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10 Best Minimalist PC Cases [Dec 2021]

If you’re in search of a minimalist PC case then you’ve come to the right place.

Built to be simple yet attractive; with clean lines, little noticeable branding, and only the necessary design elements required for functionality, minimalist cases are sought-after by both gamers and non-gamers alike.

Fortunately, there’s a large selection to choose from as many popular chassis fall into this category.

In this post, we will cover the best minimal cases on the market right now.

What is the best minimalist case?


Motherboard: m-ATX
Dimensions [L×W×H]:  15.7″ x 8.9″ x 16.9″

The MACUBE 110 is a clean and compact micro-ATX chassis built with simplicity in mind. As you can tell from the name, it has a square, boxy form, which resembles a piece of modern art on the table. On the side is a thick, tempered glass panel to showcase your system in pristine clarity.

Like most Deepcool cases, dissembling the chassis is a breeze. Removing the magnetic glass panel simply involves grasping the elongated handle (at the top) and then lifting it up at an angle. In contrast, the solid front panel simply pulls off, and the back panel has two capped thumbscrews.

Inside the main chamber, there’s support for ITX/ m-ATX mobos, 320mm GPUs, and 165mm CPU coolers. The interior itself is fairly basic with four expansion slots at the rear and a few holes for routing cables. One nice feature, though, is the adjustable GPU holder on the right of the back panel.

Underneath in the power supply shroud, you will find an adjustable drive bay, plus clearance for a 160mm ATX PSU. The drive bay can house two 3.5″ HDDs or two 2.5″ SSDs. Besides this, there are eight pushpin-mounting points on the back of the motherboard tray for two extra SSDs.

In terms of fan support, the 110 can accommodate three 120mm fans at the front, two at the top, and one at the rear. Alternatively, you could install two 140mm fans at the front and two at the top. Considering the budget price, it’s also pretty good that it includes one rear 120mm fan with the deal.

Overall, those after a simple yet elegant case will appreciate the refined minimalism of the MACUBE 110.

  • Minimal appearance
  • Good build quality
  • Adjustable GPU support
  • Tool-free side panel removal
  • Budget price tag
  • Front panel restricts airflow
  • Large for an m-ATX case
  • Only one included fan

9. darkFlash V22 White

Motherboard: ATX
Dimensions [L×W×H]:  17.3″ x 8.4″ x 17.5″

The darkFlash V22 is an inverted, mid-tower chassis that provides users great flexibility to upgrade. It features a gorgeous, swinging tempered glass door (with a magnetic “button” closure mechanism), and an angular mesh edge on the front panel to provide top-tier ventilation.

Aesthetically, the V22 is immediately pleasing and somewhat reminiscent of what the folks at Apple would have cooked up. Featuring clean lines, high-end materials, and milky white colors, it would make a superb PC case choice for any minimalist setup.

In terms of the build, there’s room to accommodate ATX motherboards with 167mm coolers, 200mm PSUs, and 310mm GPUs. Unusually, the motherboard rotates 90 degrees for a vertical GPU orientation. This aims to eliminate stress so you won’t ever have to worry about your GPU sagging.

Thanks to the roomy interior that can house multiple fans, keeping a system cool is in the V22 is never a problem. To move air over your components and in/ out of your rig, three 120mm fans (or a 240mm radiator) can mount in the front. Additionally, dual 120mm fans can fit in the rear. 

Unfortunately, the V22 is somewhat lacking in storage space but it should be enough for most people. On the drive bay in the power supply shroud, there’s room for two 3.5mm HDDs. Apart from this, two SSDs can mount on the back of the motherboard tray.

To sum up, anybody that liked the look of the Macube 110 – but would rather place their case on the left side of the desk – have their answer in the darkFlash V22.

  • Inverted case design
  • High-quality materials
  • Eliminates GPU sag
  • Good cable management
  • Supports 240mm radiators
  • Does not come with any fans
  • No zip ties for fans

8. Montech Air 100 ARGB

Motherboard: m-ATX
Dimensions [L×W×H]:  15.9″ x 8.2″ x 17.1″

The Air 100 is a budget, micro-ATX chassis that focuses on cooling performance. It has a simple minimalist design with a super fine mesh panel on the front and a hinged tempered glass panel on the side. Apart from the Montech logo on the power supply shroud, there’s no visible branding.

One of the best things about this case is that it’s so hassle-free to build in. The magnetic front panel removes in no time at all and the glass panel swings open smoothly. We particularly like that the side panel is completely removable and features a neat little handle to unlock it.

Once inside, there’s room for m-ATX mobos, 330mm GPUs, and CPU coolers up to 161mm. In addition to this, there are a few grommet holes for cables as well as four expansion slots at the rear. Unfortunately, the expansion port shields aren’t replaceable and need to be broken out.

A perforated power supply shroud shields the bottom of the case. This can house an HDD cage and an ATX PSU. The cage has room for two 3.5″ or three 2.5″ drives. There are then two extra spaces for 2.5” drives behind the motherboard tray and two more on the roof of the power supply shroud.

Another big plus of this case is that it includes four 120mm ARGB fans and a lighting controller. Three of these fans sit in the front and there’s one more exhaust in the rear. Managing the lighting controller is possible via the LED button on the case or through your motherboards’ ARGB software.

Overall, the Montech AIR 100 is a well-ventilated, minimal case on a budget.  

  • Includes four 120mm ARGB fans
  • Magnetic glass door and a front filter
  • Front I/O is on the mainframe
  • Plenty of storage options
  • Lightly tinted
  • No front dust filter
  • Expansion port shields non-removable
  • Fiddly PSU dust filter

7. Cooler Master MasterBox NR600

Motherboard: ATX
Dimensions [L×W×H]:  18.8″ x 8.2″ x 18.6″

The Cooler Master NR600 is a mid-tower case with a pure and minimal design. Built for optimal thermal performance, it has a large breathable top vent and a full mesh panel on the front. Both panels combine as built-in dust filters to reduce the number of unnecessary parts.

In terms of the design, the NR600s tempered glass side panel sits flush above its full-length power supply shroud. The side panel is held in place by tool-less clips (with an optional thumbscrew at the rear). Removing the panel is as simple as pulling it backward and then up at a 45-degree angle.

Once inside the chassis, there’s room for ATX motherboards, 166mm CPU coolers, and 410mm graphics cards. Additionally, there’s two lengthy rubber grommets for routing cables, seven expansion slots, and space for three 2.5” SSDs on top of the power supply shroud.

To bring the impressive drive count total up to five 2.5” SSDs and four 3.5” HDDs, more can mount behind the motherboard tray and in the bay in the PS shroud. Unfortunately, it’s worth noting that the drive bay is riveted in. As a result, it’s non-removable and limits the PSU length to 180mm.

Lastly, you’ll appreciate the versatile fan and radiator support. The top of the case can house two 120mm fans or up to a 240mm radiator. Moreover, three 120mm fans or a 360mm radiator can mount in the front. Already included are two pre-installed 120mm fans (one front, one rear).

Overall, the MasterBox NR600 is a sleek, minimalist case that offers great value.

  • Stylish Aesthetic
  • Good thermal performance
  • Great acoustic performance
  • SSDs clip on via tool-less system
  • Includes two 120mm fans
  • No USB 3.1 Type-C
  • Limited space behind the motherboard
  • HD cage has a riveted side
  • Buttons feel cheap and clicky

6. Lian Li LANCOOL 205

Motherboard: ATX
Dimensions [L×W×H]:  16.3″ x 8.1″ x 19.1″

The LANCOOL 205 is an elegant mid-tower chassis inspired by NZXT’s H-series cases. Similarly, it has a minimalist aesthetic, a tempered glass side panel, and an interior cable management bar. In addition to this, it features perforated air vents on both sides of the front panel.

Thanks to the intuitive design, accessing the interior is incredibly simple. To disassemble the case, the glass side panel simply slides off in a backward direction (after unscrewing the rear thumbscrews). Moreover, the top and front panels are easily detachable by un-slotting the pegs.

Once inside, there’s room for an ATX motherboard (with 160mm coolers), 350mm graphics cards, and 165mm PSUs. The interior is spacious but basic with just the bar for cable management. If you do find yourself needing any extra space, it is possible to unscrew and remove this.

Underneath In the power supply shroud, there’s room for 165mm length PSUs, plus two HDDs or three SSDs in the hard drive bay. The hard drive bay is on a sliding rail and is adjustable/ removable. Apart from this, there are two more spaces for SSDs on the back of the motherboard tray.

In terms of fan support, the LANCOOL 205 is particularly impressive. There’s room for two 120mm or 140mm fans in the front and top, plus one 120mm in the rear. A nice little bonus is that the case includes two 120mm PWM Fans (1 x front top + 1 x rear top) to get you on your way.

Lastly, all I/Os can be found on the top of the front panel. These include two USB 3.0 ports, a power button, and a dedicated 3.5mm audio and mic input.

  • Sleek aesthetic
  • Lots of drive bays
  • Great cable management
  • Includes two 120mm fans
  • Good airflow
  • No front USB-C
  • No 360mm radiator support
  • Radiator bracket could have more fixing points

5. NZXT H510i

Motherboard: ATX
Dimensions [L×W×H]
:  16.9″ x 8.2″ x 18.1″

The H510i Mid-tower is a best seller from NZXTs iconic “H-Series”. It’s available in three different color combinations and offers a spacious 41L interior that’s ideal for the majority of builds. Since its original release, you’ll be glad to know that it comes with many updated features.

In terms of the design, the H510i goes for an all-steel panel construction with a tempered glass side window. For easy access, a single thumbscrew holds the window in place. Furthermore, perforated holes line the length of the panels to allow for adequate ventilation.

The main chamber supports ATX motherboards, 165mm coolers, and 381mm graphics cards. For GPUs, there are seven standard expansion slots, plus two more for vertical mount. Additionally, at the bottom of the case is a full-length power supply shroud that can house ATX PSUs of all sizes.

When it comes to cooling, the H510i can fit two 120/ 140mm fans in the front, one 120/ 140mm fan in the top, and one more 120mm fan in the rear. Impressively, the H510i Includes two integrated Aer F120 fans with the deal. As a result, you’ll only need to put one more fan in the top to max it out.

Unfortunately, the H510i does have relatively low storage capacity with room for just two 3.5” HDDs and one 2.5” SSD. The HDDs slot into a removable hard drive cage that lives in the front of the PSU shroud. Moreover, one SSDs can mount vertically on a bracket behind the motherboard tray.

Finally, much like the other “I” versions of the H-Series cases, you get a free NZXT CAM-powered Smart Device and two pre-RGB LED strips. The CAM’s intuitive interface allows you to effortlessly control the pre-installed/ pre-wired fans as well as the cases RGB LED strips.

Overall, it’s a fantastic, clean and minimal case that comes with everything you need.

  • Clean design
  • Includes two fans and a smart hub
  • Great cable management
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Spacious/ affordable
  • Front air intake is limited
  • Janky thumb screws
  • Limited fan configurations

4. Lian Li Q58

Motherboard: ITX
Dimensions [L×W×H]
:  13.5 ″ x 6.7″ x 9.8″

The Lian Li Q58 provides enormous versatility in a 14.5L enclosure. It has a symmetrical design with swappable-hinged glass and mesh panels on the sides and a dual texture front. Besides looking sleek, it also displays (and provides easy access to) all your inner components.

Constructed from three different materials, the Q58 offers outstanding build quality. To produce the dual-texture front panel, the bottom half is brushed aluminum while the top has a lighter sandblasted finish. This contrasting color scheme wraps around the case to the glass and mesh sides.

Thanks to the removable swivel hinges on both the side mesh and glass panels, accessing the interior is a breeze. Both panels use strong magnets that rotate open vertically with a bit of a pull. For additional security, the tempered glass panel also has a bottom thumbscrew to hold in in place.

Once inside the steel interior, the Q58 has a sandwich layout to maximize space. In the left compartment, there’s room for triple-slot GPUs up to 320mm in length. Conversely, the right side can accommodate ITX motherboards and either ATX or ITX power supplies.

If you do decide to go for a larger ATX power supply, this will sacrifice one 120mm fan or 2.5mm SSD bracket at the bottom of the case. Nevertheless, the Q58 still provides plenty of storage space in modular locations around the chassis. In total, it can house four SSDs and one 3.5” HDD.

Impressively, the Q58 still has room for multiple fan or radiator configurations (max 280mm) at the top of the case as well as a 120mm AIO CPU cooler on the motherboard. Furthermore, the deal includes a 5V ARGB fan hub and is available with optional RGB strips.

Small form factor builders can’t go wrong with this minimal ITX masterpiece.

Click here for the black version.

  • Stylish two-tone aesthetic
  • Excellent use of materials
  • Interchangeable panels
  • Supports triple-slot GPUs
  • Room for ATX or SFX PSUs
  • Tricky cable management
  • SSD access a bit difficult
  • Not much to showcase behind glass

3. Fractal Design Define 7 Compact

Motherboard: ATX
Dimensions [L×W×H]
:  16.8 ″ x 8.3″ x 18.6″

The Define 7 Compact takes the original Define 7 design and shrinks it down into a smaller, more manageable size. Due to this, it does lose the ability to open up the interior for extra drive space; however, it still retains a modular top panel that you can swap out for either silence or performance.

What’s great about this chassis is that it’s so user-friendly. The majority of the panels use tool-less latches that quick release with a bit of a tug. These panels include an anodized aluminum front, a full tempered glass side panel, as well as the removable top.

With the panels removed, you can begin the build. The compact yet spacious interior has a massive amount of headroom for ATX motherboards, 360mm GPUs, and 169mm CPU coolers. Additionally, there’s seven bridgeless expansions slots at the rear and some rubber grommets for routing cables.

In terms of fan support, the main chamber can fit three 120mm front fans, two 120mm top fans, and one 120mm exhaust. To get you semi-fitted out, we like that it includes two Dynamic X2 GP-12 stock fans with the deal. One of these comes pre-installed in the front and the other is in the rear.

Finally, the bottom of the case has a ventilated PSU shroud with a two-part removable cover. This can store a 165mm PSU with the removable drive bay or a 200mm PSU without it. The bay has room for two 3.5” HDDs, however, there’s also room for two SSDs on the back of the motherboard tray.

Overall, the Define 7 Compact is a quiet and understated minimalist case.

Click here for the Define 7 XL!

  • Sleek aesthetic
  • Open-top access
  • Excellent build quality
  • Pop-open side panels
  • Sound-damping
  • Five front USB ports
  • Loses some Define 7 features
  • Tight rear cable clearance
  • Only available in black

2. Lian Li Case O11D Mini

Motherboard: ATX
Dimensions [L×W×H]
:  16.5 ″ x 10.6″ x 15.0″

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic Mini is a modular, small form factor ATX chassis. Roughly 20% smaller than the original 011 Dynamic, it refines and upgrades the iconic mid-tower – while retaining most of the design elements and functionality that made it so popular.

Much like the original, there’s a reason why so many people rate this case so highly. Not only does it look super clean with its minimalistic steel frame, brushed aluminum side panels, and tempered glass front and side panels but it also takes cable management very seriously…

In the rear chamber, you’ll find plenty of room behind the angled motherboard tray to hide cables, and the back sidebar helps to exclude any mess. To access this space, two elongated rubber grommets allow for easy routing of cables from the front to the back without any interference.

Besides cable storage, the rear chamber also has room for an SFX power supply, and some dedicated space for drives. For drive space, two 2.5” SSDs can fix on the back of the removable sidebar. Additionally, two 3.5” drives can mount next to this, underneath the power supply.

Alternatively, in the front chamber, there’s room for multiple motherboard configurations. Depending on how you position the expansion slot panels, the O11 Mini allows you to install ITX up to E-ATX boards. Of course, larger motherboards will limit the amount of radiator space inside.

With an ITX setup, it’s possible to mount up to 360mm radiators in the top, 240mm at the side, and 360mm at the bottom. Conversely, an ATX config has no top radiator space. Instead, you will only be able to mount rads on the side/ bottom depending on the length of your graphics card.

Due to the tempered glass design, those looking to water-cool their system will particularly like the O11 Dynamic Mini.

Click here for the 011 Air Mini!

  • Excellent build quality
  • Modular design for ATX, M-ATX, ITX
  • Easy to build inside
  • Includes fan filters
  • Superb cable management
  • Does not support ATX PSU
  • Thumbscrews a little hard to turn
  • Top cover could have more holes
  • No included fans

1. Corsair 5000D Airflow

Motherboard: ATX
Dimensions [L×W×H]
:  20.5 ″ x 9.7″ x 20.5″

The Corsair 5000D Airflow is a mid-tower, ATX chassis that provides exceptional cooling as well as stress-free cable management. For maximum air intake, it has a steel front panel with triangular, geometric cutouts. Additionally, the package includes two 120mm AirGuide anti-vortex fans.

In terms of appearance, the case has a clean and modern look with a fairly minimalistic style. Apart from the discreet Corsair logo at the bottom of the front panel, there’s very little noticeable branding. We also like the distinctive front ventilation channels that add depth to the design.

On the side of the case is a large tempered glass window so you can admire all your internal components. Similar to the front panel, this is held in place by tool-less clips. The side panels do pop off quite easily; however, you can also secure them via thumbscrews from the rear.

Once inside, there’s room for your motherboard with a 170mm CPU cooler, 420mm GPUs, and a 250mm PSU. Thanks to the two vertical expansion slots, it’s possible to mount your GPU vertically. It’s worth noting that the case does not include a riser cable so you would have to supply your own.

For storage, there’s room to mount four 2.5” solid disk drives plus two 3.5” hard drives. All SSDs conveniently mount on the PSU shroud and behind the motherboard tray. In contrast, HDDs live in the removable drive cage that shares one-half of the power supply shroud.

Lastly, the roomy interior can fit up to ten 120mm or four 140mm fans. This setup includes three 120mm fans at the front and top, three on the vertical bracket, and one at the rear. Alternatively, those that are liquid cooling can house 360mm radiators at the front, on the bracket, and in the roof.

To sum up, if you’re after a quality minimalist case with great airflow, you can’t go wrong with the Corsair 5000D.

CORSAIR 5000 SERIES - For an Immaculate Build that Keeps its Cool
  • Excellent thermals
  • Panels pop off and have dust filters.
  • Up to date front I/O panel
  • Plenty of space for installing hardware.
  • Includes a PWM fan hub
  • Heavily tinted glass panel
  • Power supply cannot install from the rear.
  • Pricey

We hope you found a minimalist PC case on this list.

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