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21 Hottest Female Streamers – Twitch – 2021

10. Natalia Mogollon – “Alinity Divine”

Followers: Approx. 1,3M
Age: 33
Nationality: Colombian

Alinity originated from Colombia but now lives in Canada. She is well-known for her big boobs on Twitch, and is largely regarded as a “Thot streamer” by viewers of the platform.

Natalia has an innocent but naughty personality, which has seen her become the topic of multiple controversies in the past.

She has previously feuded with PewDiePie over a copyright issue, sold underwear to her audience, and has even publicly “joked?” about marrying and divorcing a Canadian man for her papers!

If that’s not enough, Alinity views herself an animal lover, but has also been accused over the way she treats her pets.. She was caught kicking her dog on camera, giving her cat a “vodka kiss”, and was only recently in the media for tossing the poor thing over the chair while getting frustrated during a stream!

Still, none of that has really garnished her reputation as she has over 1,300,000 followers and counting.

When she’s not busy stirring up trouble, Natalia does sometimes break into a casual game, where you’re likely to catch her on Apex Legends. Be sure to witness an abundance of unexpected surprises by one of the hottest streamers, if you choose to follow her channel!

9. Brandi – “DizzyKitten”

Followers: Approx. 644K
Age: 28
Nationality: American

DizzyKitten has been a streamer on Twitch for years. She was first introduced to the platform by her brother way back in the day, which later led to her developing a successful career.

Although she first started out questing on World of Warcraft, you can now find her more in-tune with the times. Recently though she has been performing her own ASMR sessions, among streaming a variety of other popular titles.

Dizzy is not only a good at the games that she plays, but also gives off a radiant vibe when she is live. She’s a kindhearted person with a warm down to earth personality, and you can tell that she’s not just out to make a quick buck, unlike many of the other hot Twitch girls out-there.

Brandi is great at engaging with her followers, but this openness has presented a number of dilemmas in the past. If there’s one issue she feels strongly about – its stalkers; in which she’s had a number of issues, leaving her close to mentally scared.

So.. be sure not to send her any sexy lingerie, or letters describing what you want to do to her, as many people have, and she’s not going to appreciate it!

8. Water Lynn

Followers: Approx. 66K
Age: 23
Nationality: American

Water Lynn is an Instagram model and social media star from Los Angeles, California. Although Lynn was born in the USA, she’s of Chinese descent with her hometown being Suzhou, China.

At just 5’3” tall, Water has a petite Asian body that you could pick up and have your way with like a doll. In fact, on her most recent trip back to China she was approached by a rich local who wanted to pick her up himself – right while she was in the middle of a stream with her boyfriend.

If you’re wondering who her boyfriend is, you might know JakeNBake from YouTube. The couple regularly collaborate in “real-life” videos together where you can catch them uploading lighthearted content for fans and sharing their everyday life, outside the realm of gaming.

For an even closer look at this little stunners amazing figure, Water usually shares her skimpy outfits and modelling photos on Instagram.

7. Ann B Mateo

Followers: 5.5M – (FB)
Age: 27
Nationality: Filipino

Ann B Mateo is a sexy Asian streamer from the Philippines. You’ve probably never heard of her before, but she’s definitely up there with some of the hottest, most successful streamers on the global stage. During her streams she aims to brighten up her viewers day, and is always ready to answer questions in her own native language.

Her cute face, and well-endowed body has made famous on Facebook live. When you couple that with her sleek gaming skills, it does not come as a surprise that she has gained over 5.5M followers.

Ann mostly likes to stream FPS’s and Survival games, so tune in to find out how she handles her weapons, and expect to hear a lot of giggles in the process!

The Asian hotty is not only active on Facebook, but can be found across various several social media outlets. Ann is considered a media personality with an international audience. Besides featuring in her streams, she takes part in reality TV shows, music shows, and much more.

One look at her Instagram channel will convince you to subscribe!

6. Aiste – “ItsSky”

Followers: Approx. 242K
Age: 26
Nationality: Lithuanian

ItsSky is a hot, down to earth streamer from Lithuania. She first started playing video games at a very young age, however, it wasn’t until she graduated in 2017 that she began making Fortnite content. Although she speaks five languages, you’ll be glad to know she streams in fluent English.

After one year on Twitch, Aiste blew up after Pewdiepie gave her a massive shoutout. Unlike other “just chatting” females that can’t resist pushing their boobs together to draw attention, Pewdiepie was impressed that a girl was actually streaming and doing well at the games she played.

Of course, this led to a massive accumulation of new subscribers who couldn’t wait to check out her skills. Still today, Aiste is one of the few female streamers that has the least drama. You can find her playing APEX with Sweet Anita and GuhRL and generally having lots of laughs and fun.

When she’s not busy gaming, Sky enjoys communicating with fans online and creating real-life vlogs. On her Youtube channel, you can catch her filming question challenges, doing arts and crafts, or other random requests. If you’re after some positive vibes, be sure to check out her channel.

5. Chloe Lockley-Middleton – “Chloelock”

Followers: Approx. 197K
Age: 24
Nationality: British

Chloelock is a self-confessed tomboy, who regularly streams “real-life” videos and FPS titles. It could be said that there are many sides to her; as beyond having a successful modelling career, she is a psychology student as well.

Chloe not only has the proportions of a professional model, but also knows how to carry those looks when she moves. Her elegant statue has helped her to get into the finalists of Britain’s next top model, where she was up against some of the most beautiful ladies in the country.

Unlike many other hot Twitch streamers, Chloe comes across as a bit of a nerd, and a well-educated one at that. She vows to create a positive atmosphere for her viewers to enjoy, but is also open to fooling around and having some playful fun.

She regularly invites viewers into her everyday life with her vlogs, where you can stick with her on holidays, shopping trips, and special events such as Twitch con. If you want to know more about her, then her Twitch/ YouTube channels are the best places to achieve that.

4. Caitlin Harley – “ZaykaPrincess”

Followers: Appox. 27K
Age: 21
Nationality: Irish

ZaykaPrincess is a Twitch girl of Irish decent, who you could say is the new kid on the block. She is certainly model material in the making, which is why she has made it onto our list.

Caitlin has been compared to cosplay model Belle Kirschner by numerous news sources, for her bright pink colored hair, fancy-dress costumes, and absolutely gorgeous looks.

Her soft-spoken voice and sweet personality has attracted the majority of her followers just in the last couple of months – so If you ever want to get acquainted with unquestionably one of the hottest streamers, then now’s the best time to hit her up!

Looking at her Instagram you can tell Caitlin is not all just freckles and innocence. Her deadly looks can be seen entwined with some attitude, from dark memes to videos of her skating. You can tell she is not just some pushover, but acknowledges the power of her sexuality.

Zayka is mostly a “just chatting” girl, where she regularly interacts with her concurrent followers. When she’s not busy with that you can also find her getting pawned on CS:GO, a game which she has yet to master!

3. Rachell Hofstetter – “Valkyrae”

Follower Count: 3.4M (YT)

Rae, Aka “Valkyrae” is currently one the most-watched females streamers on the internet. Her journey began following community college when she applied to work at GameStop.

While an employee, Rachell regularly shared her favorite releases on Instagram and managed to accumulate a significant following. Naturally, it wasn’t long until one of her followers suggested a move over to Twitch, which is where her audience finally started to blossom. 

Raes eventual success wasn’t just down to her petite body and tight sexy outfits but largely because of the games she played. Although she first streamed a variety of different titles after joining the platform, it wasn’t until the introduction of Battle Royales that her viewership finally rocketed.

Gaining recognition in a few notable Fortnite tournaments, Rae signed to 100 Thieves – (in 2018) a $190M esports company that she now currently co-owns.

In 2020, she also signed an exclusive agreement with YouTube. Here you can watch her collaborating alongside some of the hottest females. All with a beacon of positive vibes.

2. Lisa Vannatta – “STPeach“

Followers: Approx. 1M
Age: 27
Nationality: Canadian

ST Peach is another gorgeous gamer on our list, having blonde hair, blue eyes and a thick curvy figure ready to blow you away. Peach first got into gaming during a school summer holiday, whereby she played her favorite games; Yoshi’s Island and Kirby on the Gameboy Advance.

Peach considers herself a massive dork, and regularly spends time playing a variety of titles. She’s mainly a League of Legends streamer, but also loves to chat, sing and fool around with her global audience.

Although she’s dead cute, Lisa often receives a lot of negative attention online. The popular Canadian has only recently married her long term Korean boyfriend.. An event that resulted in trolls flooding to her social media channels, and consequently mocking her for marrying a “nobody”, who has a “small dick”!

While this bit of news might be a turn off for some, others followers can appreciate the personal insight she gives into her life. Either way, Peach is still regarded as one of the hottest streamers out there, having the perfect perky tits and a superhuman ass!

1. Kaitlyn Siragusa – “Amouranth”

Followers: Approx. 2.6M
Age: 26
Nationality: American

Amouranth is one of the most popular female streamers on the platform, boasting over 2.6M followers to date. However, much like many of the other Twitch girls who have climbed to the top so quickly, she is also is considered a “Thot” for her sexy adult content.

This sexy streamer has been caught pushing the boundaries of what the platform allows on multiple occasions, which include: wearing the bare minimum, selling nudes, and leading viewers on into thinking she was single (while actually being married).

She later admitted that it was to get more donations, in the nicest of ways of course.

Kaitlyn rarely plays video games, but when she does, it will be one that requires a lot of activity such as “just dance”, or “gym workouts” – giving her viewers exactly want to see from all different angles.

On the subject of “different angles” – she only just received another three day ban last September for rolling around on the floor with her dog, when something that shouldn’t peaked out!..

If you’re searching for a girl with a fantastic body, a fiery attitude, and a figure like a porn star then Amouranth is the one for you!

We hope you enjoyed this post on the hottest streamers!

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