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Upcoming Esports Games

The Top 10 Upcoming Esports Games in 2021

Esports is an incredibly large and diverse beast that takes many years to grow.

The majority of accomplished esports games have either found their success due to a high interest from the community around them, or thanks to a strong developer pedigree backing, as they transition upwards through the tiers.

On top of this, the ideal behind the perfect esport is often cited as one that is “easy to learn, but hard to master”.

This implies there is a low barrier of entry for newer players, while at the same time still offering a high-skill level ceiling for those that are more experienced.

So with this criteria in-mind, we’ve put together a few “upcoming esports games” on our radar right now, with a *possible* future potential!

10 upcoming esports games with future potential

Quake Champions

“Quake Champions” is a fast-paced Arena shooter that was developed by id Software.

The franchise has been beloved by gamers for over two decades and this most recent entry has given the tried-and-true gameplay of the veteran shooter a new life in the field of esports.

Iterations of the Quake franchise have been played competitively by teams of pro’s for as long as the series has existed, and this isn’t about to change anytime soon!

More recently, publisher “Bethesda Softworks” announced on their official website that they are holding the Quake Pro League, which runs from QuakeCon 2019 to QuakeCon 2020.

It’s no surprise that players from all over the world have answered the call, eager to show off their skills at these highly awaited competitions.

Quake is a favourite for FPS purists and is widely considered the pivotal of skill-based shooters in video games.

Quake Champions is free to play from here.

Rapha vs Raisy - Quake World Championship 2020 - Day 3 - GRAND FINAL

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ” was released in early 2018, and is one of the more recent additions to the Dragon Ball Z fighting-games canon.

The game was born from what made the DRAGON BALL show so loved and famous which includes endless spectacular fights with its 40 all-powerful fighters.

The old-school fighting mechanics are very reminiscent of the Street Fighter franchise, another esports staple. The variety of play-styles has made this is a go-to game for competitive fighting over the past couple of years.

Although there have been more recent fighting games made from the franchise, such as “Dragonball Z: Kakarot” – the simple and pleasantly intuitive fighting mechanics of “Dragonball FighterZ” continue to strike a chord with competitive players.

With the Dragonball FighterZ (2019/2020) World Tournament held by publisher Bandai Namco having recently wrapped up in Paris, the future of this competitive fighter only looks as if it’s going to grow.

GO1 vs Fenritti [Grand Finals] | Red Bull DBFZ World Tour Finals 2020

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is the next chapter of the legendary Halo franchise which has dominated esports circles for so many years. The game is set to be released in “Holiday 2020”.

Few FPS franchises have sparked the fanaticism found in fans than the Halo franchise, and gamers are eagerly awaiting this next iteration.

This new entry is being co-developed by 343 Industries and SkyBox Labs – both Halo franchise veterans, and is set to be released in-house by Xbox Game Studios. You can expect it to drop in late 2020 on both the Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox Scarlet.

“Halo Infinite” looks like it may be the first competitive phenomenon available on the next generation of consoles. If all goes well, and it most likely will, “Halo Infinite” should further cement the Halo franchise as a tentpole in esports circles well into the new decade.

We can’t wait for this one, and its no-doubt an upcoming esports game that will be taking over competitions in the future!

Halo Infinite | Campaign Gameplay Premiere – 8 Minute Demo

Warcraft III: Reforged

“Warcraft III: Reforged” is a remastered edition of the classic real-time strategy game “Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos”. It was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment and released in late January of 2020.

“Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos” has remained in the heart of gamers for close to 20 years now, so fans are understandably excited that this newly remastered version is allowing for a renewed interest in the franchise when it comes competitive gaming.

The gameplay is by and large the same formula that made the original one of the greatest RTS of all time, but with some minor tweaks to balance the multiplayer mode that should make this iteration of Warcraft a bigger hit than competitions of the past.

Blizzard has partnered with ESL to hold global competitions for this newly remastered gem throughout 2020, which will come to a head at a championship match taking place at the end of the year!

You can find a copy at Blizzard.

Grubby | Playing WARCRAFT 3 REFORGED Beta Live from Blizzcon 2019


“Diabotical” is an upcoming first-person arena shooter that is set in a colourful robot-universe. The game is notable for being funded by fans on Kickstarter, and is expected to release in late 2020 or early 2021.

You’ll be glad to know that the Kickstarter campaign is focused around the creators’ promise of developing “the perfect old-school competitive FPS game”.

It turns out that the guys in charge of the project are long-time fans of esports staples (such as: Quake and Unreal Tournament), and were looking to harness their experience in esports by creating the pinnacle of competitive shooters.

The game effortlessly achieved its crowd-funding goal and is now in the late stages of development. It is currently being developed using an original game engine that is built from the ground-up, and the early footage looks very promising.

Fans of the esports world should keep an eye out for this game to drop – as it’s likely to make some big waves in the gaming scene – just as the creators are intending!



“Valorant” is a first-person shooter developed by Riot Games.

If you don’t know, Riot Games are giants in the esports field, having developed and published the legendary “League of Legends” as well as “Teamfight Tactics”.

While “League of Legends” features fantasy role-playing game-play more similar to the Warcraft franchise. Riot Games are taking inspiration from other tried-and-true FPS games such as the very popular Counterstrike franchise for their new game.

Due to the esteem in which Riot Games is held, competitive gamers are incredibly hyped for this new release, which is aiming to drop sometime in 2020.

As with “Diabotical”, this seems like a ready-made home run for fans of FPS games in esports circles, and this game should get quite a bit of attention once it’s finally released.

The Counterstrike franchise has had a monolithic presence in the industry, and this spiritual successor looks like it just might be taking that crown in the near future!

Let’s see if it makes it on to the most popular esports games list!

Project A: Riot’s Tactical FPS Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends


“Brawlhalla” is an epic platform-fighter-game that appeals to fans of the Super Smash Bros franchise, specifically the “Super Smash Bros: Melee” iteration.

It was rolled out over 2017/18, and is available to ‘cross-play’ on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and Steam, for up to 8 players locally or online.

Like Super Smash Bro’s, “Brawlhalla” features many popular and beloved characters that you can choose to battle-it-out as, however this differs as they are predominantly from the Ubisoft franchises instead of those found at Nintendo.

Competitive players of the game love the ‘chaotic’ melee-style gameplay with a twist, and the ability to play as characters from outside franchises, such as Hellboy and Adventure Time.

Brawlhalla itself an esports favourite in both minor and major tournaments alike. There have been four open-entry World Championships to date, and it seems like this annual ritual is far from running its course!

Click here to play Brawlhalla for free.

Sandstorm vs simpLe - Grand Final - Brawlhalla World Championship 2019 1v1

Clash Royale

“Clash Royale”, is a real-time strategy game that is set in the Clash Universe. It was first released by publisher Supercell in 2016, and was developed primarily for mobile devices.

Gameplay-wise, it’s a head-to-head variant of the ‘Tower Rush’ genre, however it also includes a card mechanic that lets you summon troops and forces.

Like other freemium games, such as “League of Legends” – “Clash Royale” has taken off in a similar obsessive way, and is praised by players who find the game to be a perfect outlet for their competitive edge.

The game has produced several note-worthy competitive “Clash Royale” leagues and is still very active in esports circles to this day. Teams from their respected leagues hope to compete in the yearly competition, the “Clash Royale League Challenge” that is hosted by Supercell.

Many players are still being drawn to this real-time strategy tower rush game, and it continues to look promising for the future.

You can install the Clash Royale app from Google play.

2019 Clash Royale League World Finals (English)

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

“Gwent: The Witcher Card Game” takes three things that are incredibly popular in eSports circles: the Witcher franchise, freemium games, and card games, and blends them all together into one unique package that has had Witcher fans obsessing since its release in late 2018.

Developed and published by CD Projekt, this freemium game utilizes the Witcher IP nicely with deep card-based gameplay that is perfect for fans of trading card games, such as: Magic: the Gathering and Pokémon.

Like those popular trading card games, “Gwent: The Witcher Card Game” has seen its popularity soar in competition, with many players working tirelessly to master this game and get a competitive edge over others.

“Gwent: The Witcher Card Game” is currently in its esports season for 2020, and has drawn the attention of many competitive players around the globe.

Click here to play Gwent.

GWENT Challenger #5 | Semifinals and Final | $100 000 prize pool!


TrackMania is set in the ultimate arcade-racing universe, where everything is about reaching the perfect race time.

There have been many iterations of the franchise, with the most recent entry “TrackMania: Lagoon” having been released in 2017.

“TrackMania” offers many unique and customizable aspects that make it stand out from other racing games in the eSports field. Some of these include: the ability to build your own tracks, double-driver racing mode, and even skins to decorate your cars.

The gameplay is also stunt-oriented, which means that you are able to increase their score by performing insane tricks and stunts on the track.

The TrackMania franchise has seen its fair share of exposure in eSports circles since its inception, and upcoming events include the TrackMania Grand League Winter 2020.

For fans of racing games looking to get into esports, you can’t do much better than this beloved franchise as far as popularity and range of competition!

TrackMania Grand League 2020 - Step 1 - Full Cast by Wirtual [EN]

We hope you enjoyed this post on the top upcoming esports games!

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