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Shroud setup

Shroud Streaming Setup + Gear – 2021

If you’re trying to find out what setup Shroud uses during his live-streams; then you’ve come to the right place.

Michael Grzesiek, aka “Shroud”, is a Polish-Canadian streamer and a former CS:GO pro.

Shroud is a giant in the gaming industry, renowned for his steller aim, versatility, and laid-back approach. His journey began through competing with several ESEA teams, which lead him to sign as with CompLexity (Cloud9) in 2014, before finally transitioning to streaming multiple titles.

Much like the Shrouds’s choice of games over the years, his equipment has also been updated to keep up with the times.

Below we will cover all of the latest gear and hardware, which has helped him to earn his millions of subscribers.

What setup does Shroud use?

What Monitor does Shroud use?

Shroud uses a BenQ XL2540 gaming monitor. This Full-HD, 240 Hz monitor is built for elite-level tournament action. The 24.5” display boasts a rapid one-millisecond response time and is fine-tuned to guarantee the clearest images for anyone heading into competition.

One of the first things you notice about this monitor is the iconic “shield” design that allows you to block out nearby light and foes. In addition to the “Black eQualizer” that increases the exposure in dark scenes, your concentration and visibility should see a dramatic improvement.  

The plate stand is built with premium materials to form a rock-solid base. By using just one finger, Shroud can pivot and tilt the screen in any direction, making it easy to find his ideal viewing position. Overall, It’s a perfect choice for any e-sport enthusiast looking to elevate their game.

What Mouse does Shroud use?

Shroud uses the Logitech G Pro Wireless GHOST. This spooky limited model is a white edition of the Logitech G PRO. It meets the same esports grade performance as the original by featuring a Hero 16K sensor to ensure ultimate control, accuracy, and responsiveness.

The “light-speed” wireless technology is a big selling point of this mouse, which has made it a favorite amongst pros. It overcomes the traditional limitations of wireless latency, connectivity, and power to deliver a super-fast 1-millisecond report rate connection.

At 80g, it weighs considerably lighter than the standard 100g mouse, making it perfect for anyone searching for enhanced maneuverability. Unfortunately, this particular charity model did sell out within 20 minutes of its announcement on Twitter.

Logitech Ghost in Shroud setup
(Image credit: Logitech)

What Keyboard does Shroud use?

Shroud uses the Logitech G Pro. This premium “Tenkeyless” keyboard stands out for its petite design, and user-swappable “Romer G” switches. The reduction in size is “pro-tested”, and built for a competitive level of speed, precision, and quiet performance.

Comfort is a top priority when it comes to keyboards, and the Logitech G Pro does not disappoint. The PBT “double-shot” keycaps feature an ergonomic bezel to reduce Shroud’s chance of ever missing a key, and the stand has three levels of adjustment so he can find his perfect angle.

Like most modern keyboards, the Logitech G Pro offers dynamic RGB backlighting for customizing various lighting effects. It connects using a detachable “Type-C” USB that is capable of reaching a 1000Hz polling rate to transmit information at the highest frequency.

What Headset does Shroud use?

Shroud uses the Logitech G Pro X. Shroud loves headsets on the forefront of technology, which is why he values this bit of gear in his setup. It features an esports-grade “Blue VO!CE” mic, passive noise cancellation and pro gaming communications.

The 7.1 surround sound system provides Shroud the with the highest clarity audio for greater positional awareness during gameplay. If he needs to tweak this, the Logitech software allows him to download pre-set EQ profiles, or even create his own to save for tournaments.

Unlike other similar brands, this headset is made of a lightweight and durable aluminum that presents a sophisticated look. Furthermore, the earcups use a breathable leatherette material for supreme comfort. High quality is no understatement when it comes to this headset.

What Mic does Shroud use?

Shroud uses the Shure SM7B. The SM7B provides clear, natural sound by using a suspension shock apparatus that prevents mechanical noises from impacting his voice. This allows Shrouds followers to hear his voice loud and clear, due to the wide frequency response.

The high-end noise attenuation technology is another great feature. It works by preserving the natural beauty of the sound it captures, while limiting any external noises that reduce the quality.

Its price is quite high compared to other microphones out there, but with the build quality you are getting, it’s likely to last a lifetime. Once you are aware of this product, you will quickly notice how many other popular streamers are using it.

The Shure SM7B comes with a pop filter and windscreen so you don’t need to purchase any external components.

What Microphone Mount Does Shroud Use?

Shroud uses the RODE PSA1 Swivel. This studio microphone mount provides full 360-degree rotation and doesn’t take any unnecessary space. It has an extremely smooth built-in spring mechanism that makes adjusting the angle a pleasure.

The slim, solid structure is strong enough to hold the heaviest of mics, even the Blue Yeti. The boom arm helps you to maintain a proper distance between your mouth and microphone so you can always achieve the best sound while keeping a natural posture.

This Rode PSA1 is perfect for those who love cable management, proof of this are the Velcro ties that come with the package to secure the cables to the structure of the arms. Just like Shroud, you won’t be disappointed with this mount in your setup. It’s a premium product with a premium build.

What Mousepad does Shroud use?

Shroud uses the Logitech G640 mouse pad. This 3 mm thick high-density foam pad is substantially bigger than other products in the market. The large textile surface has been optimized for gaming sensors to ensure better overall control and pixel-precise targeting.

This is an underrated piece of gaming gear for most, but Shroud knows just how important it is to get his setup right. The moderate surface friction provides just the right amount of resistance for low-DPI maneuvers when starting or stopping a rapid movement.

In terms of the size, the larger the mousepad, the more room the gamer has for making large sweeping mouse movements. The Logitech G640 has an extended 400mm x 460mm surface area so he can make all the mouse movements he wants!

What Camera does Shroud use?

Shroud uses a Sony Alpha a6000 as his webcam. One of the star features of this 24.3 MP mirrorless camera is the notable low-light sensitivity that adjust to ISO 25600. This allows Shroud to get a high-quality image with far less light than a regular webcam.

The Alpha a6000 is about half the weight and size of a typical DSLR, which makes it a great tool for streamers to use as a webcam. The Wi-Fi implementation allows Shroud to easily control the 4K video capture to provide high-quality footage for all his fans.

To use a DSLR as a webcam you will need to purchase an HDML adapter-converter. This USB input device makes it possible to record from an HDMI input. The HD signal from your camera can then be captured, recorded, and uploaded to any site.

What Chair does Shroud use?

Shroud uses the Herman Miller Aeron. This iconic ergonomic office mesh chair provides comfort and adjustability at the highest level. It comes with several impressive features that allow Shroud to easily adjust the lumbar, armrests, seat height, and neck support.

Instead of using firm pillows like other racing chairs brands, the Aeron uses a high elastic, yet resilient, suspension seat backrest. Along with the “tilt mechanism” technology that syncs to the movement of his body, it helps to absorb vibration so he can stay comfortable for many hours.

The slim design offers excellent ventilation thanks to the porous mesh backing, keeping you cool and free from sweat for many hours. If you’re searching for a premium chair with proper ergonomics, a solid construction, and great aesthetics then look no further than the Aeron.

What Case does Shroud use?

Shroud uses the Acer Predator Orion 9000 case. This futuristic desktop case is an exclusive part of the pre-built Orion 9000 PC that Shroud owns. The trapezoidal design features multiple hidden compartments, and a large clear acrylic window on the side to display the internal components.

On the front, there’s a metal mesh to accommodate airflow, a secret pull-down panel to reveal the DVD drive, as well as a built-in plastic headphone stand. Near the top of the chassis is a conveniently placed Turbo button that automatically overclocks the processor.

The 11.8 x 27.6 x 25.3 inches (W x D x H) size isn’t the largest out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s not heavy when fully equipped. To help you move it around, it has two industrial handles on the top and even a pair of luggage wheels on the rear.

This case also features RGB. According to Shroud, it has been custom-setup to match his logo and looks “really good”.

What Motherboard does Shroud use?

Shroud uses the Gigabyte X299 Designare EX. This powerful ATX motherboard supports quad-channel DDR4 memory, up to 4400MHz, and can also accept the latest Intel® Core™ X-series processors due to having an LGA 2066 socket.

For anyone starting a build, the Designare armor base plate is the perfect foundation. It is re-enforced to withstand the weight of increasingly heavier parts, while also cutting back on excessive material to slim the size. The stylish Designar logo can be seen on both the front and back.

The CPU power design includes both digital PWM and Smart Power Stage controllers to give Shroud full control over how much power he allocates to different hardware in his setup. This allows him to get the absolute maximum performance out of his Intel CPU.

What Processor does Shroud use?

Shroud uses an Intel Core i9-9980XE processor in his PC setup. A Twitch streamer can’t build an effective gaming PC without a fast processor, and the Intel Core I9 uses 18 cores to make it the first model with a 5.0GHz clock speed.

State of the art processors have to be able to keep up with high-level graphic cards so they can run demanding games smoothly. To do this, the I9 is equipped with an integrated hyper-threading system that boosts the performance.

Overheating is another thing to be aware of when looking for a good processor. The I9 passes runs cooler than other processors due to having an integrated heat spreader. In turn, this helps with heat dissipation and easily passes this test.

What Graphics card does Shroud use?

Shroud uses the EVGA Geforce RTX 3080. The NVIDIA “Turing” architecture in this card performs up to six times faster than other GPUs in the market. When working in tandem with the innovative Ray Tracing (RTX) technology, Shroud can run games at the highest level of realism.

Overheating as a top priority for all-powerful consumer graphics cards, especially the GeForce RTX 3080. To tackle this, it uses a new 240 mm Hybrid cooling system, three PWM cooling fans, and a heat sink to achieve some of the lowest temperatures possible.

The “NVIDIA Ansel” technology is another surprising feature of this card that allows you to capture stunning 360 degree, HDR screenshot photos in the game. Currently, the 3080 Ti is one of the best graphics cards you can buy that’s capable of running 4k/60fps gameplay.

EVGA 10G-P5-3885-KR GeForce RTX 3080 XC3 ULTRA GAMING, 10GB GDDR6X, iCX3 Cooling, ARGB LED, Metal Backplate

What RAM does Shroud use?

Shroud uses 16GB of CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO in his setup. This DDR4 2666MHz RAM is capable of speeding up the computer’s performance, which helps in running the games smoothly.

The Vengeance pro has the option of RGB customization to configure the lighting and give it a personal touch. If you are using a glass case you might like this RAM. Using the native software it’s very easy to match with the color scheme of the other RGB gaming components in your setup.

Thanks to the “XMP 2.0” he can also customize the overclock system to improve the overall efficiency of the gaming PC.

How much is Shroud setup worth?

Shroud setup is worth an estimated $15,000!

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