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how to become a pro fortnite player

How to Become a Pro Fortnite Player – 2021

Creating a Fortnite Practice Schedule

If you are struggling with any of the skills listed above, you may need to put together a “Fortnite practice schedule”  to help get you speed for competitions.

Much like scheduled training in any other sport, a practice schedule consists of various drills that you can perform each day to improve muscle memory. Many top-level players follow this same approach as it allows them to carefully plan their time and work on specific flaws.

Below we have listed a variety of drills you can use to create a personal routine.

Drills that can help you become a Pro Fortnite player:

Aim Training

KovaaK 2.0 is one of the most reputable FPS Aim Trainers.

For only a couple of dollars, you can download and train with it on Steam. KovaaK allows you to practice your aim in a fun, stress-free environment without distractions so you can rapidly accelerate your sharpshooting.

The software comes with customizable playlists, 4,000+ scenarios, guided training, performance analysis, realistic physics, and much more. It simply involves moving your mouse as fast as possible to complete the dev created scenarios and automated routines.

Another similar software we recommend is Aimbeast, for the same premise.

KovaaK 2.0 - Quick Overview

Free Building

To develop your free building, we recommend you “Create an island” in the Fortnite Creative lobby, and follow some of Billy Biceps intermediate/ advanced building drills.

Here, Billy breaks down some of the most difficult combinations of building patterns. Some of these include Pyramid side steps with 90° turns, the THWIFO cone, and the CNNR classic. To get a better understanding of what he is doing, you can slow down the YouTube video to 0.75 speed.

The video embedded below features Billy’s advanced building techniques. If these are still too difficult then you may also want to check out his beginner and intermediate tutorials that follow the same clear and concise teaching format.  

Build Fighting

Unlike free building, which is something you can do on your own, build fighting requires another person for you to practice against in 1 vs 1 PVP battles. The goal is simple, to grab a weapon on the floor and start climbing upwards to defeat your opponent.

In Creative Mode, there are hundreds of player-made maps specific for practicing build fights. These maps all have fairy similar designs and most offer unique features that make them ideal for training. Some of these features include unlimited matts, a reset build button, and all kinds of weapons.

If you’re struggling to find such maps, we suggest watching the video below. THE PREDATOR gives a guided tour of best build maps he has built, and the styles you can expect.

Top 5 Best 1V1 Build Fights Creative Maps With Reset Button - Fortnite Creative/1v1 Maps Chapter 2

Editing Courses

Mongraal’s Edit Course has long been the ultimate time-trial practice challenge for all aspiring editors. The course comes in three different difficulties; normal, hard, and impossible, and involves editing through a slalom of walls, floors, and stairs to complete the circuit. 

The fun and competitive nature of the course has made it extremely popular as a training session for all players alike. Players must perform a series of double/ triple edits in the fastest time possible. As a result, the world record is beaten regularly each year.   

You can access the course at the portal in creative mode by entering code: 0643-0361-6954. Martoz course is a second similar warm-up edit course in the same style, code: 1535-7941-4502

Mongraal's Edit Course - The Impossible Version

Box Fighting

Box fights are where you can put your edits and slick moves to good practice. Much like build fights, this requires other people for you to train against. However, due to the nature of close-combat battles, it’s often best to practice in small groups of less than 8 people.

There are different styles and themes of player-made maps for you to choose from. On each map, you will generally spawn with 500 materials, an AR, a Shotgun, and a few healing potions. Of course, this will differ entirely from every arena.

What’s great about box fights is that they are very specific to a certain set of skills. Furthermore, they provide the perfect opportunity to experience this type of close-combat scenario that may happen less frequently in a pubs match.

The best way to improve is by analyzing the tricks of other pro’s on YouTube (itsJerian), and applying those techniques to your Box fights.

Pro Building & Editing Techniques You NEED To Know! - Fortnite Battle Royale


Scrims are high-level custom games that bring the best players together to practice. Most scrims run through Discord, and are organized on either public or private servers.

A player can only really learn so much from training methods, which is where Scrims come into play.  Participating in Scrims will give you a chance to develop some of the “macro actions” (picking fights, pushing for high ground, loot path, etc.) we will mention in the next section.

Once you’ve out-grown the skill level of public matches, competing against similar opponents in Scrims will help to put your skill level in some kind of competitive context. Only then will you be able to grow as a player and learn to take control of your ego, mindset, and adrenaline.

There are tons of Scrims Discord servers for East/ West America, and all over the world. They cover are available for both PC and Console players, and cover all kinds of matches.

Click here for a list of servers.

This Is How I Win Endgames In Fortnite (Pro Scrims) | Bugha

VOD Reviewing

A VOD review involves watching a replay of your Fortnite gameplay to gain constructive analysis on where you went wrong. Pros do this to sharpen their game sense and focus on the most critical aspects of their game for the means of improvement.

You can either do this by yourself, or you can ask/ pay somebody else to do it for you. To get a replay of your match, you can either head to replay mode in you Fortnite settings or record from a software like OBS. Now you have the video, take notes on the Micro/Macro aspects of your gameplay.

Micro Actions

Micro actions are something you do during or around a fight. They typically only impact a few seconds of the game, and are specific to the things you might wish to practice in creative. e.g. Building moves, Edits, Shots, etc.

Macro Actions

Macro actions are the larger actions that take place over the entire game. e.g. Picking fights, Pushing for high ground, Loot path, Positioning, Rotations, etc.

With this information, you can go back through your replays and decide whether it was the micro or macro action that lead to your death.

If it was a micro action, you can spend more time in creative practicing box fights/ builds fights, or aim, etc. Conversely, for a macro action, you need to learn how to develop a strategy that works.

How to VOD review in Fortnite (The Basics)
How to VOD review

Creating a Routine like a Pro Fortnite Player

Now you have a better understanding of the training scenarios there are to practice, and how they can benefit you – you can put them together to create a routine like the example below.

Fortnite practice schedule used by pro players
Example Practice Schedule

Each block is 30 minutes. You can mix and match the skills and times to target your specific weaknesses.

We have also included solo “Pubs” matches as some pro Fortnite players e.g. Tfue, like to test out there new moves in a low-stress situation before moving onto scrims.

To find out more about Tfue’s practice schedule we have included the video below.

The Practice Routine That Made Tfue A God! - Fortnite Battle Royale

When you think you are ready to play tournaments…

How Do I Participate in Fortnite Tournaments?

Players can participate in Fortnite tournaments both online and offline. There are thousands of competitions held each month for competitors of varying skill levels. Anybody can register to join if they meet the tournament requirements and rules.

How to join Online Tournaments:

Click here to get a better understanding of how to participate in the top “Esports Tournament Platforms” online.

Tfue is just one example of a pro Fortnite player whose popularity exploded through competing in a series of online tournaments. The competitions were hosted by UMG esports platform (which can be found on our list).

At UMG, he won four consecutive “Friday Fortnite” weekly tournaments that helped to showcase his talents under the spotlight. In turn, this resulted in him amassing over 1 million subscribers on YouTube in a single month!

The majority of online tournaments can be entered for free or for a small fee. Competitions have an assortment of brackets and ladders allowing players to qualify for the next round.

Players who make it through the first stage of the tournament receive an invite to join the mid-season tournaments for a chance of making it to the finals.

Prize money on these platforms can range anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars, to a quarter of a million for the largest events!

Twitch and other streaming platforms also regularly host online tournaments. A recent example of this being Twitch Rivals, well-known for paying out generous amounts of prize money.

Winning $88,000 at the Twitch Rivals

To improve your chance of winning some of these tournaments we recommended getting some one-on-one coaching with Gamer Sensei.

Pro Fortnite coaching with players on Gamer sensi
Gamer Sensei is an esports coaching platform that provides personalized lessons from several experienced pros.

How to join local Fortnite Tournaments

There are multiple ways to join offline tournament competitions, however, they can sometimes be more difficult to find out about, and will require you to get out of the house!

Depending on where you live, one of the best ways to find out about them is by regularly spending time at a local gaming café or (LAN) gaming center.

Sponsors and advertisers of events regularly target these places by putting up promotional posters on the walls. With this in mind, you should head over to one to take a look. It’s likely that staff or frequent visitors will also know the details of the next big competition.

Another route that you can take is by enquiring to see if your school is part of an esports program, or it’s included in an esports league. Some schools in the US take the sport very seriously. If yours is, then this is an excellent opportunity not to be missed.

College Kid Got Scholarship to Play Fortnite Video Game | New York Post

Categories of Tournaments:

Almost all tournaments pay-out prize money if you finish in the top 3 places of any given event. Tournaments generally have 3 scales depending on the size of the competition:

Local tournaments – These are typically held in a small gaming café nearby. They can hold around 50 players, roughly consisting of 1-3 pros, and may have prizes up to a couple of thousand dollars.

Regional tournaments – This is the next step up. They may consist of 100–200 players who live within a 400-mile radius of the event, and are likely to be a medium-sized LAN gaming center. Payouts for regional tournaments can be anywhere from 4–5 times that of the local events.

National tournaments – This is the final stage of the tournament competition. They are generally held in a large size LAN gaming center or even a stadium. National tournaments only happen a few times a year and can facilitate anywhere from around 300-600 gamers.

The competition for these events are brutal, and can include many foreign professional gamers. The prize money is generally only distributed to the top 3 places in the competition, to make it unforgiving for those who come close!

It’s worth noting that if you manage to do well in one of the smaller tournaments, this can sometimes lead to a qualifying place in one of the larger ones as part of the prize. The larger the tournament, the larger the prize, but also the greater number of players who walk away with nothing!

National Tournaments

National tournaments are generally sponsored by the developers of the game or other businesses related to the industry.

You can find out about some of the larger national tournaments on the internet, as they tend to generate a lot of press e.g. The Fornite World Cup, or Dreamhack, etc.

Each national tournament will have criteria for you to follow and enter. They may even feature a series of pre-qualifying tournaments that can last anywhere up to 6 months. The top-ranking teams or individuals will receive direct invitations to the main event.

Competitors can play anywhere between 6-10 single-elimination matches each to earn points. Those with the highest point total will then progress to the next round, and so on, in a series of qualifying playoff brackets.

Getting to the final in a major competition is no easy ride, even for the best of the best!

Click here for the “Biggest Esports Tournaments and Leagues”.


How do you become a pro Fortnite player?

Turning pro is all about playing well and getting noticed. Talent scouts regularly attend tournaments on behalf of their sponsors to evaluate promising young players and sign potential future stars to a professional contract.

You may be surprised that scouting exists in gaming, but since the expansion of the esports economy; it certainly happens. Unsurprisingly, There’s a lot of wealth to be made in signing up youths that have the potential to become the next big thing.

The best young talent who are doing well in their college campus esports programs are sometimes scouted while they’re still at school, and can be lined up with an avenue into the industry as soon as they’ve finished.

For others, this journey is not quite so simple. To succeed, they will have to attend multiple local and regional tournaments until they finally find some success.

Becoming a pro Fortnite player might seem like quite an impossible task at times, but you should keep in mind that one good performance in a significant tournament can offer that lucky break.

If you stick with it and see some progress in your results then anything is possible!

We hope you can use this post to become a pro Fortnite player!

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