and Stripe (credit card), as well as on-site payments. Successful participants who place in a competition can then reach out to the tournament organizers directly by accessing the contact information they provided on the event page.

How much money can you make?

Smash hosts both free and paid tournaments, whether this is through a donation or an entry fee. The prize money depends entirely upon the scale of the event and who is organizing it.

Smaller tournaments can start with a $100 prize. In contrast, large tournament ladders with more entrants may earn you anywhere from $5000 up to $30,000 – depending on the organizer that is hosting the event. Some larger tournaments do not even require an entrance fee.

Overall, if you’re after an active and well-organized platform that mostly specializes in fighting games you will love Exciting, new tournaments are always being added and they are very easy to be a part of.


Mogul is an advanced ‘pure-play’ gaming platform where you can compete for glory and cash prizes. The site was founded in Australia with an initial focus on the local continent and Southeast Asia. It has however grown somewhat substantially in recent years, providing a host of online esports tournaments to all global regions.

What’s great about mogul is the ability to send Instant challenges so you can quickly progress to the next round. The platform also has an impressive ‘social media’ style lobby that allows you to add friends, and stay informed with any of their live tournament updates.

With many tournaments on offer; the platform makes it very easy to train up, go head to head in scrims and fight for the grand prize! screenshot


  • Free entry to a large selection of tournaments.
  • Integrated chat room lobby with live updates from friends.
  • Unlockable achievements and rewards.
  • Multiple platforms: PS5, PC, Xbox, and Mobile.
  • Send Instant challenges.
  • Regional tournaments.
  • Ability to create teams.

Apex Legends, Fortnite, Arena of Valor, Super Smash Bros, League of legends, Valorant, CS:GO, Call of Duty, Dota 2, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and more!

Getting Started

First sign up to make an account, then update your profile. Add funds to your account if you wish to participate in any of the paid tournaments.

Next, Find a tournament you would like to join by searching through the available tournaments, and then click ‘register’. If it’s a team based tournament, you will need to be part of a full team before registering. Follow the prompts to ensure your team or self is properly registered.

Head to the ‘ladder’ 10 minutes before your scheduled match time to check in. Proceed to submit your result immediately after your match is over.

For more information check out the rules tab of the tournament page.

How much money can you make?

Mogul offer a vast range of daily, and weekly tournaments with a selection of different prizes depending on the size of the tournaments. Most noticeably you can win Cash if you have signed up to become a Mogul VIP member ($5.00) a month, or ‘Razor Silver’ for free members.

Cash prizes are generally $15, to $100 for one on one matches. Larger tournaments can start at $100 for anyone making it into the top 30 finalist rounds. This can raise anywhere up to $5000 for first place!

‘Razer Silver’ is the platforms loyalty ‘reward credits’ that you can use to redeem a suite of great rewards including Razer hardware, and digital prizes such as Steam games.

Whether you’re an amateur or a semi-pro player with dreams of going pro; then you’re in the right place!

To find out the remaining platforms for online esports tournaments..

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  1. I’ve played LoL tournaments on a site called which was pretty good to. I think they have more games

    • Cool, I couldn’t sign up to that one because of my current IP location, for anybody wondering:

      ‘Challengermode is a place where dedicated gamers can compete in games like League of Legends, Dota 2, PUBG and Counter-Strike, to improve their skills and join a community of esports enthusiasts’.

      The platform is based in Sweden but is open to many other regions. If you’re from a country in Europe, they offer various National Esports Leagues that you too can participate in!

      Once you have signed up, you can join any of the upcoming tournaments as a solo player or with your team (they have even developed their own Team Finder if you are looking for a team). Most tournaments are free-to-enter. If you wish to play paid competitions to have a chance of winning greater prizes you’ll first need to make a deposit.

      ‘At Challengermode, match reporting is automatic’ so that means no wasted time from having to send in screenshots!

      What can you win? ‘ALL tournaments or competitions have a prize of some kind, often money but sometimes things like Riot Points, Gift cards or products’.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

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