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Best Green Screen for Streaming

8 Best Green Screens for Streaming on Twitch – 2021

If you’re in search of the best green screen for streaming then you’ve come to the right place.

Green screens are an essential tool for many Twitch streamers. They can help to increase your video production quality (via scenes and special effects on OBS) and are a great way to conceal any clutter in your room.

Generally, they’re not very expensive either, with most screens costing less than $100.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the 8 best options on the market right now that even Dr. Disrespect would be proud to own.

What is the best Green Screen for Streaming?

8. Emart Green Screen

The Emart double-sided Blue/ Green screen is a great pop up choice for live streaming. At under $50, this is one of the most affordable options on our list and it does not skimp in terms of size either. The curved rectangular shape measures a very reasonable 5 x 6.5 feet.

What we like about this product is that it has a steel spring liner to hold the material tight, and a “folding loop” design for easy storage and transportation. If you’re a Twitch streamer who likes to pack away their kit after they’re finished, this green screen is a great choice.

To allow the backdrop to be free-standing, Emart do also manufacture and sell their own portable “T-Shape” support stand. The support stand gives you the flexibility to position the background wherever you like, rather than relying on leaning it up against the wall.

Overall, small streamers can’t go wrong with this budget green screen.

7. Webaround Green Screen

The Webaround green screen is a bit different than some of the other options on this list. As you can see, this is a large 56” diameter circle (with a couple of straps) that attaches to the back of your gaming chair. The design removes the need for a stand and makes it a great space saving-method.

Besides saving space, it does an excellent job of concealing any clutter behind you within a matter of seconds. The portable design uses a similar a steel spring frame that allows it to pop up and fold down with ease. Furthermore, the adjustment straps use an effortless Velcro fastening tape.

What’s great about Webaround is that the company provides an abundance of tips and tricks on their website to help you get it set up and working properly. The tips range from info on how to adjust your camera, to “how-to” guides for using different types of software such as Zoom and OBS.

All in all, it’s an excellent “work-around” for live streaming platforms like Twitch.

6. Impact Collapsible Background

The Impact collapsible backdrop is a massive 8 x 8 ft square green screen. Although the listing says 8’ x 16’, the other 8’ is a fabric skirt that you can stretch out on the floor e.g. if you wanted to shoot a person head to toe. This makes it incredibly versatile for all different kinds of shoots.

What’s great about this product is that it does require a tripod of any kind and is completely free-standing. The strong outer frame keeps its shape so you can lean it up against the wall. Additionally, it helps to stretch out any wrinkles that you might find with other conventional cloth green screens.

Considering its substantial size, the Impact backdrop sets up and collapses with ease. Once you remove it from the 3 ft diameter carry case, it will simply spring into shape. After use, you can then proceed to fold it down into the same circular “Hoola-hoop” size.

If you need a pop up green screen for streaming full-body shots – then this is your best answer.

5. Neewer Chromakey

The Neewer 2-in-1 is a reversible Blue /Green screen made from a premium polyester fiber. It markets itself as being a “curtain backdrop” that can clip to any wall or flat surface using the installation hooks provided. You can then adjust the height of the hooks based on your needs.

To make the product even more versatile, the rectangular 78.7 x 59.1-inch shape houses multiple grommets along both the vertical and horizontal axis. Moreover, when you want to change the Chroma key color, it can be conveniently flipped around from font to back.

If you plan on streaming-only your upper body in the shot, then the Neewer green screen is ideal for that task. It’s not quite long enough to cover the floor as well, but it’s perfectly wide enough for a standard webcam display, providing the distance is less than 6 feet.

You may also want the Neewer T-Shape Support Stand Kit to suspend this product.

4. Fotodiox Green Screen

The Fotodiox collapsible portable green screen is the perfect addition to your Twitch broadcasting kit. Not only is it collapsible, but it’s also reversible. The 2-in-1 design allows you to choose whatever Chroma key color your shoot calls for before getting ready to broadcast.

Aside from the portability, what we like best about these collapsible backdrops is that the steel spring frame manages to keep the fabric incredibly flat. This is important, as any wrinkles in the fabric will cast shadows in your background and subsequently show up on OBS.

In terms of the setup, the Fotodiox kit includes a support stand, a carry bag, and everything you need to get started. To begin, simply pop open the background panel and use the clamp on the support stand to hold the background into place.

When you’re finished, it conveniently folds down into a compact 30 x 30-inch disc.

3. Emart Studio Green Screen

The Emart studio green screen is a multi-functional bit of kit for professionals and amateurs alike. Measuring  8.5 x 10ft, this is one of the largest items on our list. It includes everything you need such as the Support Stand, Clamps, and even a Carry case.

This product is ideal for active streamers who want to do more than just sit on their chair. If you aspire to play keep-fit games like Amouranth or need to get your whole 6” 8-inch body in the shot like Dr. Disrespect – then this is the kind of video backdrop you want.

The support stand has an adjustable height of 3 ft to 8.5 ft, and a width of 5 ft to 10 ft. To prevent any flex or bend over such a wide area, the tripods are made of an aluminum alloy construction. The poles are incredibly easy to assemble and simply clip together like you’re putting up a tent.

Make the most of your streaming rooms large size with this broad green screen.

2. Elgato Green Screen

Dimensions: 148 x 180 cm / 58.27 x 70.87 in

The Elgato Chroma key panel is a collapsible, pull-up green screen for live streaming games. It has a retractable design that allows you to raise the backdrop to whatever height you need while ensuring the rest of the fabric stays nice and protected in the auto-locking aluminum base.

What we like most about this product is that it’s incredibly portable. The entire design is built as one single component (so you won’t have to worry about leaving any poles behind). Furthermore, there’s a single handle on the side of the case that makes it convenient to travel with.

In terms of materials, it uses a durable polyester fabric that is resistant to wrinkles, and the colors are quality ensured for an effortless Chroma keying process. At 9.3kg, the base weighs a bit more than you might expect, but in-turn offers a rocksteady foundation.

If you’re searching for a free-standing Chroma key solution with an ultra-quick deployment: this product is right on the money.

1. Elgato Green Screen MT

Dimensions: 190 x 200 cm / 74.8 x 78,74 in (screen)

The Elgato Green Screen MT is a mountable Chroma key panel for background removal. This product is very similar to the previous solution, however, it does have some slight differences. As you can see, the MT requires zero floor-space and it’s also pull-down.

What’s great about the Elgato MT is that it finds the perfect balance between sleek construction and pro performance. The concealable design mounts subtlety to your wall or ceiling, and the screen will automatically disappear into the protective metal casing after a light tug to the handle.

In terms of materials, it uses the same Chroma optimized, wrinkle-free fabric for the cleanest key you can get. Compared to the previous “pull-up” design; the weight of the unit is half, which is quite impressive considering the overall size is much larger.

The best way to securely fasten this product to the wall is with a pair of drywall anchors. You can then screw a pair of hooks into the anchors, and finally, when the hooks are on the wall, the Elgato MT can be clipped over the top via the handles on both sides.

In short, this is a brilliant bit of kit to own. It rolls away in an instant, and ticks all the boxes.

How do I light a green screen for streaming?

A perfect spread of lighting is key for illuminating a green screen. To achieve this, position two lights (a key light and fill light) towards the green screen at 45° angles. For even better results, you can enclose the camera with an additional ring light so that it’s directly pointed at the subject.

How to light a green screen when streaming

The 2 point method (above) should sufficiently light both the background and the streamer. It’s important to have the background lit brightly as any shadows can create dark, patchy “distorted” effects that will subsequently show up on your Chroma key software.

Another tip is to make sure the light source is not too close to the green screen or pointed directly at it. The reason behind this is that it will cause the green light to reflect straight back (at you), and prevent you from having a nice consistent outline around your body.

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How do I use a green screen for streaming?

  1. Connect your HDML camera to the PC using a capture card.
  2. Open OBS, go to scenes, add device, and choose your camera.
  3. Add your background by creating another scene and selecting a media source.
  4. Drag the layer of your media source scene below (under) the camera scene.
  5. To apply the Chroma key, right-click the camera feed and select filter. Next, click on the big plus sign and choose “Chroma key” from the effects filter.
  6. You can then fine-tune the sliders to make adjustments.
How to Live Stream with a Green Screen (OBS Tutorial)

Frequently asked questions

What green screen do streamers use?

Most streamers use Elgato green screens that have been specifically market towards streaming. Aside from the use of high-quality materials, streamers prefer Elgato products as they provide an excellent solution to some of the main issues that occur during streaming.

Why do streamers use green screen?

Streamers choose to use a green screen for a variety of reasons. First, they are a great way of concealing a messing background. Second, they allow the streamer to blend in with their games background. Third, you can use them to create special effects and improve production quality.

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