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The top Female streamers

The Top Female Twitch Streamers – [Oct 2021]

We live in a digitally booming age where new forms of multimedia entertainment are growing ever rapidly like never before.

Online gaming is now considered mainstream and is played by everyone, not just the nerd or geek stereotypes that were previously renowned from the golden days.

With the negative stigma gone and the technology more widely accessible to a diverse range of players like never before; beautiful ladies have become no exception to the latest trend.

“Streamer girls” have recognized the potential for showcasing their creative talents on various platforms such as Twitch, and have pounced upon the opportunities that come with melting their viewers’ hearts.

Of course, it always helps to have the right chest size, skimpy outfits, and a badass attitude to help you along the way…

Whether you’re searching for your next online dream girl or wanting to explore the wonders that Twitch has to offer, you can’t go wrong with the top female streamers on this list.

Who are the top Female Streamers on Twitch?

15. “DizzyKitten” – Brandi Nick

Followers: 643K
Nationality: American
Age: 28

Dizzy Kitten is an American gamer, streamer, and digital media personality with over half a million followers on Twitch. She was first introduced to gaming by her older brother when she was just eleven years old and fell in love with MMORPGs, in particular World of Warcraft.

Originally, she wanted to be a nurse and was studying to become one. However, later she decided to stream as well and made the shift to full-time when her channel started to pop. Dizzy admitted that she only got into streaming for fun, and never expected it to become a full-blown career like it did.

Known primarily in the Twitch world for her Counter-Strike streams (though she also plays Super Hexagon pretty regularly), Dizzy has an energetic personality that’s easy to connect with.

Her subs count has jumped significantly over the last couple of years. At this rate, it’s not going to be long until she tops the one million followers mark!

14. “39Daph” – Daphne

Followers: 802K
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 22

39Daph is a 22-year-old Canadian streamer that came out of absolutely nowhere to become one of the most popular Twitch girls on the platform. She first started streaming in July 2019, grew her subs to 250K almost overnight, and today (just a few years later) has north of 800K followers.

On top of that, Delph has built those numbers mostly without streaming traditional Twitch content (videogames) but instead by sharing her digital art. Producing her own digital illustrations of anime-inspired storylines, her creativity has helped to carve out her very own corner of Twitch.

Recent partnerships with major YouTubers and other Twitch streamers have helped her push her international fame to even higher levels. Lately, she has even begun to branch out into Instagram/ Twitter as a fashion and lifestyle influencer. 

39daph has been involved in a couple of high-profile “Twitch flame wars”, most notably with fellow superstar female streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys. Ultimately, the drama only really helped both of these streamers to boost their follower numbers, though!

13. “xChocoBars” – Janet Rose

Followers: 836K
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 26

If you’re into Asian girls with a big smile and curvy figure then xChocoBars is for you. Her nickname is well-put, as she is one of the sweetest girls you will find on Twitch.

Janet has a great has a great streamer-watcher relationship, her streams makes you feel like you’re just chilling at a friend’s house while she is seamlessly playing the game. xChocoBars is just that cute and down to earth, and her 508,761 followers agree.

She mainly likes to play League of Legends, with the occasional side games every once in a while. Recently though, she has been following the trend by playing mostly Valorant and still some Teamfight Tactics.

With many female streamers switching away from Teamfight Tactics at the moment, it’s not easy to find one who is still a big fan of the game. In other news she has just broke up with her long term boyfriend “Disguised Toast” – in case anybody is wondering. 😉

12. “STPeach“ – Lisa Vannatta

Followers: 1M
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 27

ST Peach is another gorgeous gamer on our list; having blonde hair, blue eyes and a thick curvy figure ready to blow you away.

Peach first got into gaming during a school summer holiday, where her favorite games were Kirby and Yoshi’s Island on the Gameboy advance. Since then she has managed to build up a respectable 991,609 followers on the platform.

STPeach is largely a massive dork, and regularly spends her time playing a variety of different titles. Tune in to catch her fooling around with her audience and singing Twitch songs for everyone to admire!

Peach often receives a lot of negative attention online, since becoming happily married to her long term Korean partner. Although she has no regrets about including her lucky husband into the stream – this has not gone down so well with some fans!

11. “Pink Sparkles” – Samantha Tomlensen

Followers: 1.1M
Nationality: American
Age: 30

Pink Sparkles Is made up Barbie doll outfits, Rainbows, and dance moves while in front of the camera. At first glance she comes across as a bit of a quiet nerd, wearing a pair of thick black glasses, but once you get to know her you will realize that this really isn’t the case.

She regularly has frequent outbursts calling out viewers who are “objectifying her” and yelling at others for being “too loud”. And although she probably does likes to spend too much of her stream time causing controversies; the drama can be very entertaining to watch.

On the plus side, she has the tits of a stripper to grip your attention and memorize you along with it (just in-case you didnt notice).

Some would say that Pink Sparkles is everything wrong with Twitch TV, but we might have to disagree.

10. “KittyPlays” – Kristen Michaela

Followers: 1.1M
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 29

With over a million followers, KittyPlays is one of the best featured ladies that Twitch has to offer. You might come to her channel for a quick look, but you will stay for her skill.

She’s a competitive First-person shooter gamer who recently won the Fortnite Korea Open tournament last year and has also been known to play CS:GO and PUBG in the past.

Aside from her legit gaming skill, she’s friendly and very interactive with her fans in chat. She strives to maintain a relaxed and upbeat environment.

Besides gaming, she likes to do a lot of vlogs on YouTube about her travels and foods. All in all, she’s a smart and charming personality who knows how to live life while looking beautiful but can still beat you in game!

9. “Alinity” – Natalia Divine Mogollon

Followers: 1.3M
Nationality: Colombian
Age: 32

Alinity is another controversial streamer who has previously feuded with PewDiePie online and has stirred up all kinds of troubles on Twitch. Still, none of that has really garnished her reputation as she still has over 1,066,520 followers.

Her controversy largely comes from being regarded as a  “Thot streamer”, who likes to flaunt her sexuality to become popular. Well, last time I checked, models use their sexuality to become popular too, so I don’t really see the issue!

While she does like to spend a good portion of her stream time ‘flirting’ in front of the camera and chatting to random people, she still tries to find time for gaming.

She has played a variety of popular games in the past but currently sticks with Apex Legends for the majority of her streams. Once in a while she will break out a casual game but expect to watch a lot of Apex Legends if you choose to follow her.

8. “Hafu” – Rumay Wang

Followers: 1.3M
Nationality: American
Age: 30

Hafu is the most decorated gamer on the list, having actual accolades in pro gaming. Born to be competitive, Hafu refuses to not be the highest on the leader board for any of the games she has played.

Before becoming a top competitor player for Hearthstone Arena, she was a pro World of Warcraft player, coming first place in MLG Orlando and MLG Dallas in 2008.

If you ever hear someone say “girls can’t play games”, then just send them a link to Hafu’s channel so they will sit back down and understand the true meaning of “there’s always an Asian better than you”.

Hafu is all about sticking to one game until she masters it and that game currently is Teamfight Tactics. Sorry if you are here for Hearthstone, as she quit playing it some time ago. However, it does not bother her 1.3M subscribers though as they are still with her on her journey to becoming the best on the next game.

7. “Loeya” – Liah

Followers: 1.4M
Nationality: Swedish
Age: 23

If you prefer to watch someone that is best described as a “hyperactive princess”, then Loeya is the one for you.

She could be considered a latecomer to the platform starting out in 2017, but still has managed to secure a respectable 1,066,520 followers, which is very impressive for such a short period of time.

Loeyas a dedicated Fortnite streamer, and is among the top ten watched whenever she is online. Do not let her looks fool you, as many consider her to be a competitive calibre player, who comes with a solid win rate.

You might be curious, but what in the world is a “hyperactive princess”? Well, she looks and behaves like a little princess, as cute as a button, until she gets going in the game that is.

Liah often likes to make epic facial expressions, does “chipmunk” sound effects and performs victory dances; simply put, she’s a goofball of fun.

6. “Sweet_Anita” Anita

Followers: 1.7M
Nationality: United Kingdom
Age: 30

Sweet Anita is a Fortnite streamer with one incredibly unique aspect. Yes, she is an attractive female gamer, we’ve all seen that… but what really makes Anita stand out from the crowd is that she suffers from Tourette’s.

While many mean-spirited “trolls” will simply tune into her stream to gawk and poke fun, Sweet Anita does not care. Instead, she has managed to amass a huge following on Twitch by being very vocal about her affliction and the toll it takes on her life.

By exploiting her affliction in humorous ways, she has made a name for herself where many others haven’t. She regularly uploads highlights to her YouTube channel to showcase her various outbursts and frequently features them in humorous episodes.

Followers tune into her streams in the hope of her catching her saying something hilarious, and she’s laughing with them all the way to the bank $$$. Anita just so happens to be one of many people in the world who is very proud and upfront about her condition!

5. “Chicalive” – Maria Lopez

Followers: 1.9M
Nationality: Puerta Rican
Age: 26

Chicalive is a ex-member of the professional eSports Team SoloMid “TSM”. Known for competing in the Keemstar Friday Fortnite tournament and the Summer Skirmish, she is a respected gamer in the esports community.

Although she was born in Puerta Rico, Maria lives and works in the United States. She proudly flaunts her heritage during streams and can speak multiple languages, including her native Spanish and English. Fortunately, her streams are in English so you won’t have to worry about that!

Chica is one of those streamers who is the real deal and can kick your ass in any given Battle Royale. While she could theoretically just get by as a female streamer on her good looks alone, she has a passion for both games and competition. This drives her to be the best at her gaming.

Chica would be a formidable foe to even the most experienced Fortnite gamer. You may click on her stream to see a pretty chick, but once enticed by the skills she displays, you will no doubt stay on to watch her win – and most of the time, she does!

4. “LilyPichu” – Lily Ki

Followers: 2.1M
Nationality: Korean
Age: 29

LilyPichu is a 29-year-old Korean American Twitch streamer with more than 2.1 million followers on the platform. Besides this, she has nearly another two million followers on Twitter and Instagram,  and close to three million followers on YouTube!

Popping onto the scene 10 years ago (back in 2011), Liily released an original song called “I’ll Quit LoL”. With the song gaining more than 6.3 million views on YouTube – she has been able to dominate some of the other platforms in a way that few new streamers can.

Although early on in her streaming career, she was almost exclusively on YouTube with funny songs, parodies, and animated shorts. Later on (between 2015 and 2016) she started to transition more to the Twitch platform and began gaming, mostly playing titles like League of Legends.

Her relationship with fellow streamer and Offline TV promotion member Albert Chang was super high profile. Unfortunately, after discovering that Albert hadn’t been faithful she decided to end the relationship and is currently single.

Not that it really matters, because right now she is one of the top female streamers on the planet.

3. “Amouranth” – Kaitlyn Siragusa

Followers: 2.5M
Nationality: American
Age: 27

Amouranth has become one of the most popular female streamers on Twitch boasting over 2.5m followers to date, but like many of the others who have climbed to the top so quickly is also is considered a “Thot” for her sexy cosplay and adult content.

Amouranth has been caught pushing the boundaries of what the platform allows, including; wearing the bare minimum, selling nudes and leading viewers on into thinking she was single (while actually being married).

She later admitted that it was to get more donations, in the nicest of ways of course..

Amouranth rarely plays video games but when she does it will be one that requires lots of activity such as ‘just dance’, giving her viewers what they want to see from all different angles.

She is also regularly seen streaming her live workouts from the gym. If you like a girl with a feisty attitude and a figure like a porn star then Amouranth is the one for you.

2. “Loserfruit” – Kathleen Belsten

Followers: 2.5M
Nationality: Australian
Age: 27

Contraty to her Twitch nickname, this Aussie sweetheart is a winner, and is also one of the few female streamers on Twitch to break the 1 million subscriber milestone, with no signs of slowing down just yet.

Her followers are attracted to her genuine personality and subtle wit. She is more of the ‘girl next door type’ and never feels too out of reach. If you are shooting for a “hangout among friends” kind of atmosphere then Loserfruit’s channel is definitely the place to be.

If you have watched her game library then you would know she’s as authentic as it gets. She doesn’t just follow the trend by playing the mainstream games like many others on the platform but sometimes has a go on games you might not even know.. I certainly have not ever heard of Vacation Simulator and she live streamed that!

1. “Pokimane” – Imane Anys

Followers: 7.6M
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 24

Pokimane is the most popular female streamer on Twitch by a wide margin. She currently totals a  staggering 4.6 million subscribers on Twitch, and 7.6m subscribers on YouTube. In 2018 she earned “Best Streamer of the Year” from the Shorty Awards.

Anys first started out on the platform in 2013, and after gaining some traction decided to quit her chemical engineering course to become a full time streamer.

Her raise in popularity has been largely due to riding the waves popular titles such as League of Legends and Fortnite; regularly posting entertaining YouTube videos cut from Twitch with random people all over the internet.

Nowadays Pokimane likes to stream a variety of trending games. She loves to create her own worldly vlogs and even does her own ASMR sessions!

How much do Twitch female streamers make?

Successful female streamers that hit above the 10,000 view mark count can make anywhere from between $1,000 to $10,000 per live stream, as on average they will receive $1 per viewer that watches them play.

Their income comes in many forms, which may include; paid subscriptions, ad revenue, sponsorship deals, affiliate sales, merchandise and donations, often being the biggest of them all.

Female streamers have an advantage over their male counterparts in the form of donations, with many of them getting hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a single contribution!

We hope you enjoyed this post on the Top Female Streamers!

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