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Make Real Money Playing Games Online – 22 Best Apps

There are many fascinating platforms currently hiding away on the internet that have some real methods of making money just by playing games!

This could either be through the use of an app, or on a website, specifically developed to incorporate them. Most of which, use an in-game currency for you to top up your account first, which then gives you access to play them.

While to some this just might be seen as gambling; ‘spend money to make money, huh?’ The correct term is defined as playing a ‘game of skill’.

A ‘game of skill’ is different to a ‘game of chance’, as the outcome of the game is determined by the player’s physical skill (like fast reactions or dexterity), or mental skill (logicical abilities, strategic thinking, knowledge) etc.

They are perfectly legal in nearly every country and provide an extra level of thrill, and excitement to some popular arcade games you’ve probably played before! 

There can be different categories of skill-based games, so the platforms we’ve listed in this article generally fall under:

  • Competitive e-sports apps
  • Reward apps
  • Trivia/ Puzzle apps
  • Casino/ Card apps
  • Fantasy Sports apps

If you happen to have some expertise in these kinds of games, or just want to find out more; then you’re bound to be intrigued by these helpful ways you can generate some extra money, just by playing games!

What apps pay you real money to play games?

E-sports apps:

The first category that I’m highlighting will help you to make some money by facing off against other players.


Eazegames’ is a pioneer when it comes to competitive gaming. It is dubbed as; ‘Europe’s first skill-based gaming platform where you play your favourite games and compete for cash prizes‘. The working principle of this platform is pretty simple. You can either play to win their native currency, ‘EazeCoins’, or play to win real money. You might want to start off on ‘Easecoins’ first though, to get some practice, and get used to the games.

The deposit and withdrawal rules are pretty lax, allowing you to cash-in, or out whenever you want. One of the things I liked the most about ‘Eazegames’, is that it’s available on Android, iOS, and desktop, being available for a wide range of people using different devices.

The platform currently offers ten spin-off games, including:

  • Free Kick Shooter
  • Stacked Tower Classic
  • Archery World Tour
  • Bowling Champion
  • Helix Glass Shooter, etc.

Once you have deposited money to your account, you can then choose the game of your liking, and set the amount that you wish to play for. Next you will get matched up with an opponent, and can prepare to battle for the winnings!

Those who have won enough coins within a seven day period will have the chance of entering the weekly tournament. Here up to 50,000 participants will compete for grand prizes. But beware; only the winner is rewarded with a huge pay out, so be sure to dominate the games!

If you wish to sign up, you can enter my referal code to get extra coins (money) for playing games: uqtHZTFVCo

Easegames add - money playing games


Playeroneup’ is an e-sports app that instantly connects gamers around the world to compete in their favourite video games for real cash prizes. This is an excellent app for anyone who loves to play for stakes.

The charm of this platform is in its simplicity, that enables you to integrate games from your ‘PS4’ and ‘Xbox one’ onto the platform. The gaming mediums are the consoles, with the app basically helping you to link them together.

Unfortunately It’s only currently available on IOS, so don’t get your hopes up just yet if you’re an android user.

The games which the app supports, includes:

  • NBA 2K
  • Madden 19/20
  • NHL 18/19
  • FIFA 19

After you’ve registered an account and topped it up, you can get ready for some competitive gaming. The lowest bet you can make is $5, with the highest being as much as you like!

Some benefits of this platform is that your money is entirely safe using an ‘Escrow’ like payment agreement meaning it’s securely approved. Every match is also officially moderated. When you want to deposit or withdraw, the procedure is simple using PayPal, Cashapp, or Debit cards to transfer your funds.

If you’re looking for a platform that allows you to link up, and really test your skills, then you can’t go wrong with Playoneup.

Playeroneup add

3. Mpl (Mobile Premiere League)

‘MPL’ stands for Mobile Premiere League. MPL is another popular skill based e-sports based platform where you can play all your favourite mobile games and win real cash. On winning, it’s possible to make a great deal of money just by playing games.

The in-game currency used on MPL is in ‘tokens’ which you can buy and exchange for your entry fee into different games after setting up your account. The prize money is generally real cash. In some tournaments, prizes may be awarded in the form of tokens as well.

MPL consists of 30 mobile games such as:
  • Basketball
  • Bubble Shooter
  • Fruit Chop
  • Runner No. 1
  • Football Stars
  • Fantasy Cricket
  • Sniper
  • Go Ride

You can register for tournaments using tokens, and each game is also specified as a certain number of tokens. You can choose to enter different rounds of the game depending on the amount of money which you are willing to bet. As a result, the prize money will also vary according to the amount of money which you are betting.

One of the things I like best about MPL is that all of the games are very simple to play, and there is almost no learning curve involved. If you’re looking for easy to play games which can help you make money, this is definitely the platform to consider.


Gameduell’ is a cross-platform community that consists of more than 70 games spread across seven different languages. The company is well established having over 130 million users. In terms of credibility, it has gotten some mixed reviews more recently, but does have some of the best casual gaming options and features available.

What’s great about this platform is the huge variety of games, and the clear easy to understand layout. You can also choose to either play on the web, or use the mobile app for when you’re on the go. Here you can play:

Action games/ Arcade games/ Board games/ Digital card games

I’m sure you’re intrigued to know how playing games on this platform makes you money. The procedure is pretty simple. You will be duelling against other players, whereby the player that begins the duel sets the entry fee for each person to join. The total prize money will then be added together to form a prize pot. You can then battle it out, and the winner takes all!

What duels can you play?
  1. Two player dual – This is where you face of head to head.
  2. Multiplayer duel – This can be up to five players, the duel lasts as long as it takes for all of the players to reach a result.
  3. Mini-league – Up to twelve players can compete against each other, whoever has the most victories wins.

Gameduell also offer single-player skill-games. The aim is to set your best score, for another gamer to try and beat; the winner will then receive the cash prize available.

In jackpot mode, there is an unlimited amount of players. You can enter the jackpot game as many times as you like to try and improve your score, but each time costs you an entry fee. Sometimes the winning prize totalled up can be enormous!

Gameduell Add

5. Skillz Inc

‘Skillz’ is a multiplayer e-sports tournament platform, that currently connects 2.6 billion mobile gamers through competition. You can either play for real cash, or their virtual currency. True to its name, Skillz does not host games of chance, and all winnings are based upon your gaming ability.

Depositing money

After you’ve made an account, you can get ready to compete by depositing some cash. The deposit and withdrawal mechanisms are relatively simple. You just have to head over to the store button, and enter your PayPal or debit card information. No need to worry, as you can withdraw your winnings at any time.

Skillz is primarily is an e-sports platform but only for smartphone users. You can play all these games on iOS and android devices.

What games can you play on Skillz:
  • Solitaire Cube
  • Bubble Shooter
  • Dominoes Gold
  • E-sports Bowling
  • Williams Pinball
  • Golf Pro
  • And much more!
Tournaments and Prizes

Skillz offers a variety of different tournament formats for you to host and stream. The available tournament formats (or tournament “templates”) vary based on the game selection. Different templates offer distinct prize amounts, and have different ways to pay out those prize amounts.

For example, you could either choose a template that awards the top scorer with $50, or a template that splits up a $20 award to those with the top score.

Streaming and setting up a tournament is pretty simple. You just have to select the game, tournament template, and time. People can then watch your stream, and play in the tournament.

What I like the most about this platform is that it’s aimed around making streamers more money by providing them with the tools, and facilitates, to painlessly host their own mobile eSports competitions.

Skills add - make money playing games through esports

6. WinZO Gold

WinZO‘ is a large vernacular e-sports gaming platform, having over 5 million players, and offering over 25 different games. When you play any of their games, and collect at least one ticket, you will be automatically entered into the frequent cash prize draws. The categories are spread across:

  • Real-time multiplayer games
  • Casual games
  • Quiz games
  • Tournaments
  • Sports games

It’s another mobile gaming platform to choose from, which offers games such as: Space Warrior, Tank War, Arena Fighters, Basket Ball, Bubble Shooter, Candy Match, Carrom, Crazy Quiz, Cricket, and Fruit Samurai.

You can participate in many different kinds of competitions, including: 24/7 tournaments, the sports fantasy league, and daily quizzes. In each quiz challenge, the fastest to finish wins, but even if you aren’t you will still have the opportunity to earn levels, and redeem them for exciting prizes.

7. GameGully

‘GameGully’ is available in the form of a mobile application. Here you can test your skills against almost everyone, by playing simple skill-based games in fun and fair tournaments. If you do happen to win the tournaments, you will earn real money and amazing prizes!

GameGully consists of various skill-based games:
  • Brain On – An addictive game of memory and reflexes.
  • Ball Line – Match and blast coloured balls in this classic puzzle game!
  • Shape Swipe – Enter the amazing world of shapes in this endless arcade game!
  • Soccer 2D – Score goals and unleash the soccer star in you!
  • Knife Hit – The ultimate knife shooting game.
  • Zoom Racer – Experience the high-octane fuelled bike racing game!
  • Fun Stack – Be a serial block stacker in this fun tower game.
  • Gully Runner – Join the thrilling and fun running game to beat high scores of other players.
  • Jumpy Jumbo – Help Jumbo to hop and cross the flying blocks.

The learning curve of all these games are pretty minimal; so you should have a good chance of making some real money. If you do make some winnings, you can easily encash it using the electronic wallets which they support. I like this platform because of the vast number of games on offer, it’s also very simple to get started!

Reward apps

Many in-game developers work with various reward apps to help promote their games. When you play these games through the recommendation of the reward app, you are likely to win some cash, or a gift card, which you can later trade for money.

1. Feature points

Feature points encourage you to try out their games, surveys or smartphone applications, as a way of testing out newly developed software. In exchange for this you will get ‘shopping points’ that you can then encash at various stores online. Sounds good huh?

Game developers tie-up with this platform helping you to indirectly benefit from your habit of gaming. All while earning points, and having fun on the latest unique games. Feature points should be able to help you save money directly. Which is why; it is one of the best ways to make money playing games.

The tasks and apps that you’re required to complete on future points are regularly updated, so it’s best to just download it, and have a good look for yourself!

Futurepoints add

2. Mistplay

Mistplay’ pays you to play new games, and compete with other players, so you can rank high up in the leader boards. The platform offers you two different ways to encash the ‘units’ (points) that you won; either through the use of gift cards, or cash rewards.

You can also receive gift cards of various stores e.g. PlayStation, Amazon, Xbox, which will help you take your gaming passion even further! I find this platform pretty intriguing. Some of the best features of this platform which make it unique are:

  • Lots of new games to discover.
  • Easy to find the game which interests you.
  • Redeem your points for rewards.
  • Level up your avatar to unlock achievements .
  • Live chat feature.

Due to this very reason, it is not just an app to make money by playing games but also a way of socializing with like-minded people. It also further eases up the task of playing games repeatedly to make money. Not sure about you but I’m going to have a play on this tonight!

Mistplay add - money playing games

3. Pogo

Pogo is another great place to play a large selection of free online games where you can win enticing rewards. Not only can you be rewarded just by playing, but the platform also promotes itself with the possibility of winning prizes in their ‘daily drawings’ lottery. Anyone who has played their games in the current day will automatically be entered!

The prizes for the Daily Drawings are: Two $25 value rewards cards, and One $50 card. You will also have the chance to win anywhere from $20 up to $500 depending on the chosen game. The highest prize available is awarded from the jackpot spinner, so maybe you should try your luck on that one first!

Some of Pogo’s other games include:
  • Poppit! – Release all the hidden prizes by popping matching balloons..
  • Turbo 21 – fast-paced Black Jack-inspired fun that puts you in the driver’s seat.
  • Sweet Tooth 2 – Match three or more sweets in a row to score. Clear the caramel spaces to advance to the next level.
  • Word Whomp – Show the gophers who’s the real wordsmith and spell as many words as you can before time runs out

Free Pogo members, and club Pogo members, both have the chance to win prizes. The advantage of subscribing with the platform, and paying to be a club member comes in the form of: more games, no adds, and over one thousand extra challenges. The reward cards you win are issued in the form of an gift card, which is pretty useful if you ask me!

4. Cash Pirate

‘Cash Pirate’ is a unique app which allows you to make money playing games in more ways than one. The objective is to collect their native currency ‘coins’, that can be awarded and redeemed on the app by:

  • Playing new games.
  • Inviting your friends to use the app.
  • Downloading new apps.
  • Opting for product trials.
  • Watching videos.
  • And much more.

If you wish to make money just by playing, there are plenty of new games available on the platform which are regularly updated. Since everything is on your smartphone, it is easy to use this app. As a result, making money has never been easier.

You can exchange the ‘coins’ which you earned, either by choosing cash rewards, mobile recharges, or gift cards.

Trivia/ Puzzle apps

Trivia games aim to test your knowledge about a certain subject in the form of a quiz. Similarly, puzzles will have you solving problems using your ingenuity in a related way. This section will be focused on related platforms that cover the two:

1. Riddlebook

‘Riddlebook’ is an online marketplace for treasure hunt games galore. It offers the chance to win real money, and other fabulous prizes, by either solving thrilling, or intrusive puzzles. In simple terms, it’s simply a treasure chest of free games, sponsored games, and paid games.

How do Riddlebook’s games differ?

“Free games are those games which any registered user can play free of cost. Sponsored games are those that are sponsored by brands around the world. They are also played free of cost, but each game will have a theme that is provided by the sponsors. Paid games are the most common games in Riddlebook, wherein you need to pay a small fee to play the game, however at the end, if you win, you will get a large sum of money which is normally many times higher than the fees you pay. Some games will have multiple winners, but the person who first reaches the final level will attain the biggest treasure.”

Rules and Prizes

Riddlebook do allow you to use search engines for finding the answers to questions, but have purposely tried to not use any publicly available riddles. To get started you will need to sign up and book a position in their next game. Here, prizes can range anywhere from between $5 and $500, in which they will pay out using papal, and bank transfers.

Games on Riddlebook include:
  • Mia & the Mystery World
  • Brand Trivia
  • Malayalam Blockbuster
  • The German Gold Train
  • Treasure of Pirates
  • Alibaba’s Treasure Treasure
  • In The La Palma

Due to the platform being quite new, and unlike many of the ‘e-sports’ platforms previously mentioned in this article; the tournaments are not hosted quite so frequently. You might need to wait a couple of days before you have your chance to participate in these thrilling competitions!

Game selection on Riddlebook

2. Wealth Words

Wealth Words‘ is an online hub of competitive puzzle games, such as Crosswords, Poetry and Story games. Here you can unleash your inner wordsmith, and get puzzling, to be in with the chance of creating some wealth of your own!

To start playing ‘real money’ games on wealth words, you will need to sign up and purchase some ‘Tokens’. You can use our promotional code to get an added bonus SetuMTM5Njg=

Tokens can be bought via PayPal at the price of: one token for $0.25, ten tokens (+ two free) for $2.50, and twenty tokens (+ 5 free) for $5.

After purchasing the tokens, they will be available in your account to access the large assortment of exciting games. On Wealth Words you will find that most games have an entry fee of two tokens.

Each game will give you an idea of what your challenging for before you choose to purchase your chance to compete in the competition. The cash prizes range anywhere from between $10 to $2500, for division one and two winners!

The platform has a clean, clear, and easy to understand presentation; so if you view yourself as the king of puzzle games, then why not give it a shot!

3. Swagbucks LIVE

There’s a large selection of ‘Trivia apps’ available for you to install, and play from the ‘Google play store’, with ‘Swagbucks’ new ‘live’ app being one of the most popular you can download on your device in 2019. It is in fact owned and operated by the same people who created the original Swagbucks website, so they should know a thing or two about dispensing digital rewards.

Swagbucks LIVE’ could be compared to a ‘live trivia game show’, where you can test your knowledge daily, to win huge cash prizes. To get started, simply register an account. There are usually two games a day, with each game taking around 15 minutes to complete from start to finish .

The aim of game is to answer ten questions correctly, to be in with a chance of a winning a $1000 jackpot split, (except the early game on Monday, which is a $500 split). How much you can win exactly, will depend upon how many players have successfully answered all their questions, due to the prize getting divided up between the masses.  

Prizes from the app are paid to winners in the form of SB points, which are then redeemable for popular gift cards, cash, or paid via PayPal.

To find out the remaining real money games..

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