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The Worlds Biggest Esports Tournaments and Leagues!

What are the the best Esports Leagues in the world?

Rocket League Championship Series

Date: April to June / October 11th to November 8th
Founded: 2016
Hosted: Psyonix
Prize Pool: $214,000

The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) is made up the most prestigious leagues in Rocket League Esports. It consists of two main regions: North America and Europe, as well as two sister leagues that are played in Oceania and South America.

The competition runs twice per year, ending with a ‘regional championship’ tournament between the top 6 teams in each region.

The successful 6 teams who make it into the play-offs will then battle in out in a ‘round-robin’ style tournament, to decide which squads ‘seed’ for the heavily anticipated ‘World Championship’.

Much like the League of Legends World championship, The Rocket League World Championship is considered the holy grail for participants and those involved with the game.

The championship includes four teams from North America and Europe, and two teams from Oceania and South America – each having a shot at working through the 12 team bracket tournament for a chance to win the ultimate prize.

Expect to see incredible goals and high octane game-play, from the very best controllers of their with booster-rigged vehicles. The RLCS can be viewed live every week that the season is in progress – so take this as a reminder to tune in on Twitch and Youtube!

FIFA eWorld Cup

Date: Feb to August
Founded: 2004
Hosted: FIFA
Prize Pool: $3 million

The FIFA world cup is the ultimate competition for lovers of the esports soccer game. The tournament dates all the way back to 2004, and holds records for being the largest online esports game; based on the number of qualifying players.

Those hoping to be a part of the FIFA eWorld Cup must earn enough ‘global series ranking points’ through their performances at ‘marquee live events’, which players are able to qualify for through the online competitions.

The Global series is comprised of eight Majors such as: The Fut Champions cups, FIFA eClub World Cup, FIFA eNations Cup, and the playoffs. Each event has a different allocation of points allowing players to progress in the event.

If you’re wondering how to get involved with the next one, the online qualification can be accessed through the latest version of EA Sports FIFA on Xbox One and PS4. The qualification process is also announced throughout the season on the FIFA eWorld Cup Facebook/ Social media accounts.

Players and teams can look forward to competing for a prize pool of at least $3 million!

FIFA eClub World Cup 2020 | FINAL

Call of Duty League

Date: January 24th
Founded: 2020
Hosted: Activision Blizzard
Prize Pool: $6,000,000

The ‘Call of Duty League’ is set to become the most recent addiction to the pro competitive scene. The competition replaces the old ‘Call of Duty World League’, to be played on the latest release of the series – COD: Modern Warfare.

The league begins on January 24th 2020, and will include 12 franchised teams from different cities in the US. Each team will have 7-10 players, who are guaranteed a base salary of $50,000 plus: health care, benefits, and 50% of any tournament winnings the team receives!

The Call of Duty League follows a home-vs-away format with 5v5 professional match play. For any PC gamers out there, the rules might not be quite what you expect, as all of the matches are to be played on consoles – keyboard and mouse is prohibited!

The league will also feature the season’s first ‘Call of Duty Challengers’; ‘A thriving path to the pro competitive scene’. If you have some skill on the game already then you’ll be pleased to hear about this competition..

The challenger series is the official amateur competition. It features a number of online and offline tournaments to develop a pipeline of pro-amateur players from around the globe. The series comes with a respectable $1,000,000 prize pool so if you’re interested in signing up click here for more details!

Overwatch League

Date: February 14th to August 25th
Founded: 2016
Hosted: Blizzard Entertainment
Prize Pool: $3.5 million

The Overwatch League (OWL) is the pro esports league for the popular hero-shooter game. The competition follows the model of other pro-sporting leagues by having a regular season and playoffs throughout the year.

Unlike most national leagues the Overwatch league features twenty separately-owned international ‘city-based teams’ from different regions around the globe.

This includes teams from the: North (e.g. New York, London, Paris, Toronto, Boston), South (south of the US), East (China/ Korea), and West (of the US/ Canada).

Each league match is played with 6 players, and teams will also have an additional 6 subs that can be swapped in and out during the season. Players can even be bought and sold just like in other conventional sports.

The Overwatch league currently has two conferences with ten teams in each. The top teams from both divisions will be entered into the playoffs to compete for promotion and the top prize of $1 million!

The selected squads play 28 games in regular season – where you can catch them live from Thursday to Sunday; on ESPN, Disney XD, ABC, and Twitch.

League of Legends Championship Series (NA)

Date: January 9th – September 9th
Founded: 2013
Hosted: Riot Games
Prize Pool: $200,000

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) hosts the top level LOL teams in North America and Canada. This is just one of the 13 regional leagues in the world, with teams competing to qualify for the League of Legends World Championship.

The league is run by Riot games, and has ten franchise teams. Each team will play 18 matches per Spring/ Summer split, (meeting their opponents twice per split).  

The top six teams on the table will then conclude both seasons with a bracket style tournament for a chance of accumulating championship points.

At the end of the Summer season, three different teams will have the opportunity to qualify and be entered into the annual League of Legends World Championship.

This includes: the winner of the summer split, the team with the most championship points, and the winner of the gauntlet tournament (the playoffs that host the remaining four teams with the highest number of points, after the first and second seed are decided).

The champions of this complex but exhilarating league will receive a $100,000 prize with $50,000 going to second place, and $25,000 going to third/ fourth.

PUBG League Global Championship

Date: November 8th to November 24th
Founded: 2019
Hosted: PUBG Corporation
Prize Pool: $2,000,000 + Sales

The PUBG Global Championship welcomes the best pros in the world to compete in the latest battle-royal tournament. The event is hosted by ‘PUBG Corp’, and has only recently debuted this year in Oakland California.

The competition features 32 qualifying teams from six different leagues: (North America, Europe, Korea, China, Japan, and Taipei), and three smaller circuit’s from: Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Oceania.

Each team will have the opportunity to earn their place after a full season of strategic survival in their respected leagues and circuits. The seasonal format for the regional leagues are divided into three separate phases, and are followed by one or more special tournaments (such as the PUBG Classics, and PUBG Nations Cup).

The top esports teams will then battle it out in regular league play, for a chance to qualify for the international tournaments, special events, and ultimately – the PUBG Global Championship!

Fans already honing in on the next event can expect with three weeks of intense competition and some serious action, for a whopping prize pool of $4.000,000 after sales!

Schedule of the biggest Esports Tournaments

Esports Events Dates

 Date:HostedFoundedPrize Pool
League of Legends Championship Series (NA)Jan 9th – Sept 9thRiot Games2013$200,000
Call of Duty LeagueJan 24thActivision Blizzard2020$6,000,000
FIFA eWorld CupFeb to Aug FIFA2004$3,000,000
Overwatch League Feb 14th to Aug 25thBlizzard Entertainment2016$3.500,000
Intel Extreme MastersFeb 28th – 3rd MarIntel2007$1,000,000
Rocket League Championship SeriesApr to Jun / Oct 11th to Nov 8thPsyonix2016$214,000
CS:GO Majors May 11th – 24th / Nov 2nd – 15thValve2013$1,000,000
Fortnite World Cup FinalsJul 26th – Jul 28thEpic games2018$30,000,000
Evolution Championship Series Aug 2nd – Aug 4thSRKX Productions, LLC1996$205,000+
The International Aug 20th – Aug 25thValve2011$34,330,068
League of Legends World ChampionshipOct 1st – Nov 3rdRiot Games2011$2.200,000+
Overwatch World Cup Nov 1st – Nov 2ndBlizzard Entertainment2016$205,000
PUBG League Global ChampionshipNov 8th to Nov 24thPUBG Corporation2019$2,000,000+

Click here for more infomation on how to join esports tournaments online!

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